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Infinity World - Ramos Di Castello

My name is Ramos Di Castello.
I am 54 years old and I am a retired politician from Madrid in Spain.
I know what you're thinking, 54 is a bit young to retire, I'm at my prime aren't I? The truth is I took early retirement to continue focus on writing and my first love of gardening. I found the politics of this country too restrictive, it often pained me to see abandoned places despite the buildings being newly built. It felt like I was living in a horror story, ghost towns everywhere I go. It was better not to try and challenge a government that doesn't listen so when I made enough money for comfortable living I retired.
When I started writing, I chose to write about the experiences of my youth alongside three special people. The editor was keen to process my stories and before I knew it I made enough money to retire early from politics.
A year ago I attracted the biggest name in publishing, I became an Infinity World writer.
And now my dear viewers of this humble blog, I wish to share the stories of my youth in my story: "Cuerdas de la Guitarra de Fuego" (Guitar Strings of Fire)
Note: Don't worry I'm not writing this in Spanish.

Infinity World - Prologue

An act of genius happens when an individual discovers or creates something so unique that the whole world wants to see it; my contribution is Infinity World.

A collection of stories where anything is possible, the only rule is that the two main characters are one male and one female.
It doesn't matter what their real names are, or what features they are supposed to have, or whether or not they should be siblings or lovers, or even what story they are in, as long as the two leads are a male and a female, each artist will be given freedom.
I have already acquired the talents of four artists I nickname the Grand Masters, perhaps you'd like to meet them? Perhaps you'd like to know what other things they write? Infinity World offers the chance to see each artist's other works as well as they're take on Infinity World.

Show me what you can do, artists of the world!

Victory Script is Back!

After a long hiatus, Victory Script will return with a brand new story called Infinity World.

This story is about a group of comic artists competing for the right to join Infinity World, an internationally acclaimed magazine for all Graphic Novelists.
The honor of entering the magazine as well as helping with the Infinity Boy & Girl superhero manga is on the line as artists from all genres and nations converge on an unnamed Pacific Island to showcase their talents in front of the Grand Masters.

A prologue as well as back stories will be released in the coming days.

Auditions for the Fantasy Zone

My name is Meline Beckett, I was originally the secretary to the second strongest man although recently he's been knocked back to third strongest so I quit and Giro has now given me a new job in running the new TV station.
One thing I will guarantee is that some of the selections will be crazy.

*Auditions Begin*

Meline: So what are your specialties, Miss Sunny Xie?

Sunny: I've got a ship.

Meline: You can do the Travel Guide.

Sunny: Can I take my sister?

Meline: I suppose, keep her smoking to a minimum though.


Akari: Why can't I do a Medical show?

Meline: Too many spoilers according to the big boss. I've got you down for a show about animals alongside Ilya Freewind.

Akari: But Kiyoshi doesn't get on with Ilya's Wolf Pack.


Shriners: Can't I do a cooking show?

Meline: SWEET JESUS NO!! I mean, I already got Dawn Physalis & Richeri Nau doing that. I do have an opening with Marsha to cover the Death Battle section.


Meline: I have a show lined up to cover Weapons, Mecha and Powers. I need a team of four to do this so I want Lacus, Trinity, Suzuka & Rin.

Sammy: Brave choices, especially with Suzuka, she hates everyone.

Meline: We'll do a character guide for her later.


Meline: Finally I've got a fashion segment with your name on it Mimi.

Mimi: YEAH!!!!

Meline: I've asked Valerie to join you.

Mimi: YEAH!!!!

Meline: Are you just going to say YEAH!?

Mimi: No I don't say YEAH!? I say YEAH!!!!

Meline: Point taken.


Meline: So what do you think Giro?

Giro: All the presenters are female.

Meline: Not true I got Wallace to do the weather.

Giro: Seriously?

Meline: Hey blame the creator for not creating enough decent Male characters.

The Watchful Eyes of the Light

I've been watching Goldena since my death all those years ago. My name is Azura; I am Goldena's light side. Like Vice I had my own form but I sacrificed myself to take out the former Gaia returning me to my Gem form.
After being passed down to Sunny, I remained as a protector for her until she returned me to Goldena in this era.

Azura: *Watching in spirit form from the light gem as the child form Goldena follows a path of Jelly Beans back to Ouka*

Ouka: *Leads Goldena into the machine* Were ready now.

Goldena: Get me out of here I want more Jelly Beans!

Ouka: *Switches on the machine*

Goldena: *Grows to the age of 22 and reforms into a new avatar body*

Azura: *Smiles*

Goldena: You could at least warn me before you do that. *bigger bust*

Courtney: *Body is already done* *Nose bleeds* You look nice, very nice.

Goldena: Thanks so do you. (Strange girl)

Ouka: We've arranged a training program to deal with any complications, for now enjoy the Lanceburg Ball.

Goldena: I'll go see Leonore, see if she's okay.

*Back with Azura narrating*

This was always a familiar scene back in the old days, Goldena was always dedicated to helping everyone, even those she never knew that well. Leonore was similar to a girl named Ricel who was blind and somehow Goldena managed to encourage her to see again. As I watched her help Leonore prepare for the ball I saw the old Goldena at her best. She turned Leonore into a princess and with overwhelming emotions, Leonore talked for the first time on her own without help, I couldn't help but cry. But then Goldena became sad, after sending Leonore to the ball she didn't want to follow. I know who she wants to see again.

Azura: *Appears in front of Goldena*

Goldena: What Azura? What are you doing here and where did you come from?

Azura: I am your light side as Vice is your dark side.

Goldena: I don't understand.

Azura: I guess you don't have many memories open yet.

Goldena: So why are you here?

Azura: I saw your kindness towards that girl Leonore, I was very touched.

Goldena: It's kinda my fault she lost her voice in the first place.

Azura: But still you should be rewarded *Joins her hand with a male hand* At some point we will meet again and I'll return to your body, for now enjoy the ball. *Disappears*

Alex: Ready to go my Goddess?

Goldena: *Gets teary eyed* Yes my dear Sun God.

*Back to narrator*

It made me feel happy again, watching Goldena & Alex dance until the early hours of next morning, it was so romantic that Goldena just fell asleep in her husband Alex's strong arms once she became too tired to continue. As I watched on, another girl's heart was awoken.

Amu: *Approaching Giro* Your name is Giro right?

Giro: It is. *Bag of money appears next to him*

Amu: Find me Tsukiko Moonlight.