Extended Profile: Nicholay

I have some of Nicholay's profile written out in my notebook, so I thought I'd just finish it up here. :d

On a side note, do you think I should start putting a refrence picture in these character profiles so you know who the character is/what they look like? :/ I know what the characters look like since they're mine, but maybe for your convenience...

Anyways. Profile.

Name: Nicholay (Nick-oh-lay)
Nicknames: Usually goes by Nicholay, but he may occasionally be called Nick.
Age: 12
Race/Species: Human; Magic User
Status: Apprentice to a renowned mage; friends with Charlotte, princess of Chaunisveld.
Birthday: March 29th
Gender: Male
Height: 5'1
Special Talent: Magic (specifically Thunder magic)
Hobbies: Hanging w/ Isaac, hanging w/ Lucia, practicing magic
Profession(s): Student/unemployed
Birthplace: Chaunisveld
Current Residence: Chaunisveld
Likes: Isaac, adventure, daytime
Dislikes: Bad people, weakness
Love Interest: Lucia Rose
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair Color: Auburn
Hair Length: Just past the ears
Eye Color: Gold
Jewelry/accessories: Various rings and bracelets to help boost his magic power
General Appearance: He's pretty short, but that's just because he's young. He's still got some babyfat on him. :P He's supposed to be sort of cute.
Relationship with Family: Deceased
Key Family / Relatives: None
Relationship with Friends: Isaac is somewhat of an role-model and father figure to him; he has a sort of brother-sister relationship with Lucia; he thinks of Segran as sort of a babysitter; he highly respects his master.
Key Friends: Isaac, Segran, Lucia, his master (?)
Key Enemies: Gaelnis (mage who killed his parents)
Educational History: Studying under a famous mage; is taught basic knowledge from Segran
Phobias / Fears: The dark (he tries to hide it)
Bad Habits / weaknesses: Impulsive, is somewhat weaker without charms, stubborn
Emotional Problems: Idk... He pretends to be braver than he really is?
Best Qualities: Headstrong
Worst Qualities: Naive and again, impulsive
Key Childhood Experiences: Parents killed by Gaelnis when he was 10.
Personal Goals: Find the mage who killed his parents
Professional Goals: Become a powerful mage
Style of Speech: He usually talks loud and excited, childish b/c of his age, casual with everyone
Personality: Energetic, somewhat uncalculating, very emotive, hard headed, childish (again. xD)

Nicholay is a young mage who is friends with Isaac. He's a kind and energetic boy who loves to play and run around. He's got a kind heart, but is very naive due to his age. He lives with his master (who has no name and is undesigned, at the moment...) in a house located on the royal quarters. His master lives on royal property because he is a direct advisor (or something like that) for the king and queen. Because Nicholay lives on royal property, he knows Charlotte, the princess, and Isaac, her servant. Segran and his family are friends with the King and Queen, so Nicholay sees him often as well. Although, Nicholay met Segran a little bit before he moved in with his master. He and Lucia met Segran when wandering outside the royal quarters. They saw Segran practicing archery.

Nicholay's parents were powerful and famous mages. His parents were the ones who wanted him to study magic. Nicholay was initially opposed to it; he doesn't like to learn. (ie: he's lazy. xD) When Nicholay was 8, his parents made him begin learning magic with his current master. Since he was a beginner, he had to read a lot of books before he would be able to actually activate his magic power and start casting spells. He found lessons boring for this reason, and didn't care to learn. When he was 9, though, Nicholay managed to activate his magic power by saving his childhood friend, Lucia, from some bandits/thugs/mean dudes who were hanging out on the more suspicious side of town. (long sentence. orz)

When he was 10, an evil mage (Gaelnis) killed Nicholay's parents. (More about the reason will be revealed later. Maybe in Gaelnis's profile?) It was during his sadness that he decided he had to become a stronger mage to find Gaelnis and defeat him. To help him get stronger, Nicholay equips himself with various bracelet and ring charms that boost his magic power. Likewise, he's significantly weaker when he doesn't have them equipped.

While Nicholay's master teaches him magic, Segran teaches Nicholay general knowledge. Segran sometimes gets on Nicholay's nerves because Nicholay doesn't like to read or study. Isaac is kind of a father figure to Nicholay; he greatly reveres and respects Isaac. Lucia is Nicholay's best friend; they've been friends since they were really little children. They pretty much do everything together. They have a very strong friendship, and Nicholay feels it his his duty to protect her. (Like he did when he activated his magic.) Nicholay has a crush on Lucia, but doesn't admit it or tell her. UNTIL LATER... Maybe.

I feel like I said nothing about his personality. BUT OH WELL.