Other Secret Santa Events
Fanart Secret Santa hosted by Kaerlyn and toyotami kun
Icon Secret Santa hosted by Soulanime14

Secret Santa Updates

1.Judai Winchester (Santa: KyraChan)-> Gift
2. XxArrancarFanxX (Santa: Judai Winchester)-> Gift
3. Snowzi (Santa: XxArrancarFanxX)-> Gift
4. LunaInverse
5. SmallxLady (Santa: Soulanime14)-> Gift
6. KyraChan (Santa: Snowzi)-> Gift
7. SoulAnime14 (Santa: LunaInverse)-> Gift Gift
8. WildGirl1977 (Santa: SmallxLady)-> Gift

Wallpaper SS Sign-Ups [CLOSED]

Edit: Sorry I've been so bad at keeping this up, things have been really hectic from my end orz

Please have your wishlist up by the end of the 12th!

1. Judai Winchester ~ Wishlist
2. XxArrancarFanxX ~ Wishlist
3. Snowzi ~ Wishlist
4. LunaInverse ~ Wishlist
5. SmallxLady ~ Wishlist
6. KyraChan ~ Wishlist
7. SoulAnime14 ~ Wishlist
8. WildGirl1977 ~ Wishlist