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Amy Virgo in Pokemon Land: Chapter 7 - The Crisis at Meteor Falls

Too hot! The trek to Fallarbor Town was even hotter than I imagined, I continued to strap Amaura to my body while I took with me Genzo, Sparkles, Mickey, Twinkle and Lucario; I crossed deserts and ash covered forests. My brother says that Meteor Falls was a home to Dragon Types so I should in theory get way stronger, so I made my way there to explore, it was quite a beautiful place filled with crystals formed through many years of eruptions thanks to the nearby volcano.
Unfortunately my nice view was blocked by a powerful looking wild Pokemon, the best way to describe it is an alien with twisty tentacle arms and he wasn't up for being nice.
Since Amaura was already out his Pokeball I sent him out first but in a few seconds alien Pokemon dispatched him with a Psychic attack.
I tried Sparkles next who also got thrown away with a psychic attack, now I had to get serious, I sent out Genzo to Leaf Storm him and while he showed some obvious damage, Genzo was taken down by a Hyper Beam, this gave me an opening to send out Mickey who used a Surf attack on him but he just teleported behind Mickey and used some ghost attack on him which caused him to faint.
Twinkle who had evolved into Kirlia was not battle ready, I only took her with me for moral support since her dancing was meant to ease my stress so I unleashed Lucario who fared so much better using a combo of Shadow Claw and Aura Sphere attacks.
I felt it was weakened enough for capture so I made an attempt with a Pokeball but to no avail, this also seemed to piss him off as he wiped out Lucario with a Psycho Boost blast. Now I was scared, he was looking at me with murderous intent, I feared for my life until Twinkle came out to defend me, I told Twinkle to run but instead she evolved into a Gardevoir.
"Fear not my dear trainer, I shall help you escape" she spoke with a soft voice telepathically.
And true to her word she used teleport on me but I didn't end up back at a Pokemon center, I ended up back in my room in the real world.
I scrambled to find my glasses as my poor eye sight returned and confirmed that I had indeed returned home, I looked closely at the Pokeball I got from that Super Sugoi store and found out that what I had was a custom made 3DS with Pokemon Omega Ruby in and the screen had my player character returned to the Pokemon center. A small message said I saved the game so I closed the Pokeball console and just tried to get to grips of the experience I just had, unfortunately my mother called me down for Bread Deliveries so I'll have to confront Mr Sugoi later.

Amy Virgo in Pokemon Land: Chapter 6 - Trekking Through the Jagged Pass

Captain's log, star date 33hrs 15mins, I came to an agreement with Sparkles that I would take him to the Power Plant to play in exchange for going into storage, and to make sure I was telling the truth I let Genzo have a break as well, especially after beating Wattson in Mauville, my next challenge is Flannery in Lavaridge Town a Fire Pokemon specialist which Genzo and Sparkles are weak against, unfortunately to get to Lavaridge I need to scale an active Volcano as well as enter the fiery depths of it and descend down a dangerous mountain path. With that in mind my team are as follows: Mickey the Azumarill, Minx the Sandile, Sandy the Sandshrew, Kaspar the Tirtouga, Amaura and a new Pokemon I picked up to replace the Little Shop of Horrors parody, called a Hitmonchan but since that's a huge mouthful I named him Koenig, after this really amazing German guy who won the heavy weight boxing title.
I wouldn't normally take Amaura to a Fire Gym since he's an Ice Type but he's so cold on his body I literally tied him to my body while walking through the Fiery Path to the Volcano. I got a little freaked out by the Lava Slugs but I managed to make the summit, now the tricky part was getting down Jagged Pass. I am really not cut out for sport, even if my body is better built in this world it doesn't automatically give me mountain climbing powers and the wild Pokemon on this route were brutal, I ran into trouble near the end but Sandy evolved into a Sandslash and carved a smooth path for me with her new spines. With Sandy evolved I took down Flannery easy with a combination of Sandy and Mickey, my next Gym is back in Petalburg. I was going to take the easy way but my brother said if I wanted to train my Pokemon better I should travel to Fallarbor Town and take the path through Meteor Falls back through Rustboro and back into Petalburg through the forest where I caught my Bug Types.
But before that, I decided to rest in the Hot Springs, which was soooooo relaxing, I think I'll be a while before I decide to get going again, peace out.

