Konnichiwa everyone!This is a vocaloid world of mine that all of you peoples will like and love(we accept requests of your favorite songs sung by one of us!)!We also have a roleplay going on if you want to join,plz pm me!
the ones who have entered
(founder of world)Deideisempai(Miku Hatsune)
Eiri Yuki s Lover(Kaito)
aka yuki(Len Kagamine)
ZelostheGreat(SF-A2 Miki)

Have Fun!~

Hey, Miku Mun here!

Sure has been a while huh? Boy, 3-4 years I think...

Anyway, hello! You guys can call me Autumn if you like, since I'm not really RPing or posting much here anyway lmao-

However, after checking this place again, I've been wondering:

Should I bring this world back?

I'm not sure if the others that joined me in this world would want to come back and play their roles(especially with what we did back then good lord it was cringy). But if they want to, they can, I'm not forcing them.

But if you want to contact me and see my art, I have these:

Tumblr: autumns-art-cave
DeviantART: autumn-kouhai

Art by Nanatsuki-Jinko on deviantARTnanatsuki-jinko.deviantart.com/art/Miku-TYPE-2020-583713640

Well, that's it for now! I hope to see you guys soon!

-Autumn and Miku

Miku-chan's back in business~!

It's been a while~!

-Miku Hatsune

Im Back~Len

Sorry ive been gone for so long but now im back so...where u guys put my bananas?*looks around*

Which reminds me I wish the world would be a little bit more active..maybe we need more members


Im back

hey guys sorry i havent been on in a long time moving is tough but now im back so yeah
please enjoy this song sung by one of my favorite nico singers GERO!!!!!!! i love him

So Sad T-T

Why are they always so mean to me???