Character Development Meme: Stefan

These things are probably the most boring things to you guys... but they're really fun for me. xD

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I think Stefan's personality is still pretty similar to how he was when I first created him. The biggest difference is just the way I draw his clothes. (Yeah, I have no idea what's up with that outfit on the left.... >3>;) It's kind of weird to think that I learned how to draw suits just this summer. I think I've got the hang of drawing them these days.

As I mentioned in this thingie here, Stefan's personality kind of changed because I learned how to draw suits... xD;;

Another thing that's changed about him is his views on romance. In a meme/quiz I did with Stefan some time ago, one of his answers was "I wish I was a model... and I wish I had a lover. ;A;" I doubt he would say that last part out loud, these days. xD; Stefan's turned into the kind of person who prides himself in deliberately pushing romance out of his lifestyle, and often goes as far as to say there's no such thing as love. I've known people like this, who say they don't believe in love and that what people think is love is actually infatuation/superficial attraction. It's a pretty pragmatic approach to romance, so I'd say it's a fitting view for Stefan. :m

I'd say more stuff, but I have to go to school. orz Thanks for viewing! c: