30 Day Character Meme: Gabe

Over the last month, I've been doing this 30-day character meme with Gabe. :V Now that it's finished, I guess I'll post it here! Why not.
It's kind of ridiculously long, and kind of random... but whatever. xD
ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF ON THE TOPIC OF GABRIEL. Find out what he smells like. It's in there. It also has references to random things I posted on dA that I didn't post here. (I posted them on dA because they're written, and... idk. I get embarrassed posting written stuff here. xD)

Also, I'm too lazy to bold the questions right now... ;u; I'll at least bold the days.

Day 1:
Basics and cosmetic:

Age? He's 28 years old in the current time of OFAV. He does have some background, though. I wrote that little thing in my gallery about when he was in high school ([CLICK]). And other stuff.
Date of Birth? I deliberately gave him no birthday, because I don't want the characters in OFAV to age past their current... age.
Hair color? Naturally brown, dyed blonde at the tips.
Eye color? Medium-brown.
Skin color/nationality? He's American with probably European roots. His skin color is tanned caucasian. (Like, a white guy with a tan...? If that makes sense?)
Accent (if any)? Hm... Well he has an American accent? Which I don't hear 'cause I'm American.
Height? I have written in his profile "6'1 to 6'3-ish"... what? xD I always imagine him to be only an inch or two taller than Stefan, who's 6 foot, so he's somewhere around 6'1.
Weight? Hm... Haven't thought about this one. TO GOOGLE! ... It says the ideal weight for a boy at 6'1 is 166-202 lbs. Let's go with 175 lbs.
Tattoos? He has a tattoo of this fire-snake-thing (??) on his chest, and a random black design (???) on his left arm. They make no sense in writing.
Piercings? Two on each eyebrow, a piercing just under his lip, 4 on his left ear, and 3 on his right ear (though I sometimes slip up and draw 4).
Birthmarks? None that I've given him. :U (whatever that's supposed to mean...)
Disfigurements? None.
Scars? None.
Do they have any nicknames? Where did they come from? His name's Gabriel, but most people call him Gabe. He suggests the nickname "Gabey-baby" for himself, one time ([CLICK]). He was just trying to be funny/I don't even know. And... yeah. Sometimes his sister Jo calls him "bro" for obvious reasons, but usually she just calls him Gabe.

Day 2:

How do they usually dress? What do they wear to sleep? Do they wear jewelry? a) I'm kind of a failure because I didn't research anything, but when I first made him I really tried to make him go for that punkish look... xD; One of the standard outfits I give him is a grey t-shirt, damaged jeans, and sneakers--along with arm accessories and a dog collar which he always wears. b) He usually sleeps in his underwear. When it's cold, he wears a plain t-shirt along with that. c) Well he has earrings and facial piercings... I guess that's jewelry? And as I mentioned, he always wears this dog collar. Things like arm warmers, spiked arm bands, and rings are also part of his "accessory closet". :m
Is there anything about their appearance they wish they could change? Haha, no. He thinks he's super hot.
How would they look as the opposite sex? HAHA.... let me think. ....Oh, wait this is actually really easy. Female Gabe would probably just look like his sister Jo. But his hair would be brown and blonde instead of pink and blonde. And he'd probably wear more punkish accessories. Yeah.
What do they smell like? Why (do they wear the scent or does it occur naturally)? I once had Stefan describe his scent as "mint mixed with the ocean, with a faint touch of hairspray" (from here: [CLICK]). Obviously, it's not a natural scent because it'd be really weird if a human smelled like minty ocean hairspray. (??) What I got this from is that a lot of guy shampoos and body washes smell pretty much the same. They're usually "ocean scented", but they never actually smell like the ocean. Actually, they smell kind of minty. My dad has this "Irish Spring" body wash in his bathroom, and that's the scent I was envisioning.
The hairspray scent is because 1) he wears hairspray and 2) he's a hairstylist, and is around hairspray a lot.
Basically, he smells like his bath products and his hairspray.
Do they have an accurate mental picture of their appearance (how they see themselves versus how the world sees them)? Um.... No? As mentioned earlier, he thinks of himself as attractive. He also puts himself ahead of other people, so he probably doesn't think of other peoples' perspectives often. He knows his clothes would be considered unprofessional, but he doesn't realize the degree to which people degrade him because of his appearance. To many people he looks like a 28 year old trying to look like a 19 year old; To other people, he looks scary/intimidating (like myself, when I first designed him); People also perceive him as an idiot (Stefan). There's still a variety of people who perceive him as handsome, though (Danny, etc).

Day 3: Choose a different time period and describe what your character would have been like in that time period.

WHA... Lame. No Gabe facts, after all. Just Gabe hypothetical situations.
Let's go with Victorian Era Gabe, because everyone likes the Victorian Era.
Hm... I guess he'd be a working class man. Probably still an American living in France... yeah. (Although I'm not sure what was going on in France during the Victorian Era... o3o;) He wouldn't be a hairstylist because they didn't have a job quite like that back then. I think. Well they had barbers... but idk. Hm... Maybe he'd be a shoe maker? Or a tailor? I dunno. xD Anyway, instead of having the tiny beard that he does now, he'd have an entire chin beard. (Such useless information...) And rather than dressing punkish, he'd dress unreasonably sloppy and laid back. Probably like what a drunk guy back then would wear, only he wouldn't be a drunk.
If we're to assume he's still gay (which would make sense; idk why he'd have an orientation change), he probably wouldn't be outspoken about it in the same way that he is now; He wouldn't really be promiscuous, so much as secretly innuendo...ous. (Innuendous. It's a new adjective that I made up just now.) Like, he wouldn't outright flirt with dudes like, "Mornin' chap, you've got yourself a nice stache on you. Care to make a turnabout to my home hitherto, where we can embrace without the disturbance of the all too critical eyes?"
(Good gracious what did I just type. Also, idk why the mustache compliment....)
He wouldn't do that dialogue right there. Instead, he'd probably be married to a girl but not have intimate relations with her; basically, he'd be married just for show. But then he'd be kind of creepy to all his adult male friends by standing too close to them/hugging them too long/touching their thighs when they're sitting in a close vicinity of each other/etc without actually acknowledging that he's flirting.
I probably wouldn't like Victorian Era Gabe that much. Current time Gabe, while he is kind of creepy like that, doesn't really do weird things for a prolonged amount of time if the person shows disinterest. (With the exception of Stefan, for some reason.) And he doesn't really keep secrets.

