Konnichiwa everyone!This is a vocaloid world of mine that all of you peoples will like and love(we accept requests of your favorite songs sung by one of us!)!We also have a roleplay going on if you want to join,plz pm me!
the ones who have entered
(founder of world)Deideisempai(Miku Hatsune)
Eiri Yuki s Lover(Kaito)
aka yuki(Len Kagamine)
ZelostheGreat(SF-A2 Miki)

Have Fun!~

Miku-chan's back in business~!

It's been a while~!

-Miku Hatsune

Im Back~Len

Sorry ive been gone for so long but now im back so...where u guys put my bananas?*looks around*

Which reminds me I wish the world would be a little bit more active..maybe we need more members


Im back

hey guys sorry i havent been on in a long time moving is tough but now im back so yeah
please enjoy this song sung by one of my favorite nico singers GERO!!!!!!! i love him

So Sad T-T

Why are they always so mean to me???


W-where did everyone go? I'm aloooonnne :(