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Victory Script Characters for Hire

Welcome to Victory Script, an all female guild dedicated to helping anyone in need by lending out our many members, each with their own character history and parameters.
Some rules, this functions as an OC adoption, their parameters and history cannot be changed, please comment if you wish to adopt a character. This will update semi frequently.

Sunny and Rainy
Age: Both 28 years old
Birthday: Both August 9th
Hair: Both long, Auburn colour, in Pony Tails, Sunny has blonde highlights, Rainy has Blue highlights
Eyes: Both Brown
Height: 157.9cm Sunny 158cm Rainy
Style: Pirate Clothing
History: Sunny and Rainy are pirate twins who offer treasure finding services in return for 50% of the reward, Sunny is the Captain while Rainy is the Navigator, both possess spirit weapons, Sunny uses a Ghost Fire Pistol while Rainy uses an Ghost Ice Cutlass.
As the names suggest, Sunny is more upbeat and bright, while Rainy can be stoic and gloomy. While the twins do get along really well, Sunny can often take jobs without asking and Rainy has a smoking habit.

Age: 25
Birthday: January 1st
Hair: Long Pink Coloured, changes hair style frequently.
Eyes: Blue but usually wears Thick Frame Glasses
Height: 139.1cm
Style: Wacky Costumes and Lolita
History: Festival or Festi for short, started as a hitwoman before abandoning the profession for her true passion as a theatre performer, extremely well travelled, Festival flawlessly slips into any role although her favourites are the Harlequin and the pirate. Festi's skills and comically thick glasses make her the perfect spy, blending in to any situation as many don't picture her as the type.
Without her glasses she is said to be incredibly beautiful. Festival is a codename from her hitwoman days, her real name is lost to time. She's spontaneous and happy, enjoying every moment of what she does. When she removes her glasses she is very graceful and lady like.

Age: 43
Birthday: November 23rd
Hair: Long Ponytail, Red Coloured
Eyes: Brown, can sometimes turn red when enraged.
Height: 159.8cm
Style: Sleeveless shirt and ankle cut pants, sometimes wears a karate gi.
History: Karol is a martial arts teacher with a cruel past, losing her fiancee to demons on her wedding night, making a deal with the monster race for revenge, she obtained the ability to transform into a beast when enraged, she would learn to control it after nearly a decade using parts of her beast form to give her an edge in battle. Her dojo students are mostly teens and pre-teens who see Karol as a motherly figure, Karol sees herself more as an aunt, giving her students a chance to enjoy their training while not being burdened with raising them. Karol has made peace with her past and is usually upbeat and motivated but will become enraged if pushed over the edge. Despite her age she looks closer to 30.

Age: 21
Birthday: March 20th
Hair: Long, Silver Coloured
Eyes: Blue
Height: 183.4cm
Style: Will try anything but usually seen in casual clothing.
History: Despite towering over most if not all the Victory Script Guild members in height as well as possessing monumental strength from her wolf girl form, Marsha is actually very kind to her fellow members often joining a quest without reward whether it be combat or providing weaponry from her shop. She's been travelling since age 12 when her Wolf Girl form first awakened; she's known for bringing out the best in people. Despite looking like an Amazon woman, she possesses many feminine talents, a result of her early upbringing into nobility.

Age: 32
Birthday: September 13th
Hair: Long, Ponytail, Purple Coloured
Eyes: Red
Height: 169.7cm
Style: Revealing tops and camo jacket with ankle cut pants
History: Salamis is a mercenary for hire, her history has seen her serve many jobs including on a pirate ship and in raid parties. Her personality is described as sloppy at best, rough at worse. Her inability to make lasting friends stems from losing her best friend. She possesses dragon blood giving everlasting resistance to fire as well as breathing fire, she doesn't function in the cold.

Age: 18
Birthday: July 7th
Hair: Long, Blonde coloured
Eyes: Green
Height: 158.1cm
Style: Knights Armour or Military Kimono
History: My body is to protect others and my heart is to save others, that's the mantra that keeps Yale going even if people find her annoying and hypocritical at times. She served as a guard in the Elfheim army before earning the title Fairy Knight transforming her into a full fledged Elf allowing her to control fairies.

Trails of the Lost Wizard - Guild Guide

Brief guide to the many Guilds in this realm.

Order of Cerulean
Master: Unknown
Members: 25
Notes: A wizards Guild dedicated to the teachings of the Lost Wizard, each of it's 25 members are hyper specialists in their field.