Day 4:
Favorites and habits:

What are some of your character's hobbies? What do they do with their time? He enjoys watching TV and listening to music. He also likes annoying Stefan and flirting with random guys. FUN LIFE...
Favorite color? Hm... I haven't given him one. He'd probably like something typical, like the color blue. But maybe he'd be a green-liker? Stefan's eyes are greenish, and he likes that color too.
Favorite music artists? Movies or TV shows? Books or authors? Actors? a) I have some dialogue written somewhere where he says some bands he listens to are Slipknot, Alice in Chains, The Offspring, and Disturbed. I don't listen to any of those bands... actually, I don't know any songs by Slipknot. xD But they seemed like typical rock and/or metal bands. :m b) I feel like he'd watch those really weird/annoying shows on MTV and Spike. Like Parental Control, Jersey Shore, that one about begin in a library and doing dares... (???) Idk the name of that last one. c) Whaaaaat? Reading?!?!?!? ....... He doesn't read. d) UMM... I'm really bad with actors. OH WAIT, THAT ONE GUY FROM THE PROPOSAL. UH.... *googles* Ryan Reynolds! Yeah. He seems like the kind of actor that Gabe would be interested in.
Political stance? Are they active in politics or do they not care? Gabe is so completely politically inactive that he almost veers on anarchism.......... but not quite. It's more like he doesn't care at all and just completely ignores politics. When asked about politics, he gets all "I don't need the government telling me what to do!"
Despite this, he's rather law-abiding and keeps legalities in mind when determining the morality of things.
What are some of their pet peeves? One thing he hates the most is when someone tells him what to do. Well, he doesn't care so much if it's like a hairstyling or occupational thing like, "Can you make my bangs a little shorter?" xD Not that kind of thing.
It's more like he doesn't like when people tell him how to live his life. It especially gets on his nerves when Stefan does this, who scolds him a lot on his morals. He considers himself "his own boss" and thinks he has the right to do whatever he wants. (Something I disagree with to an extent, actually.)
That said, when he's corrected on something--though he's likely to complain--he usually gives the other opinion some thought and is decent enough to admit when he's wrong... eventually.
What sort of gifts do they like? Aha uh... Food? xD I haven't thought about this at all. He likes music, so CDs and stuff are enough to satisfy him. And things like DVDs are good in his book, too.
What is their favorite time of day? Favorite weather? Season? a) Probably a given, but his favorite time of day is nighttime. (THAT'S WHEN EVERYTHING EXCITING HAPPENS...!) Bah. b) Sunneh sunneh! 8D Sunny weather. (RAIN SUCKS! MESSES MY HAIR ALL UP!) Bah again. c) Summer, for sure. (HALF-NAKED GUYS AT THE BEACH? HECK YES.) And yet again, bah.
Where do they like to spend their time? Some of his days off he likes to just hang out in his apartment and do absolutely nothing. LAZINESS! Other places he frequents are clubs, malls, and wherever Stefan is.
Favorite food? Favorite drink? Hot drinks, soft drinks, or alcohol? a) UM... Another thing I haven't thought about...! :D; Probably any kind of fast food. WHO CARES ABOUT HEALTH! .u.; b) Um... Coke. Or Pepsi...? OR RC COLA...? Nah, he's probably a Coke guy. /what c) Soft drinks. I can't really picture him drinking hot drinks... except coffee, but he doesn't really drink a lot of coffee, either.
Favorite animal? Probably dogs... :T Boring. He likes cats, too.
Do they have any pets? Do they want any? He doesn't have any. He doesn't want any either... which I guess is good, because he'd probably be bad at taking care of one since he's so lazy.
What relaxes them? Sleeping. IT'S THE TRUTH!
Do they have any bad habits? Well he's stubborn and kind of crude, as well as impulsive. He also has a habit of saying exactly what's on his mind, regardless of how the people around him will judge him for what he says. YEAH! HE'S JUST FILLED WITH BAD HABITS.... ;u;

Day 5: Resources and abilities:

