Dreams: Chapter 2 Dialogue (Part 1)

*Been a while since I've worked on this. :d Now that it's summer, I have time. xD Suggestions on how to improve the dialogue are always welcome*
*If some of the notes don't make sense, it's probably because they're written to help me with panel placement and angles.*
**Contains spoilers for my comic (obviously)**

Chapter 1: (1) (2)

Summary: Alcott arrives in Dreams. Luli shows him around a little. Luli takes him to her house and explains what's going on. Alcott wants to go home, so Luli tells him what needs to be done to return home. Also, there are foreshadows of characters to come.
Characters: Alcott, Luli, Ms. Marigold <Explains who Luli is; Ms. Marigold comes off as a quiet, but not bashful, person.>
Setting: Streets of Dreams, Luli's Mansion, Alcott's new home
Things to do: Sketch Luli's mansion (hallway and office), think of Chapter 3 and 4's main idea
Estimated Number of Pages: 30

<Possible introduction/recap by narrator>

Alcott: What...?

Luli: I said, welcome to Dreams. <walks closer to Alcott and becomes more visible>

Alcott: Dreams...?

Luli: Now now, then... Why the blank stare? How did you arrive here, young sir? Pocketwatch, is it?

Alcott: Po... Pocketwatch? <realizes he's holding the watch and lifts it up slightly> Ah...

Luli: Yes! There it is. <Snatches up the watch> Pocketwatch it is, then! <Seems to be examining the watch, then takes her umbrella and makes many swift movements with the tip to "draw" a circle design in the air. She then places the pocketwatch in the drawn circle. The clock makes a ticking noise, and the gateway to Dreams appears. As the gate appears, the pocketwatch glows and disappears>

Alcott: <Stands up in astonishment> What... is this place?!

Luli: Sigh... <puts hand on cheek> You really must learn to hear. <Shakes head> This... <opens gate> is Dreams.

<two or threee panels show scenery. Looks like an old-English town. Quaint, cute, etc... If it was in color, it would be bright with sunlight. A panel with Alcott's expression is shown>

Luli: Lovely! <Marches onward, followed by Ms. Marigold, but stops and notices Alcott's confused expression> Is something the matter? You look a bit.. baffled.

Alcott: <baffled, haha> I... <bossy nature suddenly kicks in> I demand to know what is going on here! Just who are you people? <referring to Luli and Ms. Marigold>

Luli: Who are...? <dramatic (?) expression/sudden emotiveness> Oh my! We had not introduced ourselves yet, have we? My sincerest apologies! My most deep and profuse apologies. That would sufficiently explain why you seem so baffled. <says the previous dialogue directly to Alcott/in the same panel as him> I am Luli. And this one is Ms. Marigold.

Ms. Marigold: <Says nothing, but looks up from her book to look at Alcott. This is the first time you actually get to see Ms. Marigold clearly>

Luli: Now then! Let us go in for real now, hm? <pushes Ms. Marigold and Alcott inside the gates>

Alcott: What? But-- I...

Luli: Do not worry, young sir! I shall explain everything in further detail at my mansion.

Alcott: <Looks at Luli in confusion. (Luli is not "on-screen")>

<Scene changes to the streets of Dreams. During the whole scene here, Alcott doesn't speak much because he's too confused.>

Luli: There is pleanty to do here, young sir. <Gestures toward a bakery> That is Mr. <baker's name; he has no name yet. I'm open for suggestions!>'s bakery. He works with his son, <son's name>. They do have lovely foods there. It is highly reccomended by me.

Alcott: <Looks at Baker and Son through the window>

Luli: And now we go forward! Come along, young sir. <Pulls Alcott along> Yes, yes, this way. <Panel showing music store> This here is Mr. <music man's name>'s shop. <Panel showing dress store> And this is Miss <dress lady's name>'s clothing store. I quite like her store... and Miss <dress lady's name> is such a lovely lady.
Anyhoo, onward we go! Do not fret, young sir, we are almost to the mansion. I do appreciate you looking around with me, although.

<A panel with a large rest-type area (?) and a tall clock tower in the middle is shown>

Luli: Oh, look here, young sir. This is Dreams's main square. We have some nice little shops and the like, here... Oh yes, and Mr. <librarian's name>'s library is here. Right across from the clocktower. <Panel showing tower> The clock tower can be seen from all over Dreams. That is nice, is it not? You need not even carry a pocketwatch with you. <baha. sounds weird.>

Alcott: <while Luli talks, he takes notice to a clock shop nearby>

Luli: <Takes notice> Oh? That is a funny little shop you are looking at there. <Panel showing inside of shop through window. The back of a girl is seen from within. (Arianna)> That is Mr. Woodworth's clock shop. Or rather... it is similar to his shop.

Alcott: ? <doesn't understand the remark. (It shouldn't make sense atm)>

Luli: Yes! Well! Once again, onward we go! <they arrive at the mansion's front>

-will continue later-