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Amy Virgo in Itasha Land: Chapter 2 - A Teeny Tiny Glass of Water

Well I'm back and in the land of Itasha, a world where racing on high mountains is the norm and over dramatic facial expressions are customary; I watched intensely as Toshio setup his Mitsubishi, noticing that he has a cup holder with a glass of water in. Okay so why does a racing driver need to have a drink in his car for a 10 minute run on the mountain pass?
I have to say Toshio was a dream to watch, his driving was like dancing, smooth and elegant, I don't think I can drive that way, brother always says my driving is random; now it's my turn and Elise setup the same glass of water used in Toshio's car and explained the significance of it.
"Okay Amy, you need to drift around all those corners without spilling the water"
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! You expect me, someone who barely drives in a straight line to not spill water on a mountain drift course?
"I didn't even give you a full glass, buck up sister, you've got driving to do"
I hate you Elise. Well here goes, the engine still startles me though but I wasted no time in getting things together, I was surprised by my driving though, I somehow managed to not only keep it straight but I got round the corners no problem, but when I attempted a drift I not only messed up but got covered in water.
"The water's not meant to spill"
Thank you Captain Obvious, I don't see why I need water in the car in the first place, I'm hardly going to drink it.
"The cup holder is in the center of the panel, it's the central point of gravity so in theory when you drift the water shouldn't spill as it's not meant to be moving while the action is taking place"
Translate that for me?
"Don't spill the water while drifting"
Fifteen attempts later I only managed one attempt with a few drops left so at least I'm making progress but I look like I've been on the Log Ride at Disney Land. I realize this is a short chapter but I'm a bit too wet to continue today, tomorrow's the first round I hope I accomplish something otherwise the visit into this world will be very quick.

Amy Virgo in Itasha Land: Chapter 1 - The Fresh Taste of Morning Oil

Since having a Driving License would make my life that much easier I instinctively put on the Driving Gloves expecting to enter the world straight away but nothing.
"So do I go outside, do I do something with a car?" I said with a puzzled look.
Okay lets try looking at my brother's car; my brother kept a beat up 70s Camaro in the garage, he always said he wanted to fix it but never did, so I entered the car and started it up but the engine sound was so loud I screamed and shut my eyes.
"Amy! Amy! Pay attention!"
And before I knew it I opened my eyes and found myself in a proper garage with some girl mechanics.
"Honestly Amy, you shouldn't keep snoozing on the job, this Subaru ain't going to fix itself you know"
This girl along with the other three reminded me of some of my friends, in fact I'll go as far as saying they are my friends. The one scolding me is obviously Elise, only she could take charge of this sort of operation; the two girls working on the wheels are actually twins, they are Cereza and Selena, although Cereza needs glasses and Selena doesn't; finally the last girl under the engine is Momoko, who isn't hard to miss as her boobs are enormous.
"Listen Amy, this is our first time in Itasha fest and we've got some juggernauts to race against, your male teammate is Toshio Sugoi and his family are sponsoring us, he'll be driving the Mitsubishi Evo 10, any questions?"
My only response was. "How do you drive this thing?" but knowing that Elise had a nasty temper I just said "no further questions"
"Good, you'll start practice in five minutes, the mountain awaits" Elise said so enthusiastically.
Now I'm screwed, the only cars I've ever driven were Grandma's beat up Honda Civic and Momoko's Ford Raptor, the latter nearly killed me, so how on earth do I drive a Subaru Impreza up a mountain pass?
"Elise I don't think she's ever driven this car before, better let Toshio go first, at least his Mitsubishi shares some similarities" Momoko advised.
Thank you Momoko, you always know when to save me. You know I do wonder who Toshio is? Is he Mr Sugoi's son? I mean he helped me in Pokemon Land, what can I expect to see here? In the meantime lets take a body check while I change into my street clothes. Well I don't see a lot of changes, my hair is longer, I still wear glasses in this world, no further body changes, and I was hoping for something good; my choice of fashion on the other hand, made me blush a little, some of these clothes are a bit revealing, one of which was a Race Queen outfit, well I hope I don't have to wear it. Now lets see what this Toshio can do.

Amy Virgo in Anime Land: Prologue 2 - The Path to a New World

Having done the bulk or my bread deliveries I noticed that Mr Sugoi was the last order, convenient as I had a bone to pick with the happy salesman.

Mr Sugoi: Welcome back my friend!

Amy: Your crazy Pokeball dragged me into a different world!

Mr Sugoi: I see you enjoyed it.

Amy: No I didn't, I just wanted to get out, I'm only back here because all my Pokemon fainted.

Mr Sugoi: Then you haven't completed the challenge yet, you need to embrace the world you enter, the products I sell are for you to improve your dreary life.

Amy: Where do you get off telling me my life is crap?

Mr Sugoi: When you first entered my store you had an expression on your face that told me your life was not what you wanted. You accepted my free gift of a plushie and a Pokeball because you felt that at the very least I made you feel noticed. Give some more of my products a try and see if you feel any better. I'll even let you try them for free since you make such fine bread to deliver to me and if you really don't like them I'll pay you for testing them.

He made it sound too good to refuse and stupidly I accepted his offer.

Mr Sugoi: I'll offer four products for you to try, the Dragonball handheld light and the Itasha Driving Gloves, feel free to choose two more.

Not sure if it was my inner self expecting something major but I instinctively picked up swimming goggles and a princess tiara.