Where did they learn their abilities? Abilities... Well, Gabe's a hairstylist. I imagine him being mostly a self-taught stylist. He may have taken some classes when he moved to New York, which was when he was in his early 20's. He also owns books/etc, but he doesn't read them so much as brief them for tips. Cutting hair is jut something he has a knack for.
Also. Gabe lived in New York. WHAAA...? But he wasn't born there.
If they have an income, where does it come from? Cutting hair! 8D He's Tomato's personal stylist, and a freelance hairstylist for anyone who needs it.
This is totally irrelevent, but in my mind, the incomes of the OFAV crew works like this: Tomato is granted a certain amount for a modelling gig. As Tomato's agent, Stefan gets maybe 10% of his income. Then, ordinarily, Tomato would have to pay the hair stylist and make up artists with part of his pay; but since Gabe, Kasey, Jo, and Dean are his personal hair-and-make-up crew, they just receive a percent of Tomato's income as well. So in order for everyone to get payed, Tomato needs gigs--and the one in charge of booking gigs is Stefan. So really, everyone's income relies on Stefan. :U
That is probably not how it actually works in the real world of modelling.
Do they have a job? Do they like it? How do they feel about their co-workers? a) As stated earlier, Gabe's a hairstylist. :m
b) He likes it well enough, but he just doesn't particularly like working in general. I guess the thing he dislikes the most about having a job is waking up early. (Or really, at like... 8:00. Which isn't that early.) Other than that, he thinks his job is pretty fun because he gets to meet a lot of models and designers and cool things. And Stefan exists.
c) Tomato: He thinks he's a funny guy. Gabe likes talking to him because Tomato's so ditzy. Stefan: He thinks he's hot stuff. (???) Gabe's obviously likes Stefan and is openly pursuing him as a romantic partner. Usually Gabe just thinks his seriousness and peevishness is funny, but sometimes his nagging gets on Gabe's nerves. Tomato's Boyfriend: Considered him a hilarious man of mystery. He calls him weird nicknames like TB, Teebs, Teebinator... Jo: His sister! The two of them get along alright, but sometimes he gets upset at her for being a neat freak. (??) The two of them joke around a lot. Gabe has an array of nicknames for her as well, such as baby sissa, Janet Jackson, and boob woman. (?????????) Kasey: They're both boy-crazy, so they get along fine. -u-b Dean: He teases Dean a lot (even though Dean is heterosexual). He thinks Dean is a nice boy, but also thinks he needs to man up and grow a back bone.

Day 6: Why do they have their resources? How long have they had them, and how have they served the character over time? (Ex. Contacts, money, political power, fame, etc.)

Okay, yeah, I have no idea what this question is trying to ask. D: G-GABE HAS NO RESOURCES...? Maybe looking up the definition of resource will help me with this question. (Yes, I know what the word means, but sometimes this helps me with things. ;u;)
Definition 1) a source of supply, support, or aid, especially one that can be readily drawn upon when needed. Gabe tries to be really independent about everything, and tends not to rely on people... xD;;; He tries to do everything on his own. I guess Stefan could be considered a resource of sorts, because his job is secure so long as Stefan is there to keep him employed under Tomato...? And he has this "resource" because Stefan/Tomato/someone hired Gabe.... UH. For the second part of the question, Stefan has "served" Gabe for 2 years by supplying him with a job.
Def 2 doesn't apply, so Definition 3) Usually, "resources". money, or any property that can be converted into money; assets. He gets his money from his job. BAM. He uses his money to buy food and clothes and hair products. FUN.
And... the rest of the definitions make no sense in this context.

Day 7:

Where does your character live? Gabe lives in Paris, France. After briefing the rest of the questions, I think this question also means what kind of home does he live in... He lives in a decent apartment. On a side note, his sister Jo lives in the same apartment building. The rest of the OFAV cast live in apartments, too... idk why. xD But they're all in a close vicinity to each other.
Why did they choose it, and how did they acquire it? Gabe moved to France 4 years ago the current time in OFAV, after moving out of NYC. He moved to Paris with his sister. I have written that his reasons are he "thought the center of the fashion world would be a good place to pursue being a hairstylist",and 'cause "European guys are friggin' hot".
He acquired his apartment room by being like, HEY, I NEED TO LIVE SOMEWHERE... OH, AN APARTMENT BUILDING! BAM. PAYIN' RENT.
/idk how to answer the last part of that question
How do they handle intruders (graciously? violently?)? ...Does anyone handle intruders graciously?! xDDD Actually, he's pretty lax about people coming into his room, so long as it's someone he knows. Danny comes in all the time uninvited. (Don't do this.) I guess he's pretty lenient because he does the same thing to his friends.
Describe the space. Stefan has a pretty good summary here: "It was small, with only couch, a television set on top of a cabinet, a bed, and a dresser with an array of hair products—which was suitable, considering he was a hairdresser. However, the room looked as if a tornado had blown through it; dirty clothing scattered across the floor, the bed was unmade, and random CDs and videos sat in piles around the television." (from this: [CLICK]) Although, that's a little inaccurate, because I expanded his apartment room a bit. What I had Stefan describe is basically what the "living room" looks like, minus the bed and dresser. Then there's a separate bedroom that has his bed, dresser, and maybe a closet in it. I think connecting to his bedroom is a smallish bathroom. Connecting to the living room is a kitchen area with a table or something (openly connected; no door). The color of the walls is how it is in this picture: [CLICK] and the floor is probably carpeted white or something. Anddddd... yeah.
/unnecessarily long

Day 8:

What are some of your character's more notable merits and flaws (including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.)? Let's seeeeee... since merits is paired with flaws, I'm assuming that merits is meant to mean "good points". I have in his character profile "fairly truthful" and "likes to have fun" (??) as his best qualities... xD A good physical point about him is he's physically strong and would be considered attractive, if you ignore his questionable taste in clothing. (Though to some people, that style's still attractive.) A good emotional point about him is that he doesn't get seriously mad or upset very often.
I feel like I already answered what his flaws were on a different day... but whatever. xD Some of his flaws are he has a bit of an obnoxious personality and doesn't listen to other people. I have a whole list of words under "personality" in his character profile that say he's "jerkish, crude, rude, arrogant, obnoxious, hard-headed"... YAY... He's actually not that much of a jerk anymore, though. Well, maybe to people he doesn't like. His clothing style could be considered a physical flaw, because he would have a hard time getting hired dressing the way he does... but he has a job, somehow. YEAH! And his pervertedness is also a flaw because he focuses too much on his own and other peoples' appearances to think about anything else. Oh, and another flaw is he's naive and not considered very book smart.
How did they develop? Um... well I mostly just listed a bunch of personality traits. xD His personality is the way it is because in high school, that's how his friends acted so he acts the same way. He hasn't really grown up since high school. His physique is on behalf of working out or something, though. :U
His pervertedness is partial-facade and partial-truth, and it started around the time of this: [link] In my mind, Dave (from the story) blackened Gabe's name as the kind of guy who would want to fool around with a bunch of guys, and Gabe figured it would be easier to just go with that image instead of trying to clear his name. And eventually he just became that kind of person out of practice.
(I stole those last two sentences from a comment I sent to my sister, and I didn't feel like re-typing it in a different manner. BWUH.)
I actually have a little comic drawn about this, but it's weird so I don't really want to post it.
How has this helped or hindered them in the past? His appearance both helped and hindered him when he lived in New York; I've mentioned before that he was an underwear model for a little bit, and for some reason, that was while he was in New York. I guess he auditioned (?) for the job or something and the modelling people were like, "HEY, YOU'RE SO FIT. WORK FOR US." and Gabe was like, "YEAHHH, GETTIN' PAYED FOR DOIN' NOTHING BUT STANDING AROUND HALF NAKED!" Then a year or something later he got a tattoo and the modelling people were like "UGH, TATTOO. YOU'RE FIRED." and Gabe was like, "DANGIT."
Great life.
I can't think of anything else... xD; Except maybe that his bad grades prevented him from getting into college. But he didn't even apply for college, sooooooo... yeah.
He's got it pretty alright right now. No big problems going on in regards to his flaws. Well, except that certain aspects of his personality are probably hindering him from getting Stefan to like him. Which I guess he would consider a problem.

