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Pokemon Roads - Chapter 3 - The Rainbow Saints and the Master Trainers

With more regions getting accepted into the Pokemon League, there are still notable regions yet to be added to the list. Emerging from these regions, a number of top female trainers united under the Rainbow banner of Ho-oh try and enter the cup by force. They are identified by colourful nun outfits worn by each of the ten sisters with grunts wearing grey. Last time they were kept away by the efforts of the 9th Gym Leaders but with a new format in place it seems they will try again to stop the latest batch of trainers.

The master trainers that our group have to defeat are well hidden in the Pokemon World, there are 20 of them mastering each type plus a legendary and multi type specialist. The only knowledge of their existence is the League's Hall of Fame as every one of them has entered it's record books by defeating the current champion at the time.

Kanto Group
Kyoko: So no luck on who these people are?

Gaspard: *going through the data banks* the only one who might be is a girl named Courtney who is said to be friends with Gym Leader Flannery.

Kyoko: So were off to Hoenn first.

Crystal: *nervous* can't we search for other masters?

Kyoko: If you have a lead on someone else be my guest but were catching the next boat to Hoenn.

Johto Group
Honoka: So anything we know about the masters?

Ayumi: Gym Leader Whitney once competited with a guy called Christian for the Gym position in Goldenrod, I wouldn't mind starting there.

Harumi: Yeah, no thanks, that Miltank is not fun to battle.

Ayumi: Well we need to get started somehow.

Hoenn Group
Winona: Master trainer?

Talon: Yeah, I wonder if you knew anyone like that?

Winona: Nothing from the flight clubs but I know Steven Stone had a few business dealings with a guy named Luka from Unova.

Talon: Alright team, we start in Unova.

Lorna: yeah. *reluctant*

Rhymer: not many places I dig there.

Sinnoh Group
Michael: *talking on video* as you can see were about to touch down in Kanto to challenge Mt Moon.

Jade: is he ever going to stop talking? Hey Kurt, any idea who these masters are?

Kurt: I know who one of them could be. The only woman to beat me in a contest of strength, Pearl of the Frontier.

Jade: You make her sound epic.

Kurt: She's incredible.

Unova Group
Kaya: *eating ice cream at Nimbasa City theme park* Nothing at all.

Reika: Were not in a good place to find these people.

Marine: What about the designer Delphine? All the A-Listers buy her dresses.

Reika: I wouldn't picture a designer of red carpet dresses as being a master trainer.

Kaya: I have an idol dress by her, she could be a lead.

Reika: it's better than nothing.

Kalos Group
Gwen: So why are we going to Galar?

Feria: It's a hunch.

Athena: I don't work on hunches.

Feria: Master Mustard of the Isle of Armor trained numerous future champions, one of them being a vagabond named Shion. She'd match the description, she's beaten the 9th Galar Gym Leader Ilya and Galar's Cup Champion Shriners. Plus I've lost to her before as a kid.

Alola Group
Jesse: Well I've asked Argenta, she didn't offer much help.

Rin: I asked a guy named Grimsley, we just ended up flipping coins for nearly an hour.

Azura: I remember reading some scary books by an author named Chicca. I have a suspicion seeing as she deals with ghost Pokemon regularly, she'd be the prime target for a master. I suggest we begin at the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart.

Galar Group
*on a plane to Kalos*
Sasha: So you think your supplier could be a master?

Naomi: His name is Arturo, he supplies me some fine materials for building so he must have knowledge of Steel types.

Marlon: At least I get to see Kalos cuisine first hand.


Pokemon Roads - Chapter 2 Galar - Merchant, Pokefan, Musician

Galar usually has the prestige of hosting all Cup events at the Wyndon stadium so it's always left to it's champions to sort out.

Age: 14
Lives: Stow-on-Side
Background: Naomi spends most of her time selling her homemade items to various degrees of success, her only known buyers are Bea and Allister and sometimes Sonia. She is accompanied by a Sandile who likes her homemade chocolate.

Age: 19
Lives: Wyndon
Background: Marlon works as a chef in a well known Wyndon restaurant but during tournament season you'll find him in the stands cheering on Leon, he hopes to one day stand on the same field as Leon. He has a Shuckle that helps him prepare cocktails.

Age: 17
Lives: Motostoke
Background: Often called the Pink Flannery for her resemblance to the Hoenn Gym Leader and her main Pokemon being Torkoal, Sasha sells music at her store in Motostoke. She was a Team Yell grunt in her tween phase but lost interest when Piers stepped down from his Gym role. She obtained Torkoal when she traded her Galarian Linoone.

