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Auditions for the Fantasy Zone

My name is Meline Beckett, I was originally the secretary to the second strongest man although recently he's been knocked back to third strongest so I quit and Giro has now given me a new job in running the new TV station.
One thing I will guarantee is that some of the selections will be crazy.

*Auditions Begin*

Meline: So what are your specialties, Miss Sunny Xie?

Sunny: I've got a ship.

Meline: You can do the Travel Guide.

Sunny: Can I take my sister?

Meline: I suppose, keep her smoking to a minimum though.


Akari: Why can't I do a Medical show?

Meline: Too many spoilers according to the big boss. I've got you down for a show about animals alongside Ilya Freewind.

Akari: But Kiyoshi doesn't get on with Ilya's Wolf Pack.


Shriners: Can't I do a cooking show?

Meline: SWEET JESUS NO!! I mean, I already got Dawn Physalis & Richeri Nau doing that. I do have an opening with Marsha to cover the Death Battle section.


Meline: I have a show lined up to cover Weapons, Mecha and Powers. I need a team of four to do this so I want Lacus, Trinity, Suzuka & Rin.

Sammy: Brave choices, especially with Suzuka, she hates everyone.

Meline: We'll do a character guide for her later.


Meline: Finally I've got a fashion segment with your name on it Mimi.

Mimi: YEAH!!!!

Meline: I've asked Valerie to join you.

Mimi: YEAH!!!!

Meline: Are you just going to say YEAH!?

Mimi: No I don't say YEAH!? I say YEAH!!!!

Meline: Point taken.


Meline: So what do you think Giro?

Giro: All the presenters are female.

Meline: Not true I got Wallace to do the weather.

Giro: Seriously?

Meline: Hey blame the creator for not creating enough decent Male characters.

The Watchful Eyes of the Light

I've been watching Goldena since my death all those years ago. My name is Azura; I am Goldena's light side. Like Vice I had my own form but I sacrificed myself to take out the former Gaia returning me to my Gem form.
After being passed down to Sunny, I remained as a protector for her until she returned me to Goldena in this era.

Azura: *Watching in spirit form from the light gem as the child form Goldena follows a path of Jelly Beans back to Ouka*

Ouka: *Leads Goldena into the machine* Were ready now.

Goldena: Get me out of here I want more Jelly Beans!

Ouka: *Switches on the machine*

Goldena: *Grows to the age of 22 and reforms into a new avatar body*

Azura: *Smiles*

Goldena: You could at least warn me before you do that. *bigger bust*

Courtney: *Body is already done* *Nose bleeds* You look nice, very nice.

Goldena: Thanks so do you. (Strange girl)

Ouka: We've arranged a training program to deal with any complications, for now enjoy the Lanceburg Ball.

Goldena: I'll go see Leonore, see if she's okay.

*Back with Azura narrating*

This was always a familiar scene back in the old days, Goldena was always dedicated to helping everyone, even those she never knew that well. Leonore was similar to a girl named Ricel who was blind and somehow Goldena managed to encourage her to see again. As I watched her help Leonore prepare for the ball I saw the old Goldena at her best. She turned Leonore into a princess and with overwhelming emotions, Leonore talked for the first time on her own without help, I couldn't help but cry. But then Goldena became sad, after sending Leonore to the ball she didn't want to follow. I know who she wants to see again.

Azura: *Appears in front of Goldena*

Goldena: What Azura? What are you doing here and where did you come from?

Azura: I am your light side as Vice is your dark side.

Goldena: I don't understand.

Azura: I guess you don't have many memories open yet.

Goldena: So why are you here?

Azura: I saw your kindness towards that girl Leonore, I was very touched.

Goldena: It's kinda my fault she lost her voice in the first place.

Azura: But still you should be rewarded *Joins her hand with a male hand* At some point we will meet again and I'll return to your body, for now enjoy the ball. *Disappears*

Alex: Ready to go my Goddess?

Goldena: *Gets teary eyed* Yes my dear Sun God.

*Back to narrator*

It made me feel happy again, watching Goldena & Alex dance until the early hours of next morning, it was so romantic that Goldena just fell asleep in her husband Alex's strong arms once she became too tired to continue. As I watched on, another girl's heart was awoken.

Amu: *Approaching Giro* Your name is Giro right?

