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Harem Shenanigans:-Prologue

Zephyr is a Prince; he was originally exiled but has since come back into society in pursuit of a partner, it is part of his culture and he can choose any partner he wants, male or female.
He has a team which he works closely with, made up of other would be outcasts which include.
Delta McIntosh: A computer expert who abandoned the British Bounty Hunters Guild due to corruption, found her way onto Zephyr's team by a chance meeting in a London Cafe.
Wolx Baumgartner: An Austrian handyman with a love for reading, very well built and has a solution for everything, although he has no interest in love it's clear that he prefers male company over female despite attracting women without even trying.
Shoko Hijiri: An Engineer from Japan who is part of a very famous family.
Adrian Vinales: Better known by his nickname Maverick, a wisecracker who met Zephyr at a major Soccer match.
Cisqua Juarez: A former metal worker turned Bounty Hunter, she's taken out her fair share of bounties, she makes guns in her spare time and actually has a medics license.
Along with childhood friend Cesar Garcia, Zephyr will need all the help he can get to choose the right partner.
Zephyr: Do I really have to choose a partner?
Cesar: Your culture more or less sets you up for it, you met some nice girls along the way, got at least thirteen, three of which you already know really well.
Maverick: All set up for a Harem Anime.
Zephyr: This is going to be a long ride.
Wolx: Let the audience decide, they have a good eye.
Maverick: These girls should come with plenty of personality so choose wisely.
Zephyr: Although knowing a bunch of Otaku they'll put me with Wolx.
Maverick: Not like you mind.
Zephyr: I don't but Wolx isn't exactly interested in partnership.
Wolx: Nope, just reading.
Maverick: Give the audience some credit, next chapter will debut the choices.

G-Chan's Canada Adventure Part 4.3 - Canada Food Guide Part 3

Welcome to the Canada logs, a lighthearted review of my recent vacation to Canada, this piece of writing will serve as a handy guide to some of the places I visited on my travels as well as some experiences I'd like to share with you.

Back to the food reviews as we look at some all you can eat places.

Tucker's Marketplace
An interesting blend of international foods gathered into one buffet, from this reviewers opinion it doesn't really do anything different to other buffet style restaurants but what it offers is very nice and should suit anyone's palette, it's especially good if the surrounding area is doing a major event.

Ginza's Sushi
All you can eat sushi is such a rarity in the UK that the experience offered by Ginza was a novelty to behold, the options were vast and welcome, but compared to other sushi places, doesn't offer anymore or any less than other places, not to say it's bad but it didn't wow me.

Chako Korean BBQ
I love Korean BBQ and Chako was no exception, the amount of meat you can consume is endless but I wouldn't recommend going all out especially in a group as it's very easy to get carried away and order too much, this reviewer has never felt so full.

Yang's Teppanyaki
It's always nice to have fun eating especially when the chef joins in on the fun and that's what you get at Yang's Teppanyaki, while it is pricey, what you get is a fun experience as the chef's show their best skills and do a few tricks along the way.

Braza Steakhouse
Finally onto the Brazilian Steakhouse, a mecca for meat, again pricey but only if you buy alcohol, this reviewer recommends water as the amount of meat you consume shouldn't really be spoiled by alcohol, the salad bar is extensive, the selection of meat is incredible and the extra tax is extortionate, but that's Niagara for you.

There will be one more list of eating places before we move onto a review of Wonderland, til next time.

G-Chan's Canada Adventure Part 4.2 - Canada Food Guide Part 2

Welcome to the Canada logs, a lighthearted review of my recent vacation to Canada, this piece of writing will serve as a handy guide to some of the places I visited on my travels as well as some experiences I'd like to share with you.

So following on from the previous food establishments here are some Italian places to sample.

East Side Marios
A fun establishment that can really fill you up, the portions are huge and very challenging to eat but alongside your order is a variety of cocktails to cleanse the palette. Our British equivalent is Frankie & Bennys which offers a similar experience with less of the huge amounts.

Little Caesars
Bland and disappointing, Dominos Pizza is better than anything Little Caesars can come up with, there are much better pizza takeout places on the market, I'd avoid it. We have one branch in the UK somewhere in the twisted urban jungle of London.

Boston Pizza
A nice establishment with a feel of a sports and entertainment bar, I found the food to be reasonable and a good place to take a family. No equivalent in the UK unless you count Bowling Alleys with attached food serving.

Ciao Roma Inc
I love independent Italian Restaurants and Cafes and Ciao Roma is no exception, a rich feel of Italy makes you feel like you've returned to the old country and Momma has made your favorite pizza.

All these places have provided a unique experience even if Caesars was bland, next time we go higher in the market and tackle the Teppanyakis.

G-Chan's Canada Adventure Part 4.1 - Canada Food Guide Part 1

Welcome to the Canada logs, a lighthearted review of my recent vacation to Canada, this piece of writing will serve as a handy guide to some of the places I visited on my travels as well as some experiences I'd like to share with you.

This time it's food, food and more food!

Now there are a lot of places I visited on my Canadian Adventure so going through them all will take a few parts so I will be reviewing three places at a time, sometimes more if I write less for some places than others. So to start with my three reviews today are Tim Hortons, Teriyaki and A&W.

