Aqua's Start {ch2}

This is the second chapter I hope you all like it and if can, please comment on the story, i would like some feedback.

The next morning, Aqua had Shina healed then called Melody on the video phone.

“I’m so proud of you Aqua,” she said with a smile, “you got your first Pokémon in the south!” Aqua rubbed the back of her head blushing slightly.

“Dash was happy on me getting my second Pokémon too, oh and I named her Shina, she’s so cute!” She said. Melody told her to do a few things before leaving Jubilife and to head west toward Oreburgh where the first gym was. Aqua said bye to her, and as soon as she turned around a small Ralts was in front her, she backed up a little then a young girl, came up to her.

“I’m so sorry, she’s a new born and I’m looking for a trainer for her.” She said, picking up the Ralts. Aqua smiled, feeling the fear go away as she said,

“I’ll take care of her,” The girl smiled and gave her the little Ralts Poké Ball then left.

“I’ll name you… Kyrie” Aqua said, Kyrie smiled and hugged her. Aqua looked across to see young boy with a few Pokémon. ‘I wonder who he is… hope I could see again him one day he’s kind of cute…” She thought then left. Aqua, Kyrie, and Shina walked around town for a while. Aqua got an accessory case and a Pokétch. Doing what her aunt told her, Aqua headed west to Route 203.

“The first gym is in Oreburgh and that gym uses rock and ground-type Pokémon… Sorry Shina I won’t be able to use you, so that leaves me with Dash, my secret weapon, and Kyrie who might not be strong enough…”Aqua said to herself then sighed as she walked. When she got to the cave entrance, she felt fear grabbing a hold of her. Aqua took a deep breath then went in. As she walked, she saw lots of different cave Pokémon, but mostly Zubats. When she finally got out of the cave, she saw a young man wearing a mining suit that was waiting for her. He looked over at her.

“You must be Aqua, I’m Roark the Oreburgh Gym Leader.” He said with a smile. Aqua smiled too.

“I hope I could win with my Ralts or Shinx…” She said. Roark blinked in confusion.

“Don’t you have a Rapidash, Prof. Rowan said you had one.” He asked. Aqua lowered her head.

“Yes but he’s way too powerful, I mean I can control him but I want to train Shina and Kyrie, my Shinx and Ralts…” She said. Roark sighed.

“How bout we battle later, I’ll show you around town.” Roark smiled, so did Aqua. As he walked around town with Aqua, she tried to think of a strategy to win against Roark. They went to the gym to finally to have their battle. Aqua took a deep breath then called out Kyrie, who had no training before this match…

“She looks like she hasn’t had much training, did you just get her?” He asked as he let out his Onix. Aqua didn’t answer, she was too scared to. Kyrie felt how Aqua was feeling and started shaking.

“Kyrie, use Shadow Ball on Onix” She cried, as Kyrie gathered energy Onix dug underground. ‘Oh no that’s not good’ she thought. She closed her eyes to feel the ground beneath her feet.

“ONIX ATTACK!” Roark cried. Aqua’s eye snapped open.

“Kyrie use Teleport then use Shadow Ball!” As Onix came up Kyrie got out of the way using Teleport then took Onix out with a powerful Shadow Ball. Roark and Aqua called back their Pokémon. Roark sent out his Geodude as Aqua sent out Shina.

“You do know Electric-types are weak against Ground-types right?” He called.

“Yeah but Steel is strong against Rock and Ground-types,” she smiled, “Shina use Iron Tail!” Shina attacked before Roark could call out an attack. ‘For someone who has a rare phobia, she’s acting like she doesn’t have it… wait when did she put that mask on?” Roark thought, before he knew it, Aqua defeated his Geodude and had a Luxio.

“I have one Pokémon left, are you going to use you Rapidash next?” He asked, Aqua looked at Dash’s Poké Ball then squeezed it.

“Yes, I’ll give him a try…” She said then she let him out and took off her mask.

“Come on out Cranidos!” He cried. His Cranidos started to shake at the sight of Aqua’s rare Pokémon. Roark tried to get him to attacked but it was no use, Cranidos was too scared. Dash started stomping in annoyance which made Cranidos go back into his Poké Ball. Aqua quickly called Dash back before her went on a rampage.

“I think that means I won… Doesn’t it?” She asked, a little confused, Roark nodded and smiled. He walked up to her and gave her the Coal Badge and a TM called Stealth Rock.

“Now I understand why you don’t want to use him a lot, but congratulation Aqua, your one step closer to getting in the Pokémon League,” he said, “oh yeah, your going to have to back track back to Jubilife City then head north towards Floraroma Town unless you have a bike then you could just head north on route 206 and 207… But—HEY COME BACK HERE!” Before he could warned her, Aqua left to go to Route 206 and 207, after she healed her Pokémon.
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