Line Art: Michka and Zack

Hm... I think I vaguely remember these characters... Oh, it's ZACK AND MICHKA! It's been so long since I've seen them that I thought they died or something!

;u; Hello everyone. I had some time after my government test today that I decided to try sketching something random off the top of my head. I ended up liking it, and spent my study hall and lunch inking it. Took about 3 hours total.

DID YOU KNOW THAT IT'S BEEN A WHOLE YEAR SINCE I'VE INKED A PICTURE OF MICHKA AND/OR ZACK...? Or more than that, even. My most recent picture of them was inked in April, 2011. :D; Yeah. orz Feel free to blame Stefan and Gabe, because this is obviously their fault.

I actually QUITE LIKE THE COUPLE OF ZACK AND MICHKA... I'm sure this is obvious, but I like pairing opposites together. :D; Zack and Michka, Gabe and Stefan, Tomato and TB, Tim and Rick, Eagle and Kor... that's a pretty big chunk of the pairings of my characters. Well, except the My Dear Princess and Dreams characters.
Dare and Loyal aren't opposites exactly (I think they share a similar line of reasoning actually), but they're also not one of my favorite couples of mine... >3>

BUT ANYWAYS YET AGAIN, the line art. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. :D Especially Michka. Zack looks a little funky on some parts, but he's Zack and always gives me issues. >3>; The text in the back is messed up in some places too, but OH WELL.
By the way, Michka has a transparent guitar. 8D They totally exist! But they don't exactly look like how I drew it. >3>

Feel free to color this if you want, for some reason! :M I have a transparent PNG version on my dA that I could send upon your request. Just make sure you credit me for the line art.
I hope to color this soon, because I haven't colored anything traditionally in a while. Well, I've used markers... but I haven't used my colored pencils on a full pic in forever. ;u;

Yep. The end. Thanks as always for reading!