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Harem Shenanigans:-Meeting the Harem

So we've met the Prince what about his harem? Well it consists of 13 girls as stated by the last chapter but to make it more interesting, Maverick and Wolx can join in. So a brief history of each member of the harem.

Shoko Hijiri
Part of a well-known engineering dynasty, Shoko fills the role of close female friend to Zephyr having met him during his exile. Obsessive in personality and very quick to judge but generally has a good heart.

Delta McIntosh
A British computer specialist with a very hyper and geeky personality, her rather well endowed figure makes her the big sister of the group. Zephyr met her while looking for a new laptop.

Cisqua Juarez
A former Mexican metal worker turned medic who makes guns in her spare time, a trigger happy tomboy with an explosive personality in a small package. Met Zephyr when he broke his leg travelling in Mexico.

Reika Amamiya
A special effects and costume designer from Japan, she invented a suit to try and make the Power Rangers more realistic, she tends to get overly passionate about her interests. Met Zephyr after a successful test run of her Power Ranger Suits.

Malva Fireborn
Part of a family of Meteorologists, Malva is the eldest and official leader of the clan after her father, she has a personality more associated with villains but does hold high standards and hates seeing them broken. Made a financial deal with Zephyr to help him with jobs.

Rindou Hirogane
The Emperor's daughter and prominent member of a clan of swordswomen, Rindou is shy and not good in public places. Was hired as Zephyr's bodyguard when he came back to society.

Nel Feilke
A hyperactive Dutch Girl who plays professional Volleyball, she hopes to one day be recognized for her intellect as well as her atheletic ability. Met Zephyr after helping him with a job.

Akane Sasahara
A prominent Jewellery Maker in Japan, likes to showoff but is very inexperienced with men having been dumped a number of times. Met Zephyr following a business deal.

Wolx Baumgartner
A carpenter and mechanic, Wolx has the unwanted power of attracting any woman, quiet and reserved, Wolx is more at home reading than any other hobby and prefers male company. Has been friends with Zephyr since his exile of which he assisted in his escape.

Adrian Vinales
Better known by his nickname Maverick, Adrian is a Soccer Player and the type of friend you can depend on to have a good laugh with. Met Zephyr at a Soccer Match in which he was playing in.

Louise Thomsen
A laid back surfer and chef from Denmark; having spent several years in Hawaii she's picked up a permanent tan. Joined the team as a cook but works on many other teams as a jet ski and powerboat mechanic.

Misao Miura
A tsundere pure and simple, a street racer with a very mixed up personality and more than a few issues with people. Met Zephyr as part of a collaboration with her team.

Emerald Platanus
A member of a very famous family, Emerald is the lady of the group but hides a hidden streak of anarchy. Met Zephyr by chance on a mission.

Reina Kotoshiro
Granddaughter of a famous Racing Driver, Reina is all about having fun, likes drinking, isn't afraid to gamble and often does street racing. Met Zephyr after fixing his car.

Sarria Neizesu
Daughter of the head of Eclipse the King's personal guard, Sarria grew up as Zephyr's childhood friend; she ran away from home following her father's death but found Zephyr after learning that his mission was to find her on behalf of her mother.