Tim Hortons
As a harsh critic of coffee, I knew I needed to be convinced by the Coffee Shop World's equivalent of McDonalds on the Spectrum, and while convenience and price is a damn sight better than the coffee shops back home, the actual coffee I drank is really, really weak. Unless you enjoy drinking burnt water I recommend drinking the strongest they have or try an independent coffee place. Food is okay but there are better options available. Do I want to see Tim Hortons in the UK? Well they have a deal with a small number of convenience stores to sell their coffee but I'd rather not see another coffee chain next to an already full market, it's bad enough that Second Cup appeared in Birmingham we really don't need more.

Better known by it's full title Teriyaki Experience, it's the first Japanese Fast Food restaurant I ever tried, it does give me a feel of the Street Food served back home and even some of the Teriyaki I cook so eating there was a pleasure. I never found it overly special but it certainly feels good not to pay over the odds for some decent Teriyaki food, I recommend Teriyaki for being a fast food option that isn't burgers. I definitely want to see this chain in the UK to add some variety to a country slowly being taken over by Five Guys, my closest Teriyaki is Italy.

I'm surprised A&W isn't more available world wide but Europe were quick to deny Root Beer entry into it's region due to some stupid rules with ingredients; as a fast food restaurant it has some fun perks with the family burger range, freedom of cajun fries seasoning and frothy mugs of Root Beer, what's not to like? At this time I'm only really appreciating A&W because compared to Burger King and McDonalds, it felt really different and new but to be honest apart from the Root Beer it's on the same par as all the others in terms of quality. I want it in the UK if only to bring back Root Beer instead of me having to pay tons of money to get an imported can from an American Candy Shop.

There will be more tomorrow as I look at Italian Places.

G-Chan's Canada Adventure Part 3 - The Wonders of North American Arcades

Welcome to the Canada logs, a lighthearted review of my recent vacation to Canada, this piece of writing will serve as a handy guide to some of the places I visited on my travels as well as some experiences I'd like to share with you.

Now it's Arcade time!

Over in Canada you can choose from many destinations to enjoy your arcade needs, starting with Clifton Hill in Niagara where many of the arcades share a lot of similarities to UK Arcades but uses a handy token system rather than your standard quarter based system, this traveller recommends the Cilfton Hill pass that gives you free tokens along with access to many of the attractions mentioned in the last episode, this also includes arcades attached to eating places such as Boston Pizza, more on food places next episode.
On the other side of the coin are Playdium and Dave & Busters, now you may be asking what the best area is, well Playdium offers more tokens for a reasonable price, has additional attractions in the form of Go-Karts, Batting Cages and Mini Golf, there's also a better chance of winning a big prize as this traveller found out when my lovely partner hit the jackpot with the tickets; you'll be pleased to know that the old style paper tickets have been replaced with handy credit cards that not only hold your ticket numbers but your credits for playing the games, please try a few times if it looks like the card doesn't work, they are very sensitive.
Dave & Busters does have just as much to offer, the area offers private function rooms in addition to it's standard facilities for the mature adult, along with a sports bar with a bigger selection of food, it also offers more up to date games as I sampled the latest arcade technology.
Now for fun lets review the top ten Arcade Moments from the trip.
10. Topping the Leaderboards on H2Overdrive
An updated version of my favorite arcade racer, this traveller thrashed the hardest difficulties.
9. Mario Kart Arcade Battle
I did lose this battle but this traveller enjoyed playing Mario Kart Arcade.
8. Touch Screen Sword Fighting
I can't remember what the game was called but one intriguing fighting game I played used touch screen for sword fighting, something Soul Calibur can learn from.
Quickly becoming my favorite arcade title, Tanks Tanks Tanks gave me the closest battle I've had with my lovely partner, we are both very competitive.
6. Winning Big on the Tickets
As mentioned earlier, between us we averaged 3000 tickets per arcade, Weston-Super-Mare you're next!
5. 4D Coaster Riding
The wonders of technology gave us a ride on a Western Dynamite Coaster with force feedback sound effects, lots of explosions, check your local arcades for other simulators.
4. Air Hockey is Painful
A reminder of how intense a game of Air Hockey can get, remember to keep the puck on the table, this is not dodge puck, but also remember not to place any part of your hand onto the Air Rink as this traveller found out the hard way, it really ****ing hurts!
3. First Person Shooter Ghost Train
A fun new innovation is combining the fun of Laser Tag with Fairground Rides and the Ghost Train in Niagara was no exception, when we get to the Wonderland episode I shall expand on this new technology further.
2. Dance Dance Revolution
I suck at Dance Dance Revolution so winning a dual made up for a lot of embarrassing moments on the Dance Pads over the years.
1. Table Stick Hockey
Table Stick Hockey offered one of my fondest memories as a young child having played a table on holiday in Majorca Spain, it was the most amazing machine I ever played. Playing it again brought back fond memories and gave me some new ones knowing that I not only won several times but won in Canada, the land of Ice Hockey.

So that was my Arcade Experience, tune in next time for a comprehensive guide on food.