Amy Virgo in Pokemon Land: Chapter 5 - Magnetic Personality

New update, I got sick of the derpy beaver, bert raccoon and the spiky metal thing so I traded them out and got a Skiddo, which looks like a goat covered in grass, Gible who resembles a Land Shark and a Pikachu, yeah I got a Pikachu!
"Don't be an Ash, sis"
Oh yeah I remember that crazy anime show, although my understanding of it was a bit mixed, so to make it easier I'll sum it up on five points.
1. Ash never ages.
2. Brock should be a Registered Sex Offender.
3. Misty's a friggin Gym Leader, I'm sure she could afford a new Bike.
4. The animators have very specific fantasies about Police Women and Nurses.
5. Nothing in that series is the same as what I'm doing now.
I'm hardly going to be an Ash and I don't expect him to turn up in this world, until I saw at the docks.
"It's so great to be back in Hoenn isn't it Pikachu?"
You got to be kidding me, don't make eye contact, just walk away, I'm not a character of the week.
"Hey do you know where the Pokemon center is"
Stupid Ash just had to follow me.
"It's over there, now if you'll excuse me I need to go to Mauville"
Run, run far away! Mickey take me to that weird treehouse in the middle of the lake.
"Who goes there"
Wait someone lives here?
"Can I help you miss?" *Sparkle*
Wow he's actually pretty cute. *Shakes head* "I need to hide here for a bit"
"I don't mind, make yourself at home, my name is Toshio Sugoi"
Wait he's not related to that Mr Sugoi who sold me that Pokeball? Before I could continue, Sparkles wondered what was going on.
"You certainly have an affectionate Magnemite don't you?"
Yeah he refuses to leave me alone, and I don't know why.
"Why don't you try the Power Plant, maybe you'll cure it's love sickness"
I suppose I could give it a try, might learn something along the way, thanks buddy.
"If you want more advice, don't hesitate to comeback"
Oh I will, you explain things to me properly.
"Take these two eggs as well"
Two extra Pokemon as well, this guy is really nice, what did I get?
Well I got a Sandshrew I called her Sandy and a Sandile I called Minx as she bite my leg when she hatched. Well along with Mickey, Genzo and Sparkles not to mention Charmander who wanted some attention so I jumped on Mickey and headed to the Power Plant for some training.

Amy Virgo in Pokemon Land: Chapter 4 - Trust in Yourself

Well training wasn't going as well as I thought, Remoraid turned out to be a waste of space so I traded him out and got a Charmander, so I went back for more Wondertrade Pokemon and got a Bagon, a Ferroseed, a Bidoof, a Zigzagoon, a Mawile and an Amaura, so in short a headbutting Dragon, a spiky metal seed, a derpy Beaver, a Raccoon I want to call Bert, a Little Shop of Horrors reference and a cute little Blue Dinosaur who feels really cold! So six trades and the only one with any real hope is the derpy beaver, so one long training montage later I felt a bit lost but on the plus side Genzo evolved into a Grovyle as did Misty the Froakie, now a Frogadier.
I was about to give up when Mickey evolved from Marill into Azumarill, he wasn't much bigger but he flexed his muscles enough times to prove he was up to the task of taking me to Dewford so I put my faith in Mickey.
"Sis if you're heading to Dewford train some Pokemon to defeat Fighting types, and if you're riding a Pokemon be prepared for some more battles so take a team to suit that"
Well Genzo stays put, as does Sparkles because he won't leave me alone and Mickey has to stay with me so, Twinkle rejoined the team and Jack the Fletchling has a go, but my last Pokemon was Lucario, brother insisted I take him as he was my strongest and the swimmers all have stronger Pokemon than me, and he was right, all the people I battled had stronger Pokemon and Lucario defeated all of them in one hit, however Lucario still looked at me as if I wasn't good enough for him. In fact Genzo took it personally and defended my honor like a true samurai, Mickey and Sparkles felt the same way and both stood up for me as well. Lucario's response, he walked off to Granite Cave.
I was worried enough to follow but faced trouble from several Pokemon, my team struggled but I didn't fall but it was gradually looking hopeless as some of the bigger ones were too much even for Genzo.
"Lucario! I know you don't think much of my abilities but please, I want to prove myself, I want to be your friend, I can't do this journey without you"
And with those words, Lucario roundhouse kicked the Onix that was attacking me and agreed a truce, he still insisted I trained more but admired my courage enough to not leave, later we defeated the Gym Leader and are looking to go home for a break before going to Mauville.