*well built black guy in trendy clothes and a dreadlock cut arrives carrying his Shuckle*

Marlon: The competitors lounge, it's better than I imagined.

*Pink haired girl looking similar to Flannery arrives on a Moped with Torkoal on back*

Sasha: Glad I still remember how to navigate this place.

*small tanned girl with braided dark hair wearing a poncho arrives with Sandile on top of her huge backpack*

Naomi: What do you think Sandile, do these look like nice people? Sandile?

Marlon: Hey where's Shuckle?

Sasha: And my Torkoal?

Ilya: *sat on Torkoal, cutting berries with Sandile's teeth and using Shuckle's berry juice to make a drink*

Sasha: You look comfortable.

Ilya: I enjoy some warmth every now and then, Torkoal runs on a good temperature. Not bad Berry Juice, that Shuckle is valuable. Sandile's got some nice sharp teeth.

Sasha: Spare the compliments and don't use our Pokemon for your comfort.

Ilya: *opens case* Don't worry I come with Pokemon. Now then all you need to do is beat a master trainer then win a Pokemon League affliated tournament, then you get to battle me.

Marlon: *picks Scorbunny* At last I can begin my journey, I'll enter the Galar league and battle Leon.

Naomi: *picks Grookey* I get to extend my brand further at last.

Sasha: *picks Sobble* I still don't know why I was picked but alright.

Ilya: I don't know why either. *sees a birthmark on the side of Sasha's neck* (Piers and Shriners must know something about this girl)

Pokemon Roads - Chapter 2 Alola - Surfer, Scientist, Rising Star

The Tapu have selected their trainers to help establish the new Elite Four in the hopes of being taken seriously by the Pokemon World.

Age: 17
Lives: Heahea City
Background: Jesse is a surfer and is the disciple of Team Instinct leader Spark. He's as free spirited as his master and embodies the same kindness. His Pikachu is a second generation of Spark's Raichu.

Lives: Malie City
Background: Rin works at Hokulani Observatory as a researcher and is eager to show her research on the Ultra Wormhole to the Aether Foundation after discovering some unique properties previously not found in the original research. She has a Shellder from her college course on the evolution of Slowpoke.

Age: 16
Lives: Heahea City (Tide Song Hotel)
Background: Azura spent much of her youth in hospital with a heart condition, having been cleared from hospital, she now works and lives at the Tide Song Hotel to pay off her medical expenses. She befriended and caught Wailmer during her rehabilitation.

*blonde haired guy in Team Instinct uniform playing with Pikachu on the beach*

Tapu Bulu: *lands in front of Pikachu*

Pikachu: *cautious*

Tapu Bulu: *leaves a bracelet and pokeball*

Jesse: Wait is this a selection? *Rowlet comes out of Pokeball*

Rowlet: *spinning his head confusing Pikachu*

Jesse: *gets a call*

*Girl with gorgeous blue hair and pirate style clothing watching Wailmer eat around the beach*

Wailmer: *feels a little sick*

Azura: What's wrong Wailmer?

Wailmer: *spits out Tapu Fini*

Tapu Fini: *pissed at Wailmer for eating her*

Azura: Aren't you a Tapu?

Tapu Fini: *eyes perk up* *leaves a bracelet and Pokeball*

Azura: Me? But I've never trained a Pokemon. *hugged by an eager Popplio from the Pokeball* *gets a call*

*a purple haired tired looking girl in full science gear sleeping at her desk with an asleep Shellder*

Tapu Lele: *poking Rin to wake up* *puts bracelet on Rin and leaves a Pokeball in her hand*

Litten: *comes out of Pokeball in Rin's arms, starts getting fidgety*

Rin: *gets a call* *wakes up* whaa? Why am I holding a Litten?

Litten: *scratches Rin*

All three trainers: *answer the call*

Argenta: I'm glad the Tapu finally finished their job. *video call*

Rin: Not exactly a nice wake up call. *scratch marks on face*

Jesse: Are you the 9th Gym Leader?

Argenta: No I'm a Pokemon, of course I am!

Azura: She's scary.

Argenta: Listen, you have been selected by the Tapu to become the new Elite four with Carver. To earn this you must participate in the cup and earn the right to fight me which involves beating a master trainer and endorsement from any Region Champion from the other leagues. I expect you all at Mt Lanakila tomorrow.

