woohooo....okay my very 1st World....at 1st i didnt relly knoe wht a world meant...but now i knoe(at least i think i do)...

yah anyways so i got my title frm the word individual...i just broke it down to INDI and VISUAL they both stand 4 the type of music/style...and the word individual suggests the unique style of visual kei music and fashion....

...i m like a total rock fan and totally crazy bout all the visual kei bands...so i thought i should make a world 4 tht!

....here i will probably talk about my obsessions....maybe sometimes bout my experiences wth visual kei and all and also sometimes just random talks bout wht i found on the internet....so just bare wth me OK?

KAT-TUN's Akanishi Jin's movie BANDAGE...

i m totally crazy over KAT-TUN and the members OF KAT-TUN.
those who dont knoe KAT-TUN they r a japanese boys group...their members consists of :
-Kamenashi Kazuya
-Akanishi Jin
-Taguchi Junnosuke
-Tanaka Koki
-Ueda Tatsuya
-Nakamaru Yuichi
External Image

well one of their members Akanishi Jin is playing the main dude in tis movie called BANDAGE.
its already been released in Japan on the 16th of January this year but hasnt reached the UK yet T_T
so i am dying to see it!!

"Set in the 1990s, when rock bands were all the rage in Japan. The young main characters work hard to achieve their dreams, but eventually discord surfaces, and find themselves on the brink of dissolving the band. The movie also takes a jab at the dark side of the music industry.
Asako (Kie Kitano) and Miharu (Anne Watanabe) are average students at a female high school. One day, Miharu decides to drop out of school due to parental problems. Miharu lends Asako a CD of her favorite indie rock band LANDS. Asako loves the CD and fast becomes a fan of the band, especially guitarist Yukiya (Kengo Kora).
The girls then sneak into the backstage area during a LANDS concert at club. Asako meets LANDS members Kenji (Hideyuki Kasahara), Ryuji (Nobuaki Kaneko), and vocalist Natsu (Jin Akanishi). Natsu is immediately attracted to Asako and invites her to their studio for practice sessions. The band manager, Yukari (Ayumi Ito), soon kicks Asako out, but Natsu is determined to keep her around.
When band manager Yukari becomes sick, the LANDS members already fond of Asako, call Asako to take of Yukari. The two women fast become friends and Asako soon becomes LANDS co-manager.
As the band starts climbing the ladder to stardom, friction starts to occur among the band ..."

reading this and by watching this trailer:

i am so psyched about it!!!

External Image
External Image

TVXQ's U-know comming to London for Michael Jackson's tribute!!

its exactly as it says in the title..
U-know from TVXQ is going to be in the Tribute concert with celebrities such as Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am and others. This concert will be aired worldwide around mid-June.(concert date:8th June)

I am so glad someone can represent Asia in this...even though it is a tribute concert thr are a lot of MJ fans in Asia so i m glad they choose someone to represent tht...i m so happy ^^

...i m so watching the concert on Tv...cant go to the concert...got exams but still gonna watch it on TV though...u guyz watch it too :D

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A9 new song!!!!

OMG!! ALICE NINE's new song called SLEEPWALKER is off the hook!!!

SHOU's passionate voice!
wth the magical music played by NAO, HIROTO, SAGA, TORA is wowally awesome!!

the lyrics r also very great-

ENG TRANSLATION of SLEEPWALKER(btw i got it off jpopasia)-

The traveler Struggled to reach what lies ahead,
the voiceless base of a tower heaped with rubble.

Oh, why did crave it?
The apple of honeyed resonance called love

Even if i extend the palm of my hand,
It grows more distant, melts away, though it was there all along.

Day after day reflected in my eyes,
The colour of my memoiries is gentle, but they cannot be touched.

As far as the steadily dawning sky, the turning world,
In the theater known as dreams, along with serenity.

The next countless morning comes and i nestle close to my guitar,
Strum a melody to you who surely won't come, thinking of you.
Please, let me watch the unstoppable clock tick away.

Rain of the galaxy, memories of the light-years,
Since when, i wonder, has time been passing me by, unable to forget?
Unfading, beautiful memories.
Through the pouring rain, I'll go to where you are.

totally lovely rite??

totally fun duet!

ok so when u look at the title u wou;d think its a bit over-exaggerated!...yah well it kinda is...

...so anyways...let me talk about the totally fun duet me and my friend, Roshni had at my other friend's b'day!

so at my friend Arati's 14th b'day party...she had like these lot of ppl over and being all noisy an stufff....we were all stuffing ourselves wth loads of junk/fast food......and thn one of my other friend said lets go meet my Boyfriend and all at the park...i didnt wanted to go and neither did Roshni and Preshmita....so we stayed indoors and we thought "What should we do?"...

...1st we decided to watch funny/cute DBSK videos and looking at photoshoped pics of thm(like this 1)-
External Image

lol cute rite?

we looked at loads of pics so we decided to listen to some music and we went on jpopasia and started listening to ALICE NINE, GAZETTE ,ETC
songs....me and my friend Roshni got so totally into it tht we started singing loudly, having air guitar solos, and also air drums we were like totally having a screamo head bang rocking moment...

and thn we realized tht Preshmita...was just standing thr starring at us wth the expression "WHAT THE F%&* IS WTH THESE PPL" on her face....we were like...."oopsy"....but thn we encouraged her to join us and she started playing the air guitar and we resumed our live 3 ppl concert...

...later we realised tht it wasnt just a 3 ppl concert....apparently u could hear us till outside the house....and my friends who had returned frm the park were like "dudes u guyz were too loud"....

....we were like totally embarrassed cuz tht meant tht the my friend's parents, her bro and some of his friend also heard us since they were in the house....

but i totally 4got bout it when it was snack time again.....and after tht we decided to watch GRUDGE 2....tht was so scary....i was like scared to go to the toilet at night for bout like 3 weeks....and everytime i looked at the corner in my room where its dark i always thought thr was some1 thr.....

but well i m kinda over it now so its ok....but i do hv flash backs of the movie and get scared sometimes....