Extended Profile + Doodle: Tomato

I was bored one day and decided to test out my MOUSE SKILLS ON PAINT... so I drew this. I'm pretty sure I would've died if I tried to draw a body. xD
BUT HEY! Since there's a picure of Tomato, why not upload his character profile? 8D

Name: Unknown
Nicknames: Tomato (His stage name/what everyone calls him), baby etc...(by his boyfriend)
Age: 21
Birthday: Unknown/undecided
Gender: Male
Height: 6 foot
Special Talent: Modeling, annoying people
Hobbies: Shopping, talking, hanging out with his boyfriend
Birthplace: America (Exact location unknown; Prior to living in Paris, he lived in New York City.)
Profession(s): Print model; occasional runway model
Current Residence: Paris, France
Likes: Tomatoes, candies and other sweets, accessories, clothes
Dislikes: People who don't let him talk, spicy foods, sad people, bugs
Love Intrest: HIS BOIFRAND!!1!!!1
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Hair Color: Red
Hair Length: Mid-neck-ish...? But it also goes up at the top. HAIRSPRAY POWER.
Eye Color: Green
Jewelry/accessories: Various necklaces and bracelets, rings on his fingers, earrings, tongue piercing, navel piercing
General Appearance: Extremely feminine and skinny and tall. And red haired.
Relationship with Friends: HE LOVES HIS FRAAAANDS! But he loves his boyfriend best. ;D
Key Friends: TB and Stefan, mainly. Also the rest of the crew.
Key Enemies: Mean people. (???)
Educational History: Dropped out of high school at 17 years old when he was hired by the modeling agency.
Phobias / Fears: Bugs, the dark (sometimes), thugs, scary movies, blood and gore, roller coasters
Bad Habits / Vices: Brags a lot
Best Qualities: Friendly to everyone, protective of his friends
Worst Qualities: Naive
Personal Goals: To... stay together with his boyfriend? xD;
Professional Goals: To be the MOST AWESOMEST MODEL IN THE WORLD~!
Style of Speech: Happy and energetic to the point that it's annoying; kind of like a teenage girl? He uses the word "like" a lot in his speech.
Personality: Materialsitc, vain, naive, dense, a little immature, cheerful, friendly, arrogant

TOMATO! Is a model for some modeling agency that's stationed (?) in Paris. He's worked with this agency for 4 years. When he was 17, he met someone who worked for the modeling agency. (They were visiting NYC or something? Tomato lived in NYC before moving to Paris.) This person said Tomato would be a great model for their agency, but it was unfortunate that Tomato was still in high school. So Tomato dropped out of high school, somehow got a ticket to Paris, and got a job interview for the modeling agency. AND SOMEHOW, HE WAS HIRED!
This information is a little bit irrelevent, but Tomato is mainly a print/magazine model rather than a runway model. His agency works with a fashion magazine that does all its photoshoots in Paris or around Paris. I guess it's a very urban-themed magazine..? Idk. This is mostly for my convenience so I don't have Tomato doing photoshoots in far away places. BUT WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT THE TECHNICALITIES.... I like to think about these things so everything makes sense. ;3; Oh yeah, the type of clothing the magazine promotes is obviously very colorful and flamboyant clothing, as you can see from Tomato's outfits...

Tomato spent the first year or so of his career learing how to be a model and putting together his portfolio and the like. (BY THE WAY, THANK YOU WIKIPDEIA! I know nothing about the modeling business.) He met Stefan around this time. Stefan works as a modeling agent, so he was assigned by the higher-authorities to be Tomato's agent. (I call him Tomato's manager because I didn't realize "agent" was the actual term for what he does. My bad.) As Tomato's agent/manager, Stefan does all the business stuff required for modeling, as well as finds jobs for Tomato. Therefore, Tomato does a bunch of modeling while Stefan does lots of work. This resultes in Tomato not realizing how much work actually goes into being a model. :D (Increasing naivety....)

BUT ANYWAYS. Tomato is very materialistic. He loves expensive things. (ie: clothes.) He often gets to keep the clothes from photoshoots.
This is more irrelevent information, but print models (especially in Paris, for some reason; I don't really know why) don't usually make a lot of money. But for the sake of the comic, let's say Tomato makes a decent amount of money.
BUT ANYWAYS ANYWAYS, Tomato loves to brag about his job and stuff. He also loves talking, usually about himself, his boyfriend, or his job. He never realizes how annoying he is. Especially to Stefan.
Because Stefan does much of the actual work required for modeling, Tomato is very oblivious to the real world. He pretty much just does whatever he wants without realizing how other people make their livings.

Despite his negative characteristics, Tomato is extremely friendly to everyone, and holds his friends close in his heart. He hates "meanies", and will protect his friends from mean people if necessary. xD He's also very innocent in everything he does, due to his childishness. He also also is a terrible liar. Tomato has a very optomistic outlook on life, and is almost never truely sad. He pouts and complains a lot when he doesn't get his way, though. (-3-;;;)
I feel like Tomato's character is extremely obvoious to see, so I don't need to explain it much. xD;

What else can I say... Oh. Tomato met his boyfriend one day when Tomato was modeling. His boyfriend, who wants to be a photographer, saw Tomato modeling and was like "HEY, LOOKIT THAT GUY..."
And that's when their love began. ♥ (???? I don't even know.)

One last thing: On Tomato's old profile, it says "super skinny suggesting anorexia or Klinefelter's syndrome". I decided against Tomato being anorexic (it just doesn't match his personality), but he does have Klinefelter's. Basically all this disease does is make a guy more feminin in appearence. (Sort of? >3>) The only reason he has this disease is so I can give people a reason for his girly stature. xD

AS USUAL, thank you for reading. C: ♥