Birth By Sleep FULL Secret Ending Fandub

MAN! I'm so proud of this, I can't believe I haven't posted it here to share yet (well, I haven't done much of anything since I've been in Beauty and the theatre...suppose I could do another post on how I decided that I don't like live theatre anymore and I'd be just content with my VAing career as a hobby XD) but anyway, one of my quick dubs while waiting for lines for my two big projects, I really wanted to play Aqua in BBSs Secret Ending before it came out in English and her having an official English voice (so I could do my own interpretation w/o having others compare the voice matching skills)

I'm actually really proud on how the music and sfxs turned out, I made a number of sfxs by well, by rustling clothes XD Anyway, here's an English dub for all you KH fans! Yeah, this does kinda mean that my Memoirs story isn't going to be cannon with BBS, but meh, that story still has a good plot and message I still wanna share (so between the BBS and the Play, I haven't had much time to write, but I do have the first 2 worlds with audio readings that you can listen to!) ACK! Why am I spouting such a tangent? XD

Enough of that, here we go with the long awaited dub! (and it was cool to direct after I watched all the scenes from the game subbed so I could hint the actors in how to interpret...whether they took it like that or not, but meh, I felt smart with some connections I made lol)

I think I'll be submitting a portion of this to the vid contest for A-Kon this year (since there is a 7 minute limit)

I think this video shows I've come a long way in my mixing skills, I'm actually not despising mixing as much as I did when I did it all on the laptop.

Plus the joys of being original vocally was totally awesome too. Makes me want to not do any more voice-matching, but then again, if I see auds for an anime I like, I still can't resist XD And I get excited when the director encourages original interpretations (which may be bad of me because I looked for FUNi sound-a-likes on the Eizou Dubs, I might have casted that before I heard Vic Mignogna's advice about someone can sound just like the Japanese voice but can't act their way out of a paper bag--since then, I've tried to listen more on the performance than the vocal quality)

Any other insights I learned from this experience? hm...this is probably the first time I actually had fun with the mixing, and I love how it turned out. Before I prefered to stick to the scripting and acting.

So I guess the lesson is the more you hone your skills in an area, the more enjoyable it may become!