Bwahaha i have caught you! Now you have no choice but to read my posts!
Or you could just exit out... *small sobs*

Techno Twins (at&t commercial)

god, i love the techno twins. i mean the whole thing is just perfect. So i found out that their names were slad and vider. The danceing one's real name is leo and hes a musician from brooklyn. No one knows about the other one.
and i havent posted in like forever so ill probally start coming on here more

Why does everything need a title?

Okay, so i got taged... really bizzare. And now im forced to say 10 facts about myself?? yeah.. so, yeah...

Yeah.. nvm im not doing this


I have a weird math teacher this year... ive always had weird math teacher but this guy is the weirdest.. and belive it or not hes the best teacher ive ever had..... Hes a bit on the odd side, always does this creepy eye thing, and always has a bizzare answer for all questions. heres a picture of him. (i stole it from his myspace)