okay dai is hooked on vocaloid now don't judge me
at the moment dai don't know all the vocaloids but here is a list of who he know if dai left some out please tell dai oh an no for get to look at the pics for them dai went to alot of trouble to get them

The Intense Song of Hatsune Miku -InfinitY HAPPY END-

these next two are small

2012 in Nikofare ~ Megpoid 3rd Anniversary ~ GUMI birth Festival

another hefty vid this one is also and hour 2:00 - to me of lost / I've been lost...

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Hatsune Miku Live in Sapporo 2011 meeting

Pull up a chair this is long over an hour :P


No one is safe from me!!! I have taken over this world now!! If you wanna know how to make me give back the worlds i'll give you a hint..
spam me with my favorite words!
but that only if you want the world take overs to stop, but who are we kidding it's just sooo much fun :D