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Cuerdas de la Guitarra de Fuego - Chapter 2

After what seemed like a dream, I awoke from my slumber to find myself rushing towards a new goal, I would become a musician with Carlos and Diego.
The abandoned homes were a gold mine for those with no where to go, a fully functional house available to those who knew how to get in; upon my arrival I saw a familiar scene as Diego now acting like a housewife cooks breakfast while the dead serious Carlos tunes his guitar, it was like an old fashioned Spanish couple.
"You're here now, show me what you can do"
Carlos handed me a guitar and I started playing, I must admit that even in school I wasn't any good with the guitar, I always preferred soccer over music so sadly my lack of experience was clear to hear.
"Never you mind honey bear, you'll find your tune, there's more to music than just the guitar"
Diego keen not to give up on me, opened up a piano and asked me to play that instead, although this time it sounded like music.
"Well you know the basics at least"
"Honestly Carlos, with every man we take home, can't you just explain things?"
I will be the first to admit that this setup is strange, Diego seemed like the last person Carlos would hang around with and yet as if he had clairvoyance, Diego answered my question.
"Well sugar puff, I was at the lowest point in my life, I was disowned by my family and betrayed by the one girl who could help me raise a child. Only once have I met my son and never again. I was reduced to being a beggar on the streets, but it was only when Carlos found me that my life changed, I was handed a guitar and I played it, from there Carlos gave me a new life, now I not only play guitar, I sing and help dress and style the flamenco dancers"
Despite what I've just heard, I don't think I ever once saw Diego without a smile apart from when he sang that night, I'd work hours on the building sites and every time I saw him, even when he was being bullied by street thugs, he never lost that smile, it's as if music was the only way he could communicate his sorrow. As days passed, I got better and better at the piano, I even managed a decent tune on the guitar, I know now how I should play, Bar Rojo Toros awaits.

Cuerdas de la Guitarra de Fuego - Chapter 1

In my youth, I had the regular passions of a normal boy, I liked to play soccer, watch a few games at Camp Nou with my father whenever my favorite team Barcelona played; I liked to build model planes and listen to my father play his guitar.
In my young adult years, I was a lost cause, stuck in a dead end construction job building a house that no one will buy in a town where no one bothered to travel to let alone live. People like Boss Fernando would say, "that's just how life is, be glad you have a job", why be grateful for building something that doesn't have a purpose?
23 years old and I felt like this was my life, but it was in my local bar that I came across two unusual individuals that would change my life.
"Hello happy people! I'm Diego Shriners and this is my lover boy Carlos, were here to perform for you tonight!"
I know everyone around town; Diego was a dress maker and stylist and yes he is what you think he is.
"Diego I told you not to go around declaring that and stop touching my guitar"
Carlos was a traveling guitarist, he normally plays for Flamenco Dancers, I don't think I've ever seen him with a home, he usually hangs round the abandoned ones or stays at one of the hotels after getting paid.
My colleagues had a habit of ignoring them and at first I could see why, all Diego kept doing was acting like an excited school girl, but when they performed, they were incredible. Diego was no longer the flamboyant school girl he was acting like but a man showing the inside of his soul, equally the dead serious looking Carlos was showing me his passion, the inner workings of a man who despite not having a home and barely having the money to eat was still content living this way. When their performance ended I knew then what I wanted to do.
"Let me join you"
Carlos was as quiet and brooding as ever but Diego was quick to persuade him with a few glomps.
"Oh come on now Fireball, he's got really charming features, it might help our little band"
I've known Carlos to be very serious but the flamboyant Diego seemed to open his heart up a lot.
"I don't mind, drop by Rojo Toros Bar and we'll see what you can do"
And he spoke that while Diego kept jumping for his guitar. Sadly Boss Fernando was not impressed and fired me on the spot; I didn't care, anything was better than the life I had and Diego was kind enough to embarrass him by putting make up all over him. I get the feeling life is going to get better.

Infinity World - Ramos Di Castello

My name is Ramos Di Castello.
I am 54 years old and I am a retired politician from Madrid in Spain.
I know what you're thinking, 54 is a bit young to retire, I'm at my prime aren't I? The truth is I took early retirement to continue focus on writing and my first love of gardening. I found the politics of this country too restrictive, it often pained me to see abandoned places despite the buildings being newly built. It felt like I was living in a horror story, ghost towns everywhere I go. It was better not to try and challenge a government that doesn't listen so when I made enough money for comfortable living I retired.
When I started writing, I chose to write about the experiences of my youth alongside three special people. The editor was keen to process my stories and before I knew it I made enough money to retire early from politics.
A year ago I attracted the biggest name in publishing, I became an Infinity World writer.
And now my dear viewers of this humble blog, I wish to share the stories of my youth in my story: "Cuerdas de la Guitarra de Fuego" (Guitar Strings of Fire)
Note: Don't worry I'm not writing this in Spanish.

Infinity World - Prologue

An act of genius happens when an individual discovers or creates something so unique that the whole world wants to see it; my contribution is Infinity World.

A collection of stories where anything is possible, the only rule is that the two main characters are one male and one female.
It doesn't matter what their real names are, or what features they are supposed to have, or whether or not they should be siblings or lovers, or even what story they are in, as long as the two leads are a male and a female, each artist will be given freedom.
I have already acquired the talents of four artists I nickname the Grand Masters, perhaps you'd like to meet them? Perhaps you'd like to know what other things they write? Infinity World offers the chance to see each artist's other works as well as they're take on Infinity World.

Show me what you can do, artists of the world!

Victory Script is Back!

After a long hiatus, Victory Script will return with a brand new story called Infinity World.

This story is about a group of comic artists competing for the right to join Infinity World, an internationally acclaimed magazine for all Graphic Novelists.
The honor of entering the magazine as well as helping with the Infinity Boy & Girl superhero manga is on the line as artists from all genres and nations converge on an unnamed Pacific Island to showcase their talents in front of the Grand Masters.

A prologue as well as back stories will be released in the coming days.