Day 9:

How are they with technology? Uh... He's pretty alright with technology? He owns things like phones and computers and TV/DVD players, etc... but he's not like an electrician or anything. He knows how to operate every day technology, but he doesn't understand the mechanics of it or anything.
Are they specially qualified in any particular field? Would they be considered at the top of the field? Basically his only skill is styling hair. I don't think he'd be considered top of the field, but he's pretty up there. He's not just like a salon stylist, since he styles Tomato's hair. I mean, he's done runway hairstyles and print hairstyles before for Tomato. So I guess he'd be considered a fashion hairstylist...?
/ranting about nothing
Have they ever been publically acknowledged for anything? (Ex. Nobel Prize) Haha, no. |D;
Is there anything they've deliberately sought to improve at? Well he tries to improve his hairstyling skill... :T After some time, he tries to improve his intelligence by asking a lot of questions... although he doesn't really do that deliberately, that just kind of happens because Stefan always talks about things he doesn't get so he needs Stefan to elaborate for him. If you hang out with smart people, I wonder if you actually do get smarter... :m
Do they speak more than one language? Yes! I forgot that he has this skill. He was born in the US, so obviously he speaks English. But he currently lives in Paris, so his second language is French. I've mentioned before that he's okay at speaking French, but he's a lot better at understanding French than speaking French. Sometimes when he's talking to TB, TB will speak in French and Gabe will speak in English. (Although, TB doesn't really talk much in the first place. xD;) Gabe started learning French in high school. His final mark in French 3 was a C. 8D; HIS BEST GRADE!

Day 10:
Relationships and history:

What is their family history like? Hm... Does this mean what kind of class of family he comes from? Gabe comes from a middle class family that lives in the suburbs in America. I don't know how his parents got there (immigration, roots, etc), because that would be part of his parents' story... And I haven't thought about that. xD Nor do I plan to. They're just ordinary people who most likely have European roots. His parents are still married. He has one sister, Jo.
How does it affect them? Um, uh................ Well, it affected him by making him grow up in a normal environment? |D;;;;;
How do they feel about their family? Even though Gabe tries to pass himself off as some rebellious dude (??), he actually really loves his family. Gabe and Jo are really close and get along pretty well as brother and sister, except for the few disagreements and bickering that ordinarily comes along with being siblings. I mean, they were close enough to move to Paris together. :U Gabe gets along well with both of his parents, but he's probably closer to his mom. For some reason, I think guys tend to be closer to their moms, and girls tend to be closer to their dads. Tend to. In this case, Gabe's mom is a more animated person, so he finds her more fun.
Gabe contacts his family back home usually on a weekly basis, or something.
How does their family feel about them? They all love him, too! :D Yaaay, love all around. Though Jo sometimes thinks Gabe's an idiot and takes life in a too irrational manner... but she doesn't really feel it's her job to tell him what to do since she's younger. Gabe's mom is always rooting for him in whatever he does. She was especially encouraging to him when he was in high school because he struggled so much. Although, she wants him to get a steady boyfriend eventually. Gabe's dad is pretty mild-mannered, and usually agrees with his son on things; that said, he probably scolded Gabe more in high school about his grades than Gabe's mom did. But Gabe's dad is pretty lax about Gabe's homosexuality and promiscuity so long as Gabe's safe about it, because Gabe's dad was supposedly the straight version of Gabe when he was younger. I wrote that "back in the day, he was a rebel and skirt chaser." (???)
Well that was surprisingly odd to talk about.

Day 11:

What were they like as a child? In high school, he was pretty much the same that he is now... actually, he might've actually been a little tamer than he is now. In my mind, his best friend Will helped abate Gabe's obnoxious levels. (??) Like if Gabe was in class by himself, he'd freely talk back to the teacher; but if Will was there, he'd hold his tongue. Maybe. Although sometimes Will would abet Gabe in annoying behavior, and the two of them would just be obnoxious together. BAH.
But yeah. Basically, he acted the same.
What was their favorite toy? ........uh.... I don't know....? Since we're talking about high school, I guess like... his car. Idk. /bad answer
Favorite game? Playmates? a) Hm............. Well he liked lots of random sports, sort of. I dunno. Baseball? I need to use a vocab word. He would climb the acclivity of the bleachers in gym class. What a pointless sentence. WHAT A POINTLESS ANSWER.... b) Will was his best friend in high school. :U Idk, so I guess they were playmates? xD
What did they want to be when they grew up? Gabe didn't think about what he wanted to be at all when he was in high school. :m He was in a rock band for a little bit, as a singer (reminds me of Zack. xD;), but that never worked out. He never really thought they were going to make it big, and even if they did he would have left the band because he didn't really want to be a singer. When he was real little maybe he wanted to be a........ basketball player? Fireman? Astronaut? Idk. What to little boys want to be when they grow up? :D;

Day 12:
Describe their best and worst memories from childhood.
Bah. okay. Uh.... I like to think that he thinks his best memory is when he graduated high school. xD; 'CAUSE THEN HE'S FREE! Which I guess would be a big relief for him.
Worst memory. Uh. Idk, the stuff with Dave when he lost his virginity. Just read this, if you care: [link]
If you don't care, you totally don't have to read that.
This question seems so irrelevant because his childhood was pretty boring. .3.