Harem Shenanigans:-Prologue

Zephyr is a Prince; he was originally exiled but has since come back into society in pursuit of a partner, it is part of his culture and he can choose any partner he wants, male or female.
He has a team which he works closely with, made up of other would be outcasts which include.
Delta McIntosh: A computer expert who abandoned the British Bounty Hunters Guild due to corruption, found her way onto Zephyr's team by a chance meeting in a London Cafe.
Wolx Baumgartner: An Austrian handyman with a love for reading, very well built and has a solution for everything, although he has no interest in love it's clear that he prefers male company over female despite attracting women without even trying.
Shoko Hijiri: An Engineer from Japan who is part of a very famous family.
Adrian Vinales: Better known by his nickname Maverick, a wisecracker who met Zephyr at a major Soccer match.
Cisqua Juarez: A former metal worker turned Bounty Hunter, she's taken out her fair share of bounties, she makes guns in her spare time and actually has a medics license.
Along with childhood friend Cesar Garcia, Zephyr will need all the help he can get to choose the right partner.
Zephyr: Do I really have to choose a partner?
Cesar: Your culture more or less sets you up for it, you met some nice girls along the way, got at least thirteen, three of which you already know really well.
Maverick: All set up for a Harem Anime.
Zephyr: This is going to be a long ride.
Wolx: Let the audience decide, they have a good eye.
Maverick: These girls should come with plenty of personality so choose wisely.
Zephyr: Although knowing a bunch of Otaku they'll put me with Wolx.
Maverick: Not like you mind.
Zephyr: I don't but Wolx isn't exactly interested in partnership.
Wolx: Nope, just reading.
Maverick: Give the audience some credit, next chapter will debut the choices.

Searching for Player 1 - Chapter 2: Flat-Out

If there is anything I don't like about the United States is the amount of backwater towns in the middle of nowhere and all you have is a few beat up homes, a couple of stores and a whole lot of emptiness, not to mention strange customs with the locals, I don't say this to be nasty, just ignorant, I come from Vancouver where I enjoyed winter sports and a nice atmosphere from some very unique people, although Laxus seems used to it as he comes from a country where the middle of nowhere is hundreds of miles from the nearest point of civilization and a few feet from an animal that can kill you.
"Were out of fuel" - Laxus
"Great and were still no where near California, we've been on the road for weeks and still no luck" - Carver
We had to travel from Michigan and still being young didn't help us stamina wise although Laxus had the vigor of a trucker and could easily pass for 18 years old so he had to drive.
It wasn't long before we got sucked into the local destruction derby, several racers with a deathwish rushed passed us trying to take each other out; you see this town was abandoned during the big economic crisis so a property developer wants to tear down the old buildings but to save money they hired the local Demolition Derby brigade to turn the abandoned town into one great big destructive playground, gets in some extra money you see.
"If you don't want to get hurt I suggest you move it you guys" - Driver
"We need money for gas and maybe a garage to fix this truck up" - Laxus
"Okay go to the shopping mall and speak to Frank Malcov he can get you setup with a way of making money" - Driver
This filled me with some dread as he probably thought we wanted to join these lunatics in the Derby and when we got there I was proved right on the money.
"So you guys want to do some destruction?" - Frank
"Look a couple of races should be enough to see us on our way" - Carver
"Nice to see some younger drivers getting started in Destruction Derby" - Frank
Like hell I was going to drive, this is all Laxus.
It didn't take long for Laxus to get initiated, hell all that time racing in that silly death race taught us how to take out the competition and it certainly interested the right people as well, we took a few wins for lousy payouts but attracted enough of an interest for one of the bigger names to offer us bigger missions ; one of the more well known racers Lei Bing was impressed enough to give us a challenge that would not only pay for our gas but food, shelter and with a bit of luck a new car, it just involves some really messed up stunts that's all. Great.