Pokemon Roads - Chapter 2 Kalos - Cool Trainer, Poke Maniac, Vagabond

Having seen a huge number of trainers rising up the ranks of the Chateau, Hailey and Diantha hope to mold more trainers into splendid ladies and gentlemen.

Age: 16
From: Lumiose City
Background: A stylist from Lumiose City, Athena dreams of one day defeating the champion Diantha, a goal she's had since Diantha came to her salon. She preferred to train a Deerling to the Furfrou's her work colleagues have.

Age: 15
From: Dendemille Town
Background: Having been turned down for Pokemon journeys due to poor fitness, Gwendoline has always just been a fan hoping for even a chance to go on a journey. Diantha seeing her as a unique challenge gives her a chance to compete. She made friends with a Cubchoo outside her home town when she was young and has been with her since.

Age: 20
From: Undetermined but hangs around Coumarine City
Background: No one knows where she came from, what is known is she likes warm places and has spent a good part of the last few years in Coumarine City, she makes her money helping Ramos with gardening. A Riolu follows her after she helped him escape an attack and is now her partner Pokemon.

*Girl in stylist clothing with styled blonde hair already at the League destination feeding Deerling*

Austen: Haven't the others arrived?

Athena: *points to Gwendoline*

*Girl passed out with glasses, tracksuit and black twintails on a bed with Cubchoo cooling her head*

Austen: What happened?

Athena: She passed out after walking a mile. Drasna picked her up on Dragonite

Austen: Still don't see Feria.

*Girl with pony tail Purple hair, long leopard print jacket with black trousers and a red top with plenty of tools attached to her bag. Riolu asleep in the bag*

Austen: *blushes slightly*

Feria: Never seen a girl before? *piercing red eyes*

Austen: Well now that everyone is here lets issue the rules, to fight me you need to beat a master trainer and achieve the Grand Duchess Rank at the Chateau.

Athena: Should we wait for Gwen to wake up?

Feria: Your Pokemon should know Aromatherapy so use it.

Athena: How did she? Never mind. *Deerling uses Aromatherapy*

Gwen: Wha, what happened?

Feria: You were having dreams. *throws her a Pokeball* *already chose Froakie*

Athena: *chose Chespin* We gotta get ready.

Gwen: *smiles at getting Fennekin* (those girls look so much better than me)

Austen: (Feria looks even better in person)

Pokemon Roads - Chapter 2 Unova - Farmer, Poke Maniac, Idol

The world of Unova is awe struck by the success of leading actress Rosa with many hoping to reach the same heights.

Age: 16
Lives: Floccesy Town
Background: Marine spent her life on the farm but can't help feel there's more to this life especially when Pokestar Studios is so close to her door. She brings Mareep with her after she kept one of the flock when the Mareep were replaced with Wooloo.

Age: 17
Lives: Virbank City
Background: Reika makes her living as an extra at the Pokestar Studios and hopes to one day take it to the next level just like Rosa did. Her shiny Pawniard she caught herself after an encounter with Heartbreaker Charles.

Age: 14
Lives Nimbasa City
Background: Kaya is an idol who can't seem to catch a break, having been overlooked many times for numerous auditions. Elesa not wanting her talent to go to waste endorses Kaya for the Cup much to Nashu's annoyance. She's been with Pansage since winning him in a competition at Striaton City Gym.

*Girl with brown hair in pig tails in a frilly idol dress arrives with Pansage sat on her shoulder*

Kaya: I think this is the place.

*Girl with long aqua hair wearing flannel shirt and jeans arrive followed by a Mareep*

Kaya: That's a cute Mareep.

Marine: Thanks, I saved her from getting sold on.

*Girl with blue hair in pony tail and a headband dressed in sentai gear with Pawniard copying her poses*

Reika: I'm ready for my audition.

Chao: Did you even understand the memo?

Reika: Sure I did, isn't this an audition?

Chao: No it's real life and your up for the cup.

Reika: I really wanted that role.

Chao: Calm down, you do well enough you can get any role. Okay, to battle me you need to defeat a master trainer and earn the approval of Nashu herself which worries me a little since you all seem to be aiming for something she despises.

Marine: I'm a young girl who wants more than farm work *picks Snivy*

Kaya: To walk the path of an idol and share the stage with Elesa. *picks Oshawott*

Reika: To become a top actress *picks Tepig*

Nashu: *watching from another room* *speaks to Chao through comms* sorry to waste your time Chao.

Chao: Those pokemon they brought with them were all caught as opposed to inheriting them by their positions, maybe they are decent trainers