Day 13:
Where (and when) did they grow up? How did they view it as a child, and did that change as they matured? How do they feel about the place now?
a)For pretty much all of my characters, their "current" ages are for the year 2010, because that's the year I focused on making a lot of them. So Gabe's current age of 28 is in the year 2010, making his birth year 1982. The only reason I did this is so he has a definite birth year, instead of making his birth year climb up with every year I get older. As in, it'd be strange because I imagine him as a 90's kid, but in a few years that wouldn't be able to apply if I made his birth year increase every year.
He grew up in the suburbs, with a fairly diverse community. I hadn't decided on a particular place, but I just imagine it to be a lot like the place that I live in now. xD Not that that helps you any, because you don't know where I live.
b) As a teen, he thought it was a pretty boring place and just wanted to get out of and see the world. I thought the second half of this question was asking "how do they feel about it now", but that appears to be the next question, so... Oh, if it means how he viewed it in childhood vs as a teenager, he became more tired of his hometown as he got older.
c) Gabe views it kind of nostalgically, as a place he used to call home. He wouldn't want to live there permanently now, but he does like visiting his parents and his old friends. It's hard for him to go back home since he lives in Paris, but he does come back every other year more or less, for the holidays.

]B]Day 14:

Do they, or have they in the past, had a mentor? What was their relationship with this person, and how has it changed since then? A mentor. ....No. :D; I guess Gabe's parents could be considered his mentors, but they didn't really do anything particularly influential to make him who he is today. I think his friends and school environment had more of that effect on him. I think his relationship with his parents has always been pretty good, but it's better now than it used to be.
What sort of education have they had? Do they want more? He's graduated from high school, and may have taken some hairstyling classes on his own time. He doesn't want more education. :U He doesn't have the patience or money for college.
On a side note, TB wants to go to college. That's actually going to be a little "story arc" in OFAV coming up. :m FORESHADOWING! Or spoiling.
Who was their idol growing up? Who was the first person they fantasized about? Idolll.... um... Idk, who was a popular actor in the 90's...? xD; I don't think Gabe is really one for idols.

Day 16:
Sex and Romance:

What is their sexual orientation? Do they ever question it? Gabe is homosexual. He doesn't question it. He may have for a little bit when he was younger, but coming out in high school pretty much solidified his confidence in his orientation.
From my standpoint, I'd say he's pretty much completely homosexual and doesn't feel any desire towards women... Although, he can still tell when a girl is pretty or not. Well usually. He thinks all straight guys like girls that are skinny with big breasts, partially because that's how his sister looks and guys used to hit on her a lot.
/irrelevant information
When did they lose their virginity? Who to? Where? What was it like? This question is asking for a lot of details. .____.
I talked about it a little bit, but Gabe lost his virginity to Dave (a classmate and friend of Gabe's; Dave was this "cool guy") in 9th grade. It was at Dave's house. They almost got caught by Dave's mom, who came home a little after. And you know what, Question? I'm not going to tell you what it was like because, that's Gabe's personal information and he doesn't want to tell you. >:M (??) Okay, I will tell you that Gabe was reluctant to have sex with Dave.
Gabe talks about it with Will here: [link] but he doesn't actually describe it, so much as the aftermath.
What is their favorite sexual fantasy? I'm sorry, is this question for real? xD I just think it's funny that the question says "favorite", implying that Gabe has to choose among a wide variety of sexual fantasies.
Anyways, I'm sure you already know; Gabe does have sexual fantasies about Stefan.
The end. ...Of this question.

Day 17:

Do they have any particular fetishes or kinks? Eh... Nah, Gabe seems pretty straightforward about that kind of stuff. (?) Unless I'm misunderstanding this question.
What's the strangest thing they've ever done in bed? OKAY, YOU KNOW, WHY WOULD I KNOW? .____________. I don't really think he'd do anything classified as particularly strange in bed.
I don't really think I need to go into detail on this stuff. I mean, OFAV isn't a porn comic...
Is there anything in particular that they won't do? Blah, I don't know. He comes from my brain, so I guess he's not a complete pervert. (?) I think I basically answered this by saying he doesn't have any fetishes... .___.
Oh wait, I do have an answer to this question. He says he doesn't mess around with guys that are 10 or more years younger than him and/or virgins. (Idk if that'll ever be relevant in OFAV, but whatever.) I guess that isn't exactly what the question is asking for...? But he does have standards for these things. (???)
What are they attracted to in a partner? HEY, A NORMAL QUESTION! Let's seeeeeeeeeeeee... As far as what he's been looking for in a permanent partner like a boyfriend or something, he likes guys that are fit, and I think he prefers dark hair to light hair. (Although, Will has blonde hair. So I guess he was an exception. xD;) And Gabe likes older guys...? Actually, now that he's 28 "older guys" would be like... 35+. So I guess he's looking for someone around his age. He's not very picky about personality, so long as it's someone he can get along with or is friends with. I imagine he'd think looks matter more than personality. Gabe initially liked Stefan for his looks (? I guess he's attractive) and probably didn't see him as "boyfriend material" (???), but over time he begins to understand Stefan's personality and genuinely becomes attracted to him. (Ohhh yeah. Cornball story here.) Although, he's always thought of Stefan as a friend.
On a side note, I read in the newspaper comics that when searching for a partner, people (subconsciously) tend to look for someone with the most different genetic code to theirs. YAY, OPPOSITES! Although, Gabe seems to match up physically with everything I just said he's looking for... Well, his hair isn't that dark anymore. :M I've been drawing it lighter.
Okay, I'm done with this question now.

