okay dai is hooked on vocaloid now don't judge me
at the moment dai don't know all the vocaloids but here is a list of who he know if dai left some out please tell dai oh an no for get to look at the pics for them dai went to alot of trouble to get them


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My question: Who is your fav -dere character

Mommy (teapartyprincess)
Papi (xXShayde WolfXx)
Sasu (sasusaku 4ever)
Sei-chan (Angel Satina)
Big sis (Sakuse)
uncle spec (Spectre)
Nayu-chan!! (Miracle Star19)
CODY!! (good2games)
Xen xen (Xenesis)
Sumie!! (OutsukaSumie)
Garu!! (piggyback garu)
Lena!! (RedOrpheus)
FUKO!! (fuko chan)

me: more more
friend: no more!!
me: T^T
friend: fine one more

Yoro!! (yoroshiku97)

I could have tagged a whole lot more ppl xD but bla, I will leave it at that. Whoever reads this post, if you guys get the time just copy and paste this along. I know alot of you are busy ^^ Anyways, thanks for the help everyone!

chibi miku san update 10

been a while dai is gunna finish this today that is if this is the end of it 461-470 ...

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hello planet re-post

im hooked on this song

will it work?

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IA My Dear Loneliness re-re post

Quick question has anyone noticed there is a lot of anime songs that IA sings? Of course this isn't one.I think