okay dai is hooked on vocaloid now don't judge me
at the moment dai don't know all the vocaloids but here is a list of who he know if dai left some out please tell dai oh an no for get to look at the pics for them dai went to alot of trouble to get them

electric angel live

Yokune Ruko ~ Love Disease

while reading the posts for this dai learned two things
one: the reason teto is 31 is because she is a chimera and in chimera years she is 15 owo
two: ruko in 10% female and 90% male OWO"
yay i'm learning that utauloids r weird X3 but awesome

dai has found another vocaloid

her name is Yokune Ruko (dai has a pic of her posted) also dai will try to find songs for her soon. (and more for luka,kaito,haku,gumi and whoever else needs a song soon) so stay with me.

last note

oh dai looked at the pics in the intro and saw rin an miku pic was unable to be seen so dai change the miku and rin pic and gave len a full body pic. hope u enjoy.

chibi miku-san update 5

201-210 211-220 ...

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