Day 18:

If applicable: who is their current partner, and what attracted the character to them? How did they meet? How long have they been together? What kind of a relationship is it? Do they have any plans for the future?
Shpabababahhhh.... uh. Long question. Which is a shame, because Gabe's not really dating anyone right now. :T Hypothetically I could answer this about Danny since he is his "partner", but I already talked a bit about Danny in the best friends question... Should I answer this anyways about what he thinks of Stefan?
a) Stefan eventually will be Gabe's boyfriend (and vise versa). YES, IT'S TRUE. I'm not sure if I'll ever draw comics about their relationship because it would stray from the rest of the OFAV storyline. (...there isn't a storyline.) Um... Well, Gabe thinks Stefan is really handsome or something. C'mon. Guys in suits are cool. (???) He also likes how strangely Stefan reacts to things he does. Idk, Gabe doesn't have many mature friends so he finds everything Stefan says kind of interesting and different. (?)
b) They met when Stefan went to Gabe's apartment to hire him as Tomato's personal stylist. HEY, CHECKITIOUT! EXISTS RIGHT HERE IN COMIC FORM! [link]
Anddddd... the rest of the questions don't apply. Actually, I feel like Gabe would be the kind of person to think about marriage, as far as the future goes... but same-sex marriage isn't legal in France, so WHO KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS? YEAH!
That was shorter than anticipated.
What would be their perfect date? Hm... Gabe's not really one for dating. Probably something like watching a movie, or going to the mall, or just hanging out at his house. Awesome time.
Describe one of the character's past relationships and what was significant about it. ...Wait, didn't I sort of already answer this? I guess maybe in a differently phrased question... Anyways,besides Stefan the only romantic relationship he's been in is his relationship with Dave. Which I talked about, so I won't repeat. Hoho!
Have they ever hurt someone they loved? Yeah, he has (unknowingly) hurt Stefan before. IN COMIC FORM! [link] Um... yeah. But Gabe doesn't really realize he's hurting Stefan's feelings by being with other boys while swooning over Stefan.
Do they fall in love easily? Eh, nah, not really. If he did, he'd be in love with every guy he slept with. (???) And even with Stefan, he wasn't initially in love with him. He just thought "That guy's hot" or something, and over time he got to know Stefan and fell in love with him. Though unlike Stefan, Gabe's not afraid to admit when he's in love.

Day 19:

What are their dreams? What do they want to do someday? Okay, ssssooooo.... Gabe really does not like to think about the future. :M;;; Which I guess will be problematic for this section. xD
When he was younger (in high school?) his dream was to get out of his town and make it big somewhere in the world. BUT WHAT DOES "MAKE IT BIG" MEAN? you ask. His answer would usually be, "I dunno yet, I'll figure it out." He doesn't have any real goals with his life, he just wants to have fun with it and figure it out along the way.
He doesn't have some "BE THE BEST HAIRSTYLIST" dream, or anything. xD Haha. SO THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION IS.... I DON'T KNOW...
Are there places they want to go? Where and why? Um... eh, I dunno. He's already in France, and he came from America. I don't think he's been to England. He'd probably like to go there. Or Germany. Why not. I don't think he'd have a real reason for going to England or Germany, except for vacation purposes.

Day 20:

If these don't apply already: do they want to get married? Have kids? Hm... Gabe's not 100% sure about marriage, but he's not opposed to the idea. :m Actually, I think he would want to marry some day. But I guess the issue is the legality of things. I think I already said this in one of the previous days. >3>
As far as kids go, I don't think he'd want them even if he was straight. Although, he doesn't dislike kids... I just think he doesn't see himself as a father. xD;
Would they ever consider adopting a child? Why or why not? Nah... This would be pretty much the same answer as before. Actuallly, I feel like Gabe would be more inclined to adopt a child than Stefan would be, but neither of them want to.
If Danny and Jo end up with a kid, maybe Gabe and Stefan would babysit? :m Haha.
You didn't know Danny x Jo was a thing? ...
Anyways, it's not very relevant and would be too far into the future.
Do they have any prominent sensory associations? (Ex. the smell of their mother's perfume, the sound of ice cracking under their feet as a child, etc.)
MMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNH....... I have no idea. xD; Proooobably not? I'm trying to think of some, now.... actually, I don't completely understand this question, so... SKIP!

Day 21:

Who do they want to meet? Gabe wants to meet Mark McGrath so he can punch him for stealing his look.
Okay, that's not true... He's older than you, Gabe! You stole his look! I guess it's really my fault but...
There's no one in particular that Gabe specifically wants to meet, but he likes actors and singers and celebrities in general. :V Meeting any celebrity would be cool.
What about them is heroic? ...what does this have to do with the category "future"? xD Hm... Heroic. Well, he's physically strong-ish... I guess that could potentially make him heroic? xD HM... Yeah, that's all I got. I don't think of many people in general as... heroic. xD;;;
What would the character be like in their old age? Is old age 40, or 65+? I'll go with the latter. Hm... I dunno, he'd be kind of like my grandma, I think. :D (??) My grandma is really funny and talks a lot about all kind of random things and makes lots of jokes. She also swears a lot (xD;;) and gossips a bit, but she's really nice. She kind of just goes with the flow on a lot of things. It's kind of hard to describe her, so I'm probably not making a lot of sense...
BUT IF GABE WAS AN OLD PERSON, HE'D BE MY GRANDMA IN MALE FORM. I pretty much did not answer this question about Gabe at all. I just talked about my grandma... .u. Now I feel bad for answering this question weirdly and want to change it. BUT I WON'T! Because I can't think of a better way to answer this. xD;

