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OMG I put my Sapphire in my DS with Soul Silver and I saw the arrows, so I clicked and then I saw "transfer from Sapphire" and I was all "Oh cool, didn't know I could do that." I transfer pokemon and looked in the book for where the pal park(?) was (which is in Fuchsia City where the Safari Zone was back in Red Blue and Yellow.) I think it's cool that you can do that and you and put the pokemon in Soul Silver and Heart Gold on Pokemon Battle Revolution (lol says it on the back of the game case )

Lv 20 and up

If you do the Bug Catching Contest (TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS, AND SATURDAYS) early in the morning (Like at 3 A.M) and you'll can find pokemon at Lv. 20 or higher. I caught a caterpie at lv 36 NO JOKE! It was awesome .

PKRS in the computer

Last night while i was looking for pokemon for the pokeathlon, I found one of my pokemon in the computer had the pokerus! THE VIRUS CAN GET TO ANY OF YOUR POKEMON!!!
I isolate the pokemon so the others won't get infected by it. You do have the optional chose to release the pokemon but if that infected pokmemon is your FIRST pokemon then you'll have to bare with it.

The pokerus will go away in 4 days. If your pokemon still has it after 4 days... It's time to let it go...

UPDATE!! It is possible that you can catch a pokemon wiht the virus and not even knowing if it has or till you check the summery.
{4/12/10}UPDATE 2: pokemon in the computer that has the viurs will NOTinfect the others and my previuse words were worng. Pokemon in the computer don't randomly get the PKRS.

PKRS in Soul Silver adn Heart Gold!!

For those who don't know what PKRS stands for, it stands for Pokerus or Pokemon Virus. Prof. Elm will call you and tell you about it, after he calls CHECK YOUR POKEMON ASAP!! One of them might have it. The Pokerus is not bad it's ...

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Aqua's Start {ch2}

This is the second chapter I hope you all like it and if can, please comment on the story, i would like some feedback. _______________________________________________________________________________ The next morning, Aqua had Shina h...

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