Pokemon Roads - Chapter 2 Galar - Merchant, Pokefan, Musician

Galar usually has the prestige of hosting all Cup events at the Wyndon stadium so it's always left to it's champions to sort out.

Age: 14
Lives: Stow-on-Side
Background: Naomi spends most of her time selling her homemade items to various degrees of success, her only known buyers are Bea and Allister and sometimes Sonia. She is accompanied by a Sandile who likes her homemade chocolate.

Age: 19
Lives: Wyndon
Background: Marlon works as a chef in a well known Wyndon restaurant but during tournament season you'll find him in the stands cheering on Leon, he hopes to one day stand on the same field as Leon. He has a Shuckle that helps him prepare cocktails.

Age: 17
Lives: Motostoke
Background: Often called the Pink Flannery for her resemblance to the Hoenn Gym Leader and her main Pokemon being Torkoal, Sasha sells music at her store in Motostoke. She was a Team Yell grunt in her tween phase but lost interest when Piers stepped down from his Gym role. She obtained Torkoal when she traded her Galarian Linoone.

*well built black guy in trendy clothes and a dreadlock cut arrives carrying his Shuckle*

Marlon: The competitors lounge, it's better than I imagined.

*Pink haired girl looking similar to Flannery arrives on a Moped with Torkoal on back*

Sasha: Glad I still remember how to navigate this place.

*small tanned girl with braided dark hair wearing a poncho arrives with Sandile on top of her huge backpack*

Naomi: What do you think Sandile, do these look like nice people? Sandile?

Marlon: Hey where's Shuckle?

Sasha: And my Torkoal?

Ilya: *sat on Torkoal, cutting berries with Sandile's teeth and using Shuckle's berry juice to make a drink*

Sasha: You look comfortable.

Ilya: I enjoy some warmth every now and then, Torkoal runs on a good temperature. Not bad Berry Juice, that Shuckle is valuable. Sandile's got some nice sharp teeth.

Sasha: Spare the compliments and don't use our Pokemon for your comfort.

Ilya: *opens case* Don't worry I come with Pokemon. Now then all you need to do is beat a master trainer then win a Pokemon League affliated tournament, then you get to battle me.

Marlon: *picks Scorbunny* At last I can begin my journey, I'll enter the Galar league and battle Leon.

Naomi: *picks Grookey* I get to extend my brand further at last.

Sasha: *picks Sobble* I still don't know why I was picked but alright.

Ilya: I don't know why either. *sees a birthmark on the side of Sasha's neck* (Piers and Shriners must know something about this girl)