Random Stefan Talk

I'm not sure this'll be interesting to you guys, but oh well. xD;

Just now, I've noticed a recent change in Stefan's speech patterns.
I was reading a comic I wrote last year and was kind of PERTURBED by Stefan's dialogue. Well, not perturbed. More like confused. BUT I TOOK THE S.A.T. TODAY, SO... Actually, I hated the vocabulary section. I'M SO BAD WITH VOCAB! ;0;
Anyways, Stefan's dialogue was really weird! o___o In the comic, I mean. Let me list two strangeo-mabobs...

1) HE'S CALLING GABE "GABE"! THIS IS REALLY WEIRD! Stefan never calls him Gabe... well, almost never. Stef almost always calls him "Gabriel", for whatever reason. (In general, he does this with everyone. He calls Jo "Janet", and Danny "Daniel"... No real reason for it, but it's what he does. It's possibly an attempt to distance himself from other people by not using nicknames... or he just likes talking in lots of syllables. |D)
Sometimes Stefan will call Gabe "Gabe", but that's pretty much only when he's exceptionally drunk, or has a lot of words coming out of his mouth making "Gabe" roll off the tongue easier. (The latter isn't really easy to portray in comics. xD) Although Stefan is drunk in that old comic, I don't think I had him intentionally call Gabe by his nickname. Even when he's drunk, Stef is more likely to use the name "Gabriel" over "Gabe".
/a lot of talk about NOTHING.

2) WEIRDO SLANG...! Look at this! "Sucked", "cut the act"... Actually, "cut the act" isn't that bad. I'll let it slide. BUT "SUCKED"...! I can't even imagine him saying that... xD It's not a bad word or anything (because Stefan's not opposed to swearing), it's just... a weird slang term that I can't imagine in his mouth. It's like him saying "that's wicked" or... idk. xD;;

Basically, his speech seems more casual than it is now. I think it miiight be because of this.
THAT'S RIGHT. Learning how to draw suits has made Stefan more up-tight. xD;;; Actually, that's partially why I had never bothered to learn how to draw suits after I designed Stefan... because then I would want to draw ties, and then Stef would look more official, and then he'd become more up-tight! 8D; Haha. He used to be more ostentatious with his gestures. I think it was because he used to look kind of showoff-y for always having his shirt partially unbuttoned. (?)
But maybe it's my imagination. xD I think Stefan's just gradually become more of a prude over time. :M;; But he's fun.

By the way, I wonder if any of you noticed that some time this year I started drawing Stefan's hair differently?

...okay, so it's not that much of a difference. But it made drawing him a lot easier! 8D; I initially didn't want to change the way i drew his hair (like how I didn't want to learn to draw suits)... mostly because of stubbornness, but also because it kind of makes him look younger or something. I-I DRAW MY CHARACTERS TOO CUTESY... Somehow, separating the bangs from the rest of the hair = cutesy. Idk.

Um. Yeah, thanks for reading! xD; I wonder if any of you actually find it fun to read me talking to myself about my characters. But I do like comparing them with how they were and how they are now. :D