Eizou Hakusho Fandub

It took over a frustrating year just to get all the lines for this project. I think I'll post my insights and what I learned in this process in another post later on...for now, after all has been said and done, I just need to know people are enjoying this dub that so many others and I put so much work into!

NOW For the clips from the Bonus YuYu Hakusho features that never made it into the US! I present to you EIZOU HAKUSHO!

Opening/Ending Encyclopedia Bonus Clips

Dark Tournament Clips

Muu Muu Hakusho {Dreams}

Raw Animation by Grouper-kun
Translations by Linda_9 and Blueutopiah
Dream 4 Translated by Narumaniac
Scripts by Refi-chan
Music from original YYH Series
Sound Effects from Original Animation, Freesound Project, and 100 SFX
Mixing by Refi-chan

{VAs from the Voice Acting Alliance and Voice Acting Club forums}
Koenama: Kage-Ichihashi
Botan: Refi-chan
Yusuke: Sonicmega {hlmactiii in Dream 4}
Kuwabara: Sonicmega
Kayko: RurutiaDariya
Yukina: Kage-Ichihashi
Genkai: Refi-chan
Kurama: blazeknyt
Shizuru: Kage-Ichihashi
Mukuro: Refi-chan
Hiei: Kaworu
Koto: Gooma101
Man: bobsinbobsled
Woman: Kage-Ichihashi
Extras: D4rkone, Mellie-Master, Midori Boushi, Refi-chan, Sonicmega

Please watch, enjoy, discuss, and theorize! Whether it's about the dub, acting (maybe not so much on the acting as most the lines were recorded over a year ago and as for me, I have a new mic, computer, and even have improved my acting skill significantly since then lol), mix, or just YuYu Hakusho in general.