My other all-vocaloid world crashed so I had to start a new one. Well, I new beginnings are okay, right? I had crappy songs on there anyway.

Featured songs:

Mr. Music

Vocals: Miku, APPEND Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Kaai Yuki, Gumi, IA

Out of Eden

Vocal: Kagamine Len

Rin's diary entry

I'm so bored so I am going to give you a journal entry because of it. Here ot is.

Hello Diary:

Today Len broke the japanese doll on my dresser that I had gotten in tokyo from one of our concerts there. Damn. I loved it so much. Little brown eyes, the silk kimono with sakura on it. Len's such a bitch some times. Ahh. well now Luka puts bim in his room and then slams the door Luka is so cool some times. And then I went up to the kitchen to get oranges and milk to eat and drink. But who's in the room? Meiko. So I have to put up a show. Meiko-nee I yelled and then she dropped her beer and given me a hug. I told her to come up stairs and see my minecraft house I've been working on for a long time before Meiko had left. She and Kaito and Luka were at a english vocaloid concert. Miku has her english voice too, but she's not going to concert quite yet.

I made this

Hello otakus! Today I was on this app and I let my otaku get in the way. The outfits I made ended up to look like this:

Next I want to do something else, I mean another anime/manga/vocaloid. How bout i make luka? That's it!