Extended Profile: Kor Schollen

Name: Kor Shollen
Nicknames: Cory
Species: Enmajian.
Age: 125791 years (Looks around 18)
Birthday: Unknown; apparentally in Spring
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5 including horns; Around 5'11 without horns
Special Talent: Flying (xD), can probably use some sort of magic
Hobbies: Exploring the weird human world
Profession(s): Unemployed
Birthplace: Enmaj, A different world that (for no realreason) hates humans
Current Residence: Los Angeles, California (USA)
Likes: Ice cream, hamburgers, reading
Dislikes: Being confused (which happens often), not being able to speak English (he later learns.... slowly), chains
Love Interest: Gliding Eagle
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair Length: Above mid-neck, spikey
Eye Color: White right eye, red left eye (his left and right)
Jewelry/Accessories: Necklace (contact source with Enmaj and the king), Wing piercings (given to him by "Gliding Eagle"), gloves and armwarmers
Relationship with Family: Unknown
Key Family / Relatives: Unknown
Relationship with Friends: Befriends a tattoo/piercing artist who calls herself Gliding Eagle. She guides Kor around town and stuff because she thinks he's a foreigner who just moved in to the city. Kor initially thinks she's keeping him as a prisoner. (Wing piercings she gave him = chains/restraints)
Key Friends: Gliding Eagle
Key Enemies: None
Educational History: Is very intellegent and loves to read. People don't think he's very smart because he's clumsy and doesn't speak/read/understand English.
Phobias / Fears: Rabbits
Bad Habits / Vices: Misunderstanding the situation (usually due to language boundries, but also because he often assumes the worst.)
Best Qualities: Intelligent, likes to learn
Worst Qualities: Quiet, assumes the worst
Emotional Problems: Somewhat of a pessimist.
Key Childhood Experiences: Unknown
Personal Goals: To explore the world
Professional Goals: He was sent on a mission to destroy the human race, but is obviously failing. (He doesn't really have a desire to, anyways.)
Style of Speech: Almost completely silent; Formal and serious in his own language, awkward in English because he doesn't know the language well.
Personality: Appears to be broody and dark, but is actually quite clumsy and (unintentionally) silly; curious

Kor Shollen is a humanoid-like creature from a different world sent to Earth to destroy the humans. For what reason, you ask? For really stupid reasons, actually... They didn't like humans for having bad teeth, eating strange food, having terrible fashion sense, and living in weird houses. ...like I said, really stupid reasons. xD Kor seems to be the only sensible person on his planet who thinks it is unreasonable to hate humans. However, he is a servant of the king of his country-planet thing, and must do all he says. The king sends him on a mission to destroy the humans. When Kor comes to Earth, he ends up in LA. He is in total awe by how weird and different the place looks in comparison to where he lived.

He wanders into a tattoo artist's shop and meets a girl who calls herself Gliding Eagle. (She is a free-spirit hippie-type. xD;) Thinking Kor is a customer, she gives him a tattoo. (It's the tattoo on his wing, which says his name in Enmajian.) She also pierces Kor's wings just 'cause she feels like it. Kor thinks that she knows he's supposed to destroy humans, and she's torturing him (tattoo) and restricting him (piercings).

Even though Kor is supposed to destroy humans, he's actually not planning on killing anyone. He's a pretty kind guy, but a little reserved. (TSUNDERE??!?!) He's pretty clumsy and often stumbles and knocks things over because of his wings.

He is amazed by human things. He especially likes human foods like ice cream and hamburgers. He loves exploring LA, especially with Gliding Eagle; she always brings him to weird and new places. He doesn't speak English, so communication is very difficult. :P He does learn English over time, and eventually is able to communicate with others, Gliding Eagle in particular.

For some reason, he’s scared of rabbits. Since there are no rabbits on his original planet, he finds them to be scary....

There are still a lot of holes in Kor’s story. Like what kind of magic he uses.... yeah.
THIS WOULD ALL MAKE SENSE IF I DREW IT, but I'm probably too lazy. But I would like to draw it.... it’s one of the more fun stories in my head.