PKRS in Soul Silver adn Heart Gold!!

For those who don't know what PKRS stands for, it stands for Pokerus or Pokemon Virus. Prof. Elm will call you and tell you about it, after he calls CHECK YOUR POKEMON ASAP!! One of them might have it. The Pokerus is not bad it's just a pain in the butt because if you leave the infected pokemon in you party, the rest of them will get it too so get the unaffected pokemon out.

The Pokerus (for those who does not have the guide for Platinum [pg 240 if you do have it]) is "a virus that cause your pokemon's stats to grow more readily" In other words its not a bad virus like the "Micino" virus in the GBC game red and blue version, the Pokerus helps you pokemon get stronger. The girl behind the counter in the pokemon center will tell you if you have an infected pokemon. The Pokerus lasts from 1-4 days. After the virus is gone it leaves behind a smiley face as a mark that it was there.

I'm putting this up because my WHOLE party got infected by it and I did not know till I tried trading my Slowbro from Soul Silver to Platinum.