Day 22:

Describe one (or more) plots you would like to do.
Oh, gee... uh...
This is actually a really bad habit of mine. I'm terrible with plots. I love making characters, but I am REALLY REALLY bad with plots. I guess it's 'cause a lot of my characters are in the real world, and the real world doesn't have much of a plot... so it's hard to make a story without it being cliche or totally weird. For me, at least. ;u; And even then, there's so many things that I think are cliches in everything I draw aaaaagh. orz
This entry will obviously have spoilers for upcoming OFAV strips, because I'm basically just describing ideas I have for the strips while talking about other OFAV-related things.
While I plan for there to be a lot of "mini story lines" in OFAV, Gabe doesn't really star in many of them... There's going to be a small series of strips about TB wanting to go to college, OFAV crew going to the beach, TB, Stef, and Tomato at a museum, Danny's introduction, OFAV crew playing tennis on a day off, TB and Dean talking... I'll probably also make comics about Dean's love life, how TB and Tomato meet, etc etc... (this isn't in order, by the way.)
This comic has nothing to do with the fashion industry. I probably should fix that and come up with more fashion/model-themed comics. xD;
ANYWAYS AGAIN. There are so many strips I can come up with using only Stefan and Gabe because they're like a natural comedy duo. (?) I think in OFAV, Kasey is the hardest to fit into comics... I don't know why that is. xD
But comic strips alone aren't really plots... There is one "plot" that he and Stefan are in where Stefan and Gabe make a bet with each other that if Stefan loses to Gabe at tennis then Stefan has to go on a date with Gabe. (Stefan's side of the bet was... idk, probably something trivial like Gabe wearing a suit for a week.) (??) Anyways, Stefan loses. (SHOCKER! not.) And then there's just a series of strips while Stefan and Gabe go on a date. Again, not really a plot...
As far as non-OFAV things, I actually want to draw a short comic about Gabe when he lived in NYC, went back home, and moved to Paris with Jo. But I don't think I'll ever actually start it or finish it. xD; Haha. Basically, it's just a bunch of dialogue that shows how he doesn't know what he's doing. YEAH.

Day 23:

Stuck in a waiting room. Which magazine do they pick up?
Wow, this is irrelevant. :D
Um... I'm really bad with magazine titles. What kind of magazines would Gabe read...? He probably kind of likes those fashion magazines that they have at hair salons... I mean, he is a stylist. And maybe like, hard rock magazines (do those exist?) and car magazines. Or body building magazines... actually, probably not. He's not really a hard-core body builder. Well, maybe he'd read them if they were all that was there at a waiting room... yeah. And I don't think he's opposed to gossip magazines.
What he would avoid are the magazines like Time magazine and all those political/news magazines. :V Haha. (Something we share in common. "orz)

Day 24:

Describe one fight they've had in the past (physical or otherwise). As far as physical fights go, Gabe's probably been in some... but they aren't significant enough for me to give any specifics about them. :T He can get into verbal fights with preeetty much anyone he feels like disagreeing with, but usually Jo or Stefan. Jo and Gabe have partially obligatory-as-siblings disagreements... as in, they fight with each other just because they're siblings. (I have a friend whose like this with her sister.) Stefan and Gabe tend to argue about things because they see the world differently. Gabe's usually pretty open-minded about things and can listen to Stefan's views on life without a problem, but Stefan tends to disagree with Gabe about his views on life and challenges him on his opinions. In some ways, I guess Stefan's more of the instigator than Gabe.
What is one thing in their past they're ashamed of? One thing they're proud of? Um... Well, I guess when he argues with someone and knows he's wrong, he feels ashamed afterward? This happens a lot because he's aware that he doesn't know a lot about things, but tries to act like he knows everything, anyways. He's pretty quick to apologize about things, though.
And for proud... I guess he's proud of himself for graduating high school? :M;;; Haha. And he prides himself in being openly gay. Idk what else to answer about this question... Does "priding oneself" = "what one likes about oneself"? Hm. But I guess "proud" implies some sort of accomplishment was achieved.
SO RANDOM. What the. xD;

Day 25:

What is one thing they feel strongly about? I feel like I should have a good answer for this because Gabe's the kind of person that when he feels strongly about something, he feels STRONGLY about it. Too strongly, maybe. :m I guess the problem is that he just doesn't have an opinion on a lot of things. GOOD THING THIS QUESTION IS ONLY ASKING FOR ONE THING!
One thing Gabe feels strongly about is gay rights, anti-homophobia, right for same sex marriages, being open about your orientation, etc etc... Which makes sense because he's gay himself and got through the issues regarding his orientation by being headstrong and somewhat brash to those who disagreed with him. (It didn't really seem like he was headstrong or brash in "I was a boy Too", but there is a significant time skip between parts 1 and 2. Basically, I just didn't include any bullying/etc because he could handle himself pretty well and wasn't bullied much.) (By the way, Gabe's techniques (?) don't work for everyone, so I'm not necessarily encouraging the way he handles things.)
Even though Gabe feels strongly about being anti-homophobic, he doesn't fully develop his opinions/potential arguments logically... which makes him have a tendency to be unconvincing. (Ex: "Homophobia is stupid. People who don't accept gays are idiots and should grow up." = lack of reasons/details for why homophobia is stupid + attack ad hominem)
Usually he agrees with the LGBT community on things, but he doesn't like how even homosexual boys tend to use the word "gay" to mean "girly".
This is getting random. NEXT QUESTION!
One trait they admire? Hmmmm... Well in Stefan, Gabe admires his work-ethic and successfulness. In a way Gabe considers himself "plagued with laziness and indifference" and sometimes wishes he put more effort into being successful. That said, he doesn't care too much to change himself... but he does admire people who work hard. :V
What disturbs them? Disturbs...? I can't really think of anything that really disturbs him... :I That's weird.
He's probably disturbed by child predators, but he doesn't get bothered by a 25 year old going out with a 40 year old.
I don't have a better answer, sorry. orz Also, the first answer was unnecessarily long. My apologies. ;u;

