Extended Profile: Jo

*Updated 4/21/12*

I should do one of Jo, shouldn't I... >3>

**OFAV characters have some information missing from the top part of the profile because such information is irrelevent**

Name: Janet
Nicknames: Jo (by everyone), Boob Woman (????) (by Gabe), Sis/etc... (by Gabe)
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8
Special Talent: Make-up art, cleaning things
Hobbies: Shopping, sleeping, hanging out with Kasey, annoying Gabe, going to night clubs (...?)
Profession(s): Personal make-up artist for Tomato
Current Residence: Paris, France
Likes: Puppies, movies, clothes
Dislikes: Messy rooms, slobs, bratty girls
Love Intrest: Initially Kasey; For a majority of the time, none; Later, Danny
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Hair Color: Naturally blonde, dyed platinum blonde with pink tips
Hair Length: Short, above mid-neck
Eye Color: Brown
Jewelry: Three piercings on each ear, painted nails, usually wears various bracelets and/or necklaces
General Appearance: Tall, skinny, busty girl who wears a fair amout of make-up
Key Family / Relatives: Gabe (brother)
Key Friends: Kasey, Danny
Educational History: Graduated from high school, probably took classes on make-up (if those exist...?)
Bad Habits / Vices: Lazy
Best Qualities: Unbiased and non-judgemental
Worst Qualities: Lazy, sarcastic
Personal Goals: Live (??)
Professional Goals: Do make-up stuff
Style of Speech: Easygoing, but blunt
Personality: Sarcastic, carefree, lazy, independent, chill, non-judgemental to those with hardships, a little snide to the self-centered priviledged, can be crude at times, nosy

Jo is Gabe's sister and Tomato's make-up artist. She's best friends with Kasey, who she met either in high school or community college. (Idk which one, it doesn't matter.) Jo is not unlike her brother in that she's sarcastic and likes to joke around, but she is not very flirtatious or rude. Basically, she's just a really chill girl who does what she feels like.

Jo's real name is Janet, but decided in high school that she hated her name. She likes being called Jo because it's not as girly as Janet. Jo is not a girly-girl and dislikes high-class girls who think they're all that.
Jo is pretty girly because of her interest in clothes and make-up, but she doesn't wear dresses and only occasionally wears skirts. (When she wears skirts, it's usually a skirt-legging combo.) (?)

People often assume Jo is a bit of a uh.... floozy? (/avoiding using rude words) Because she wears revealing clothing. She's really not like that all; she just doesn't give a care about what she wears. She also doesn't care what people think about her. She has a very "I don't give a crap" kind of way of thinking. :0

Jo and Gabe are pretty close as siblings, but they do fight frequently. They have a different set of morals. :m Jo also can't stand how sloppy Gabe is, and doesn't like to stay over at his apartment. Jo usually listens to Gabe talk about Stefan, not because she's concerned with their relationship, but because it's entertaining. She thinks her brother is an idiot. (...which he is. xD;)

Jo's best friend is Kasey, which is really odd because they act so differently. Somehow, they connect on a lot of things and can talk for hours. Jo used to have a crush on Kasey, but gave up on her because Kasey is as straight as they come. Jo doesn't care much for romance, but she finds other peoples' romance interesting.
Although, Jo later falls for Danny. She's aware for a while that Danny is crushing on her despite his efforts to continue being gay. She teases him by doing things that would normally (sort of. xD;) be okay between a girl and her gay male friend, but would be awkward between a girl and a boy who likes girls.
That sentence made no sense....