Aqua's Start {Ch1}

This my first time putting anything on TheOtaku that was writing...

It was a snowy day in the winter wonderland city of Snowpoint and it was a start for new trainer Aqua Song. As she made her way through the snow covered city, she went to go see Candice, the gym leader of the city.

“Aqua, we all know you can do it, and we all know you can get over your Pok`ephobia.” She said patting her on the shoulder with a smile. Aqua smiled then frowned when she saw Candice’s Froslass. Candice sighed.

“Candice I don’t think I could ever get over it and this is going to be my first time being outside the city since the accident…” She said with a sad look on her face. Aqua’s aunt, Melody, walked over to them.

“Aqua, are you all set to go, oh I’m just so happy that you want to get past your phobia” She smiled, Aqua nodded. They said good bye to Candice and left to the harbor. Melody called our her Staraptor, Aqua and her got on and flew off to Sandgem Town. When they landed Aqua quickly got off of her aunt’s Pokémon and backed into Prof. Rowan.

“Hm, you must be Aqua, your Uncle River anunt and uncle told me about you and he told me you already have your first Pokémon.” He said. Aqua smiled, nodded then let her Pokémon out. A rare black unicorn stood next to her, her rare black Rapidash. Prof. Rowan’s eyes widen at the rare beauty, he was larger than most, and instead of he’s main and tail being red they were blue.

“He’s my savior, he protected me from the Abomasnow stampede a few years ago.” She said hugging her Rapidash.

“Hm a wild Rapidash in the mountains, that’s interesting, and you caught him. I’m surprized you can contole him, a Ponyta doesn’t evlove till level Forty.” He said, before her Rapidash got mad, Aqua called him back.

“At first he always came into the city to find her and stay with her, then he started staying in the city to be with Aqua, and he’s the only Pok`emon she’s okay with.” Melody said hugging Aqua.

Prof. Rowan gave Aqua her Pok`edex and five Pok`e Balls, she said good bye to both then started off towards route 202. As walked through the grass she came upon a female Shinx, she froze when the Shinx saw her. She smiled and went up to Aqua, she was to scared to move. The Shinx stopped in her tracks and looked up at her.

“Shinx?” She asked. Aqua looked down at the cute Pok`emon then smiled a little.

“I would battle you but my Pok`emon is too powerful… would u be my Pok`emon, without me battling you?” Aqua asked, thinking the Shinx would understard. Then one of Aqua’s empty Pok`e Ball fell off her beltand rolled towards Shinx. She poked it with her paw and went into the Pok`e Ball. It shooked three times then stopped. A big grin apperd on Aqua’s face, she picked up the Pok` Ball and let out the newly caught Shinx.

“I’ll name you Shina, sound good?” Aqua asked with a smile, relizing she was scared of Shinx anymore. The Shinx nodded with a smile then jumped into Aqua’s arms. Aqua let out her Rapidash.

“Look Dash, I did it I cought another Pok`emon, and her name is Shina, Shina this is Dash. I hope you two can be friends.” She said with a small smile. Dash nugged her forehead. She recalled Dash and Shina then continued walking towards Jubilife City. When she finally got to Jubilife City, she was tired and it was getting dark. She forced herself to find a Pok`emon Center to heal Shina and rest for the night. The center was closing when she got in.

“You just made it miss.” Said Nurse Joy as she was locking the doors. Aqua sighed and sat down, soon as she sat down she fell asleep.