Mr Sugoi: Those are good choices, come back soon my friend.

I sighed at the thought that I just ended up with more stuff from this crazy store, I wasted no time in returning home and finishing my work shift.

Amy's Mother: Wow that's the fastest delivery you've ever made and you don't even look tired, someone's been working out.

Wait what? I checked the clock and it was only 2pm, it normally takes me until 3pm to deliver the bread. Come to think of it, I'm not entirely sure how much time I spent in the Pokemon World but since I spent most of my time walking or riding a bike it would make sense that I would become fitter. Is this what Mr Sugoi meant by improving my life? I don't feel many physical changes just increased stamina, so what would happen if I entered a different world or complete the Pokemon one? Well I didn't have to wait long, my mother let me finish early so I went up to my room and examined the items in front of me.

Amy: So where do I go? The Pokeball will let me continue where I left off; this Dragonball light would probably take me to some action world if it's anything like the show my brother watches; the gloves, well I need a driving license that might be really helpful; not sure what I was thinking with the goggles, maybe I'll end up in mermaid land or something and I don't even want to imagine what would happen with this tiara. What should I do?

And yes I'll break the Fourth Wall and ask, where should I go viewers?

Amy Virgo in Pokemon Land: Chapter 7 - The Crisis at Meteor Falls

Too hot! The trek to Fallarbor Town was even hotter than I imagined, I continued to strap Amaura to my body while I took with me Genzo, Sparkles, Mickey, Twinkle and Lucario; I crossed deserts and ash covered forests. My brother says that Meteor Falls was a home to Dragon Types so I should in theory get way stronger, so I made my way there to explore, it was quite a beautiful place filled with crystals formed through many years of eruptions thanks to the nearby volcano.
Unfortunately my nice view was blocked by a powerful looking wild Pokemon, the best way to describe it is an alien with twisty tentacle arms and he wasn't up for being nice.
Since Amaura was already out his Pokeball I sent him out first but in a few seconds alien Pokemon dispatched him with a Psychic attack.
I tried Sparkles next who also got thrown away with a psychic attack, now I had to get serious, I sent out Genzo to Leaf Storm him and while he showed some obvious damage, Genzo was taken down by a Hyper Beam, this gave me an opening to send out Mickey who used a Surf attack on him but he just teleported behind Mickey and used some ghost attack on him which caused him to faint.
Twinkle who had evolved into Kirlia was not battle ready, I only took her with me for moral support since her dancing was meant to ease my stress so I unleashed Lucario who fared so much better using a combo of Shadow Claw and Aura Sphere attacks.
I felt it was weakened enough for capture so I made an attempt with a Pokeball but to no avail, this also seemed to piss him off as he wiped out Lucario with a Psycho Boost blast. Now I was scared, he was looking at me with murderous intent, I feared for my life until Twinkle came out to defend me, I told Twinkle to run but instead she evolved into a Gardevoir.
"Fear not my dear trainer, I shall help you escape" she spoke with a soft voice telepathically.
And true to her word she used teleport on me but I didn't end up back at a Pokemon center, I ended up back in my room in the real world.
I scrambled to find my glasses as my poor eye sight returned and confirmed that I had indeed returned home, I looked closely at the Pokeball I got from that Super Sugoi store and found out that what I had was a custom made 3DS with Pokemon Omega Ruby in and the screen had my player character returned to the Pokemon center. A small message said I saved the game so I closed the Pokeball console and just tried to get to grips of the experience I just had, unfortunately my mother called me down for Bread Deliveries so I'll have to confront Mr Sugoi later.

Amy Virgo in Pokemon Land: Chapter 6 - Trekking Through the Jagged Pass

Captain's log, star date 33hrs 15mins, I came to an agreement with Sparkles that I would take him to the Power Plant to play in exchange for going into storage, and to make sure I was telling the truth I let Genzo have a break as well, especially after beating Wattson in Mauville, my next challenge is Flannery in Lavaridge Town a Fire Pokemon specialist which Genzo and Sparkles are weak against, unfortunately to get to Lavaridge I need to scale an active Volcano as well as enter the fiery depths of it and descend down a dangerous mountain path. With that in mind my team are as follows: Mickey the Azumarill, Minx the Sandile, Sandy the Sandshrew, Kaspar the Tirtouga, Amaura and a new Pokemon I picked up to replace the Little Shop of Horrors parody, called a Hitmonchan but since that's a huge mouthful I named him Koenig, after this really amazing German guy who won the heavy weight boxing title.
I wouldn't normally take Amaura to a Fire Gym since he's an Ice Type but he's so cold on his body I literally tied him to my body while walking through the Fiery Path to the Volcano. I got a little freaked out by the Lava Slugs but I managed to make the summit, now the tricky part was getting down Jagged Pass. I am really not cut out for sport, even if my body is better built in this world it doesn't automatically give me mountain climbing powers and the wild Pokemon on this route were brutal, I ran into trouble near the end but Sandy evolved into a Sandslash and carved a smooth path for me with her new spines. With Sandy evolved I took down Flannery easy with a combination of Sandy and Mickey, my next Gym is back in Petalburg. I was going to take the easy way but my brother said if I wanted to train my Pokemon better I should travel to Fallarbor Town and take the path through Meteor Falls back through Rustboro and back into Petalburg through the forest where I caught my Bug Types.
But before that, I decided to rest in the Hot Springs, which was soooooo relaxing, I think I'll be a while before I decide to get going again, peace out.