Giro: It is. *Bag of money appears next to him*

Amu: Find me Tsukiko Moonlight.

OC Special: Leonore Kokoschka

*Writing* I am a silent girl, that isn’t a metaphor for how I feel, I genuinely can’t talk. According to my father, I was two months premature at birth, my throat developed awkwardly and left me with a non-functioning voice box, every time I try and talk it’s often followed by blood; father said if I looked after it I may be able to talk when I’m older, but what he failed to mention were the torturous school days.
Kids are so cruel; I was subjected to horrible tormenting for having no voice, even teachers felt I was a delinquent when I couldn’t answer their questions. I’d end up earning nicknames like Silent Girl, Devil Child and Witch. My only sanctuary was the library where silence was enforced; it was at the Library I first met Dan.
Dan was a nerd, there’s no other way to describe him back then; he taught me to write in English as Russian was my first language, and taught me how to talk with writing. The situation improved slightly but Dan wouldn’t be around for long; he went to a different high school so I was back on my own, if I thought my old school was cruel then this one felt like a walk through hell. The bullying became physical, made worst when I grew taller than many of the other girls and even some of the boys; my father always told me to fight back but I wasn’t sure how to until one day someone went too far. I had a special notebook Dan made for me before he left; one girl decided to rip it to pieces which finally caused me to snap. I hit her so hard, that I not only shattered her jaw but destroyed the wall she flew into; from that day I went from being bullied to being a terrifying monster, it even got me a place on the Ice Hockey team.
The last year of high school was quiet, yet I left with a straight “A” report card and an optional scholarship for Ice Hockey; I played around with jobs for a while occasionally getting fired for punching horrible bosses for damaging my notebooks or losing my temper with broken pencils.
Then a chance of a lifetime came when I got invited to compete in the Gaia Cup. The Gaia Cup was a fight for control of the host country held every five years alternating between genders to keep it fair. It was a sure fire way for the country to remain a Sovereign nation without political corruption. Back then there were only 32 competitors, most of who would return ten years later for the Lanceburg tournament. During the tournament several key moments would take place. The Ice Star was formed for the first time by the Isengard family along with four other noble clans including the Delphinus, Shasuka, Farnese & Rowan. Tiruna & Leila would help create the Magic Arcana Church and Pirate Captain Sunny would begin to form her crew. I almost won the tournament but Rin defeated me in the battle stage not giving me enough points to defeat eventual winner Anastasia Romanova.
As runner-up I was promised a place in the Royal Court but it never happened, I was even overlooked by the Ice Star for a place on the team. Anastasia felt I was treated unfairly so she sent me and Nunnally who came third, to the army, and the nightmare started again.
Our Sergeant was a horrible person, he picked on me especially for not being able to talk, and he kept on pushing me around, kept on giving me orders until I passed out. It was only when he pushed it too far that I ended up killing him in retaliation.
There was good news and bad news out of it. The good news was I didn’t get a Court Marshall; the bad news was that I had to leave the army. I was in my 20s and had nothing left. I even took out my anger on the street gangs which would sometimes get me thrown in jail. I thought it couldn’t get any worst until Dan returned.
Dan has no longer a nerd; he was a tough army man. Dan had heard my reputation and asked me if I wanted to form a Private Guard with him which obviously I said yes to. From there we were an amazing team, I would even persuade my step sister’s to join, a few years later the Lanceburg tournament would begin and I would return with Nunnally and all the other regulars from ten years ago with the addition of hundred or so more.
With bigger competition I didn’t fair to well until I reached the Forest of Death, alongside my new friend Goldena we were able to do fairly well, I even defeated Fiona of the Ice Star, I was even talking, thanks to a method that Akari mentioned about freezing my voice box, but it didn’t last. When I believed Goldena had died I shouted out only for my voice box to destroy itself. Why did I care? Because Goldena treated me like a human, in fact she and many of her friends welcomed me with open arms.
Akari rebuilt my voicebox from scratch, when I competed on the Ice Hockey stage I was constantly thinking about it which messed up my performance a bit, then came the Grand Ball, one of many intermissions in place during the tournament. I was happy to just go in my military clothes but Goldena made me a dress which made me look like a Princess. My emotions just ran wild in the moment and I suddenly spoke unaided for the first time in my life. The night would get better from there as the moment I appeared before Dan we both ended up confessing at the same time and finally to finish this on a high, I got engaged to Dan. My future is looking bright, and I can't wait for it to happen.

