Welcome to Vote VLS! Who is VLS, I hear you ask? Well, VLS is Vermin Love Supreme. He is a genuine candidate for the president of the United States and he has a winning name. If you elect Vermin Love Supreme for your president, he promises every American citizen a free pony! I may be British, so I'll probably never have him as my country's leader, but to see all you happy pony-owny Americans puts a smile on my face. If you don't believe me, I have photographic evidence!

Want it!

VLS Boot Hat (As always)

VLS Vote Count

Ladies and gentlemen, as most of you probably know, the welly-wearing Vermin Love Supreme wants to be elected president of the United States as announced in the introduction. If you wish to show your support without legally voting, please leave a comment for this post saying "I vote VLS". Or, if you do not want him elected president, leave a comment saying "I do not vote VLS". On November 30th, I will count up all of your comments. If 70%+ of you want him elected US president, we have won, meaning I will continuously post VLS updates and pictures. If 30%+ of you say otherwise, we have lost and therefore must leave this World untouched for the future to see.

Important notice - please read
This voting World is completely unofficial. Please do not accept this or any of the results as property of the government.

Even if he loses in real life, I will still show our undying support in this World.