Amy Virgo in Pokemon Land: Chapter 3 - The Art of Bonding

I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this Pokemon training, I picked up a ton of new Pokemon, I got an Oddish, a Marill, a Chinchou, a Shellder, an Eevee and a Fletchling; as brother said, catch as many as possible, I even went bug hunting and caught a Caterpie and a Scatterbug, although one I didn't want who followed me to Rustboro was Joltik a spider.......Great.
For a while I studied a bit at the Pokemon school until I had enough knowledge to plan and defeat Gym Leader Roxanne, which was really easy thanks to Genzo and his Leaf Storm, but I now have a problem, the next town is across a long sea path and the boat services outside Petalburg are not operating so I'm stuck, on the bright side I finally have my turtle! I revived a Tirtouga at the Devon Corp building. So I went home to see if I could think of a plan when my older brother came home.
My brother Kirby works away from home several times a year, he's married and is expecting his first child soon, in this world at least he hasn't changed but mom still looks younger than him. I assume he was fully aware of the fact that I was a Pokemon Trainer so I asked him if he knew the best way to Dewford across the sea path.
"You need a Pokemon either big enough to ride on or strong enough to hang on to, either way you need to put on some swimwear"
No, just no, I'm not wearing a swim suit so I'll find something big enough to ride on.
"No chance with the Pokemon round here and I don't see you evolving your little group anytime soon"
You got a better idea?
"Okay here" *Displays five Pokeballs*
Okay what do I do with these?
"Trade them to a random trainer through the PC and you might get something useful"
I think real world brother called it Wondertrade, okay I traded all five to test my luck.
The first Pokemon was a Lucario who gave me a death stare, trust me to get someone who wants me to "Prove Myself"
The second Pokemon was a Froakie named Misty; a water type which is useful but I doubt she could take me across a sea path.
The third Pokemon was a male Ralts, well Twinkle has a friend now.
The fourth Pokemon was a Remoraid, yes a water type and a fast looking fish but too small to carry me.
The final Pokemon was a Poochyena who was so happy to see me, she kept licking me for the next ten minutes, poor thing must've been traded around a lot.
"Yeah, sis get a swimsuit, you'll never make it"
Fine, I'll put one on but only because I want to finish this journey as soon as possible, although I was in for quite a shock when I opened my wardrobe, my clothing were really nice, and looking in the mirror at the person I was in this world, I wasn't my normal boring self, in fact since I started this journey I found myself acting with quite a lot of confidence, with this courage all my fears were gone and I put on my swimsuit and headed to the beach to train.
Hopefully something will happen to one of my water types; I took Genzo with me as he's my best, Sparkles won't leave me alone so he's here as well, so I'm training Mickey the Marill, Sushi the Chinchou, Kaspar the Tirtouga and the Remoraid I got from some random trainer. Hopefully this grinding won't take too long.