OCs Quiz - Mimi Moonlight

Giro here, Leonore's chapter is currently in editing so in the meantime here's Mimi's Quiz.

OC Quiz
Mimi Moonlight

1. What is your Full Name?
Mimi Moonlight
2. Your age & birthday?
I'm Ageless because of the Avatar rules but people say I look 18. My birthday is 21st September
3. Do you have any Nicknames?
Sweet & Sexy Mimi, my Catchphrase complete with Kitty Pose
4. Any Siblings?
My Triplet Brother & Sister William & Winona
5. Are you in love with anyone?
No one really
6. That’s nice. Have you kissed?
Yeah that question is kind of redundant in this case
7. Do you have a job?
Reporter for Lanceburg Network
8. Do you have any pets?
I have a number of Hamsters roaming around my house in Hamster Balls
9. Any favorite foods?
Sugar Donuts
10. Your drink of choice?
Lemon Soda
11. Do you have any special powers?
I can do clothing transformations, in combat the best I can manage is Dark Wind Attacks
12. Sounds good, do you have any weaknesses?
Out of the whole Family I am the Weakest Member
13. What is your biggest fear?
Being Abducted
14. Who do you consider your greatest rival?
Sunny Xie, she's been taking my fans since her idol show
15. Who is your best friend?
Rainy Xie, pity she smokes far too much
16. What do you do to relax?
17. What is your lifelong dream?
Becoming the Ultimate Idol
18. Tell us an interesting fact?
I was once a professional Racing Driver
19. Do you like the design the creator gave you?
Like Goldena, I'm Twinkie's creation although I do enjoy the added attachments the creator brought to me
20. What would you do if you had your own Kingdom?
Build a Racing Circuit round it, I saw them do that in Mario Kart, I'd love to do that
21. Do you wish to tag people with this quiz?
*Tags Giro*

Giro: The viewers not me.

Mimi: *Sticks tongue out and Kitty Poses*

OCs Quiz - Leonore Kokoschka

Giro here, as winner of the latest vote we preview Leonore's quiz before her story.

OC Quiz
Leonore Kokoschka

1. What is your Full Name?
*Writes* Leonore Svetlana Kokoschka
2. Your age & birthday?
*Writes* 29 Years old, 10th June
3. Do you have any Nicknames?
*Writes* Silent Girl, Miss Depression, Pencil Breaker, a lot of names that I can't mention on this website, yeah I was bullied a lot. The only nickname I ever liked was "Ice Flower"
4. Any Siblings?
*Writes* Only Step-Sisters Nina & Gisele
5. Are you in love with anyone?
*Writes* Dan Steel, my boss
6. That’s nice. Have you kissed?
*Writes* I can't even work up the courage to tell him how I feel
7. Do you have a job?
*Writes* I'm a member of a Private Guard
8. Do you have any pets?
*Writes* An Ice Snake named Ensui
9. Any favorite foods?
*Writes* Any form of Ice Cream
10. Your drink of choice?
*Writes* Milk
11. Do you have any special powers?
*Writes* Ice Powers, Wind Manipulation, Sound Manipulation & Light Manipulation
12. Sounds good, do you have any weaknesses?
*Writes* Not being able to talk means I can't summon my attacks very quickly and sometimes Flashcards aren't enough
13. What is your biggest fear?
*Writes* I stopped being afraid the moment I killed my commanding officer
14. Scary, Who do you consider your greatest rival?
*Writes* Rin Delphinus
15. Who is your best friend?
*Writes* Goldena Moonlight, she gave me courage
16. What do you do to relax?
*Writes* Reading
17. What is your lifelong dream?
*Writes* To finally be able to talk *Sheds a tear* Doubt it will ever happen
18. Tell us an interesting fact?
*Writes* I hate pencils
19. Do you like the design the creator gave you?
*Writes* Would be nice if I could smile, I come across as a Silver Haired Emo Girl
20. What would you do if you had your own Kingdom?
*Writes* Trade it all away to be able to speak
21. Do you wish to tag people with this quiz?
*Writes* I tag *Pencil Breaks*