Day 26:

Do the ends justify the means in their eyes? I don't know what that exactly means. ;u; *googles* Apparently, it means that it doesn't matter the way you get to a result, so long as the result is achieved. Um... I'd say Gabe doesn't always agree with this. I'll use Stefan as an example of someone who does agree with this; Stefan tries to get people to hire Tomato, and sometimes has to lie a bit about his personality to do so. (I've been referencing Stefan a lot... ;u; Sorry.) Gabe on the other hand doesn't try to change himself for anyon when someone doesn't like how he dresses/etc, even if it has to do with money and jobs. So in that sense, he doesn't think the ends justifies the means.... Yeah.
Are they a leader or a follower? Why? I'd say he's a leader, but he's more of just an independent person; he doesn't care if people follow him. I think it's just in some peoples' personalities to be more inclined to lead people than follow people; I don't know if there's a real reason for it. Gabe's had to stand up for himself and do things on his own, so it's made him more self-dependent and less inclined to be a follower.
What do they feel responsible for? (Ex. I owe it to the world to do this.) Gabe's the kind of person who thinks the only thing in the world he should be responsible for is himself. (He's an "It's my life, so I should put myself first" kind of person.) So really, he doesn't think he owes anything to the world xD
So yeah.

Day 27:

Do they believe that a person can redeem themselves from mistakes of the past? Oh, yeah, totally. One of the philosophies Gabe lives by is "the past is the past; let's focus on the here and now". Or something like that. :V He's not really one to hold grudges, unless he just REALLY doesn't like you or you did something that really upset him. I guess it's like, since he makes a lot of mistakes he feels he can forgive someone for making mistakes too.
What scares them? HM... idk. STDs? I guess he has potential to sometimes get scared by really scary movies? :D Haha. I guess maybe he'd get nervous if he had to prepare a speech and present it or something... actually, nah. He's pretty good at public speaking, just not eloquently. Yeah, idk.
That would scare pretty much anyone. I think.
How do they feel about death? Have they been significantly affected by it? He tends not to think about death. :V When he does, he just thinks it's too far off and stops thinking about it.
He hasn't been affected by death; no one in his direct family has died yet, he's never had any pets... yeah. So death is just kind of an enigma to him. -u-b

Day 28:

Do they value faith over reason or vice versa? Um... Probably faith over reason, because he doesn't really think too reasonably. Unless this is talking about religion...? Well, if we're just talking about faith in people versus trusting people with valid reasons, Gabe puts more faith in people than reason.
Do they believe in an afterlife? He hasn't thought about it. If he did, he would at least hope there's an afterlife.
Do they have any habits that reflect their beliefs? (Ex. regular prayer, vegetarianism, etc.) Um... being homosexual reflects his belief of homosexuality being normal? xD Haha, idk...
I guess his job and the time he puts into his appearance reflects his belief that physical appearances do matter.
Do they respect the beliefs of others? Yeah... he's usually pretty lenient about people's beliefs and doesn't care too much if you think differently from him. But there are some things he clearly sees as right and wrong, so he'll get up in your face if you contradict his beliefs in that respect. :m

Day 29:

Would they be more likely to act for the good of one or the good of many? Good of one... because Gabe would probably have a hard time keeping track of many...? That, and he likes direct results. Like, if he was volunteering (which is unlikely, because he just doesn't), he would be more likely to do something where he helps out people individually or in a small group where he can interact with everyone and literally see them being helped, rather than helping out in a big organization designed to gain some result/change in the near-ish future.
Gabe mostly just worries about himself and his friends, though. He's not really a "random acts of kindness" kind of person... yeah. :V
Not sure if I made sense just now...
Are they manipulative? Nah, he's not crafty enough to really be manipulative. xD;
Choose a holiday and come up with a potential scenario involving your character and that holiday. UH.
PRESENTS, FAMILY, FRIENDS, YAY.... yay... yay. Excitement.
Actually I do have some sort of scenario-ish in my head when Gabe invites Stefan to his parents' house for Christmas to meet his parents, and when Gabe and Stef goes to Stefan's house to meet Stef's parents around new years or something. But I'm sure you're sick of hearing about Stefan and Gabe, so I won't talk a bout it. It's not very exciting, anyways. :m Bwoahahaha.

Day 30:

Is the character religious? What are their views, and why or why not? He's not very religious... I think he's a non-practicing Christian, even though he's homosexual. I think he does believe in a god, but he doesn't think about religion or non-secular things. As to why he's not religious... Well, his parents are just not very religious people. He never grew up in a religious environment, so he never really got religiously involved. :m
How would they like to die? Old age. /boring answer
Choose a person, historical or fictional, and write about a meeting between them and your character. WHY IS THIS SO RANDOM? This wouldn't ever happen, so it's totally weird.
Um... How about Ash Ketchum! Yeah! Oh wait no, because Gabe would totally just be spouting inappropriate remarks about everything and totally ruin Ash's innocence.
And that's my answer. :>

If you are crazy and somehow read this whole thing in one sitting, YOU... ARE AMAZING...
But anyways, sorry this is so long. xDD I like talking a lot. Just not all at once. :M
Thanks for reading! Or skimming! Or kind of glancing! :D