Victory Script
Master: Jana of the Valkyries
Members: 165
Notes: An all female guild run by a Norse Valkyrie who can command the Storms like a Music conductor, they offer it's members to aid adventurers.

Diamond Cerberus
Master: Giltrap the Visionary
Members: 78
Notes: A Miners and Blacksmith Guild that guard The Molten Mines of Krallazan made up of Dwarfs. They offer entrance to the mine for a cut of Mined Ore as payment.

Lion Heart
Master: Red Beast Ragestar
Members: 75
Notes: A Knights Guild in the Castledom settlement of Galanary, they provide fortification and knights for any conflict.

Magic Arcana Church
Master: Sister Bernadette "Bell" of Symphoner
Members: 205
Notes: A Holy Guild run by the Arcana Church of Symphoner, specialising in Paladins, Crusaders, Priests and White Mages. The guild has a bit of a reputation for lewdness.

Mother Harlot
Master: Scarlet Tyrant Julius
Members: 108
Notes: A traveling band of Rogues with no goals in mind other than to have fun. The guild has access to the best steeds and are usually found in Taverns.

Axheim Elfheim Alliance
Master: Serverus Messanger of the Wilderness
Members: 66
Notes: A warrior alliance between Knights and Elves of the Ezeroth Forest, both protect the path to the Faeries Keep.

Scarlet Rabbit
Master: Rosetta Spear Princess of the Noble Rose
Members: 132
Notes: A major tavern in the centre of Galanary, for games, stories, bards and side quests.

Master: Alan Wolf of the Wheatfields
Members 27
Notes: A beast guild on the farmlands on the Ollania Plains. As well as being a major sanctuary for beasts it also functions as a farm shop.

Seraeno Library
Master: Professor Mia Armitage
Members: 13
Notes: A huge library in the heart of Galanary run by scholars. They possess some of the most powerful grimoires in the country.

Owl Forest
Master: Sly Red of the Sky Runners
Members: 41
Notes: A band of rangers who operate in Ezeroth Forest, they specialise in covert operations.

Knights of Halo
Master: Stella Knight of the Green Wind
Members: 48
Notes: A band of Knights charged with guarding the Vroddethan Ruins

Doomsday Searchers
Master: Silver Darkness Lumilia
Members: 12
Notes: A group of cultists who research dark magic.

Antique Cafe Fortuna
Master: Mysterious Alchemist Fiorina
Members: 71
Notes: A mysterious cafe on the edge of the Ezeroth Forest that brews mysterious drinks forged from alchemy.

Eternal Flame
Master: Crimson Haze Siblings
Members: 28
Notes: A band of fire specialist mages and warriors run by the Crimson Haze Siblings.

D&D Campaign: Trails of the Lost Wizard

Traditional story telling isn't working so let's try writing some D&D Campaigns.
This will update frequently.

After years of brutal war, the land of Draexithra was left in ruins until a travelling wizard rebuilt the land in his image. Left behind were many artifacts of his travels; Guilds form to uncover these rare and powerful treasures; Guilds like Victory Script and The Cerulean Order lead many to seek the Wizard's legacy in the Trails of the Lost Wizard.

The Molten Mines of Krallazan
Deep beneath the country of Krallazan is a long network of mines opening up a huge labyrinth surrounded by lava flow from a nearby volcano. The dwarfs continue to mine despite the dangers as they locate Dreamstone ore, tools made of the ore used by the wizard to construct his staff were left deep in the mines inside a hidden workshop, a skilled blacksmith with the tools could easily craft and enchant the most powerful weapons and armour, such is the power of the ore.
Your objectives are as follows
1. Secure passage into the mine through the Diamond Cerberus Guild. The mining and blacksmith guild have the only known access point guarded by three of their best miners who will lead you into the mines for a fee.
2. Defeat the Guardian Salamander. The lower chambers are fiercely guarded by a large salamander beast known as the Slazzle, it is very territorial and has an army of lesser Salamanders to do it's bidding.
3. Locate the Dreamstone tools. Once acquired these tools can only be used by a high rank Blacksmith.

Life Signs of Activity

I didn't ever expect to come back to this world but here I am, rising like a Phoenix from the ashes to write again, I spent a long time away for mostly personal reasons but I want to give this one last shot using what I learned from trying to survive the pandemic and just in time for OC October.
Wish me luck.