Extended Profile: Dean Johnson

Because I know how much you gus love these things. :,D
**Characters in OFAV may have some information missing from the top questionnaire-looking thing. Yeah.**
Name: Dean Johnson
Nicknames: Dean?
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Special Talent: Following orders
Hobbies: Doing whatever Jo, Kasey, Gabe, Tomato, and Stefan tell him to do
Profession(s): Hair style assistant/make-up assistant
Current Residence: Paris, France
Likes: Leah
Dislikes: Mick
Love Interest: Leah
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Close to shoulders
Eye Color: Turquoise
Relationship with Friends: He's teased often by the OFAV cast; TB listens to what's on his mind; Leah is kind to him
Key Friends: TB, Leah
Key Enemies: Mick
Educational History: Graduated from high school
Phobias / Fears: Public speaking, talking to people (almost a anthropophobe)
Bad Habits / Vices: Extremely quiet and awkward
Best Qualities: Follows instructions
Worst Qualities: Lacks self confidence
Emotional Problems: Low self-esteem
Personal Goals: Become closer to Leah
Style of Speech: Very awkward at first with lots of stuttering, but he talks with moderate intellect when he's more comfortable
Personality: Submissive, shy, awkward, constanly nervous and worried, obedient

Oh, Dean... He's actually one of my favorites in OFAV, because he's not as superficial as a lot of the rest of the cast. He's also really fun to draw. :D But I have my friend to thank for that. She gave him a physical design, and I came up with the name and personality.

Anyways, Dean Johnson is the "hair assistant/make-up assistant/wardrobe supervisor" from Tomato's hair-and-make-up team. Basically, this means he does all the grunt work, and everyone just orders him around. (To tell you the truth, I totally made up that title. xD;) He's very obedient and does everything he's told with little to no question. This makes him a very good worker, but he gets little respect from the rest of the team because of his awkward disposition. He doesn't stand up for himself, so he's teased frequently (usually by Gabe or Jo, but the others will also tease him from time to time). When he's not being teased, he's usually ignored. A running theme in OFAV is that no one seems to notice him or pay attention to what he says.

Dean is possibly the most intellegent and creative (in the sense of photographic and clothing design) character of the bunch, but his extreme shyness (which nears on anthropophobia) restricts his intellengence from being known. The only characters who know of Dean's talents are TB, who he later befriends, and Leah, his crush.

Dean's crush, Leah, has a boyfriend, Mick. Dean has made it an inner goal to win Leah over, and sees Mick as his rival. Because Dean has little confidence in himself, he regards sweeping Leah off her feet as a far away fantasy. He shows dislike towards Mick, which is unusual because Dean rarely outwardly dislikes anyone.

Despite his worry-prone and nervous exterior, Dean has a relatively optomistic outlook on life, and rarely dwells on other peoples' wrongdoings. He usually looks on the brightside, especially in extremely unfortunate situations that usually regard himself. (He has an "It could have been worse" type of attitude.)

Even though he's the most ignored character, he's the only character in the main cast to have a last name.