More Random Stuff. :V

Yay... .u.;;; I'll draw something for real eventually. xD;;

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Here's the song that the lyrics are from. :V I ONLY LIKE DREAMING ALL THE DAY LONG... I remembered that this song existed last year.
This song partially reminds me of Stefan because he got a lot of pressure from his parents growing up to be proper and to study hard. That's pretty much why he's so straight-laced.

While we're on the topic of Stefan, he's a shirtless picture of him!

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I drew this for a friend who wanted some advice on drawing men with thin frames. IDK IF THIS IS REALLY HELPFUL AT ALL, BUT... I figured I'd show you guys anyways. xD

And here's a random picture of Vevila I drew yesterday.

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She's talking about the song Man eater by Hall and Oates. BECAUSE SHE'S A MAN EATER... HAHA... Hilarious, Akioh. -u- (idk)
I'm really terrible about keeping up with the MCC... """"orz GUYS, I CAN'T RP WELL...

...and that's all I have for you today. 8D; Thanks for viewing!