My post

I noticed that I am a guest poster here and for that I am truly thankful and honored.
I also know that I should post something here, but I am not really sure what.. Maybe to talk about the importance of that language? But what to say that is already not known.

I myself started very bad with English. I never wanted to study it though I did play many video games which were just in English language. That helped me greatly later (movies as well). Later I began studying it more and more and soon I got the main grip of it.

Little did I know of how the important that language is. Today as you all may know we live in Informational age and the main language with which information are shared is English of course. From buying, to learning new things and to make life itself easier. To crushing many bad borders of wrong thoughts, to also making new friends like from this site.

~ I am truly grateful that I learned this language and that I am still learning it.