Searching for Player 1 - Chapter 1: Twisted Metal

I suppose I had this coming for a while, as a kid I was a rebel without a cause, as a teenager I was completely devoid of any control, my parents put me in a Military camp to try and sort me out but in reality they were just happy to get rid of me. I suppose an introduction is in order, my name is Elliot Carver, yes you probably heard the name in some James Bond Movie but I assure you I'm not a Rupert Murdoch esque media tycoon, right now I'm in a Military camp, well prison, they don't exactly tell you in the brochure but that's exactly what it is, a prison, and I'm just a teen which makes me quite young but there's at least one other person in this prison my age and that's Blazing Rose.
A young teenage girl who has been competing in numerous illegal street races, it got so bad that they were forced to put her here instead of juvernile hall, although she's not gaining the most views, her cell mate a slightly older girl named Raven is incurring the wrath of the guards with her attitude, she's been in solitary confinement so often that she's immune to it. As for my cell mate, I'm sharing with quite a large muscular Aussie kid named Laxus Hogan, apparantly he's here because he fell out with his grandfather over some fight he had with a gang at a church in Melbourne; he's surprisingly stoic for someone who used to street fight.
The owner of the prison has some twisted ideas, he'd entertain himself by making the inmates fight using Mad Max style cars, to make it more interesting he even invited convicted murderers to join in the races including some Mad Clown in an Ice Cream Van; it's pretty clear that we were supposed to be expendable, the owner was like that, but I wasn't worried, while me and Laxus toiled over some half arsed truck, Raven and Blazing Rose were making machines that could destroy the competition and they did, they wanted to fight for freedom but when it was denied they decided to make a daring escape.
"Do you think they were serious Laxus?" - Carver
"Knowing them, yes" - Laxus
"So what do we do when we escape?" - Carver
"Well were not welcome back to our families, if we can make it to California we can try and work it out from there" - Laxus
"Alright Laxus, once Blazing Rose sets off the fireworks we'll make a break for it" - Carver
And as if by instinct, Blazing Rose set off the fireworks, making a break for the exit leaving the prison in ruins, we were all free to go and me and Laxus took our beat up truck and made our way west to California, where we may find a better life.
"Do you think I can do that?" - Carver
"judging by what she built with Raven, you'd need something good like a Dodge Viper to be anywhere close to her level, her reputation precedes her" - Laxus
"You fixed up this truck pretty well, why don't we make it our mission to beat Blazing Rose" - Carver
"You'll need a team but I'm up for it" - Laxus
And from that day we were on our way to the next stage but some of our opponents from the prison weren't so keen to let us walk away, the mad clown was chasing down Blazing Rose and Raven, although Raven was too injured to fight with her sword. Laxus managed to ram him off the road and save the girls just in time.
"Thanks for the help, but Raven desperately needs a doctor before she loses her arm" - Blazing Rose
Laxus wrapped Raven's shoulder quite tight to avoid it completely falling off as that was where she was stabbed, in return Blazing Rose fixed our truck and we were on our way again.
"Can you get to a clinic from here?" - Carver
"I know the area quite well, we'll be fine" - Blazing Rose
"Good luck out there Blazing Rose" - Carver
"Perhaps we'll meet again one day" - Blazing Rose
We may not have seen the last of Blazing Rose.

G-Chan's Canada Adventure Part 4.3 - Canada Food Guide Part 3

Welcome to the Canada logs, a lighthearted review of my recent vacation to Canada, this piece of writing will serve as a handy guide to some of the places I visited on my travels as well as some experiences I'd like to share with you.

Back to the food reviews as we look at some all you can eat places.

Tucker's Marketplace
An interesting blend of international foods gathered into one buffet, from this reviewers opinion it doesn't really do anything different to other buffet style restaurants but what it offers is very nice and should suit anyone's palette, it's especially good if the surrounding area is doing a major event.

Ginza's Sushi
All you can eat sushi is such a rarity in the UK that the experience offered by Ginza was a novelty to behold, the options were vast and welcome, but compared to other sushi places, doesn't offer anymore or any less than other places, not to say it's bad but it didn't wow me.

Chako Korean BBQ
I love Korean BBQ and Chako was no exception, the amount of meat you can consume is endless but I wouldn't recommend going all out especially in a group as it's very easy to get carried away and order too much, this reviewer has never felt so full.

Yang's Teppanyaki
It's always nice to have fun eating especially when the chef joins in on the fun and that's what you get at Yang's Teppanyaki, while it is pricey, what you get is a fun experience as the chef's show their best skills and do a few tricks along the way.

Braza Steakhouse
Finally onto the Brazilian Steakhouse, a mecca for meat, again pricey but only if you buy alcohol, this reviewer recommends water as the amount of meat you consume shouldn't really be spoiled by alcohol, the salad bar is extensive, the selection of meat is incredible and the extra tax is extortionate, but that's Niagara for you.

There will be one more list of eating places before we move onto a review of Wonderland, til next time.