Extended Profile: Gabe

**Updated 7/4/13

I was bored one day, and sketched a picture of my character Gabe. Since I've never really talked about him before, I'm going to post some stuff about him.

*Note: The characters in Of Fruits and Vegetables (OFAV) are not meant to be totally round characters... so if you see a lot of information missing in this profile, it's because such information is irrelevent.*

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Name: Gabriel
Nicknames: Gabe (by most everyone), Gabey-babe (suggested by himself to Stefan)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1 to 6'3-ish
Special Talent: Hair styling, being a TOTAL CREEP
Hobbies: Teasing/flirting with Stefan (??), watching TV, listening to metal/rock music
Profession(s): Personal hair stylist (to Tomato), freelance hairstylist (usually specific to men, or friends who ask), formerly an underwear model
Birthplace: America
Current Residence: Paris, France (where OFAV takes place.)
Likes: Stefan, cute guys, hot guys, Ryan Reynolds, metal/rock music, sleeping
Dislikes: Bossy people, neat freaks (aka, his sister at times), authority (SECRET HIPPIE?), politics, educational television, reading
Love Intrest: Stefan
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Hair Color: Brown, dyed blonde at tips
Eye Color: Brown
Jewelry/accessories: Spiked collar, belts, writsbands and the like
General Appearance: PUNK YO. Idk. He's fairly attractive and well-built, but because of his tattoos and general clothing style, he's often seen as a delinquent or a suspicious person.
Family / Relatives: His sister Janet or "Jo".
Relationship with friends: They think he's obnoxious at times, but funny and enjoyable to hang around
Key Friends: Stefan in particular, but also the rest of the crew; Among his FWBs, Danny is the only one who gets "screen time".
Key Enemies: None.
Bad Habits / Vices: Being obnoxious, being perverted, being unable to sense the mood of a situation
Best Qualities: Fairly truthful, very much the kind of guy to live life to the fullest, fairly optomistic
Worst Qualities: Rather perverted (gradually changes due to Stefan's prudish influences), extremely immature
Personal Goals: Get Stefan to fall in love with him
Style of Speech: Very casual and rather like a teenager; While he usually talks in a friendly tone, his speech often includes expletives and insensitive remarks (though considering he's my character, I'll usually filter the worst stuff out... >3>;;)
Personality: carefree, sometimes crude and obnoxious, rather arrogant, hot-headed, joker-ish

Gabe... Oh, Gabe... I have conflicted feelings about him. I don't like his personality. Actually, his personality is exactly how I want it to be, but I don't particularly like people with his type of personality

Gabe is Tomato's hairstylist. He is a MAJOR CREEP. He flirts with strangers, makes provocative remarks and dirty jokes, and is just really obnoxious. >:I I can't even explain how much of a creep he is because I'd feel dirty.
**If you want to know exactly what Gabe's standars for raunchiness are, I talk more about them at the bottom of the post.**

Gabe has a crush on Stefan. Or something... He finds him "voluptuous." o_x Stefan has rejected Gabe many times, but Gabe is persistent... He teases and flirts with Stefan all the time. Beause he's a creep.
(but secretly Stefan likes it.) (?!??!) (Okay, maybe not.)
Gabe is confident that Stefan will one day fall head-over-heels in love with him. Yeah, he's a little stupid... He also tells Stefan to call him "Gabey-babe" at some point. Oh my gosh such a creep asodflsdf.
Eventually, Gabe begins to develop honest feelings for Stefan and tones down his pervertedness. (?)

Hm, what else...
Oh yeah, Gabe has a tattoo on his chest, which you can see in the above picture. It's the snake-fire-thing. And yes, he does randomly lift up his shirt to show Stefan his tattoo at random intervals.

Gabe is possibly the only character in OFAV that is honestly concerned with Stefan's drinking problem. The others are concernd, but really just kinda let Stefan do his own thing. Not that Gabe doesn't drink though, 'cause he does. He just thinks Stefan drinks too excessively. (Personally, I'd say Stefan's drinking level is above what a normal person would drink, but below what an alcoholic would drink.) Mainly he complains at Stefan because he says drinking alone and making yourself sad is stupid. IF YOU WANNA DRINK, YOU SHOULD BE DRINKING AT A PARTY OR CLUB OR SOMETHING, MAN! No but seriously, Gabe is the one who sees Stefan's drinking more up-close (?) than any of the other characters.

The people in OFAV usually think Gabe is kind of a jerk... he is quite rude and makes fun of people he doesn't like. D: He also probably teases Dean the most out of the rest of the crew, and doesn't realize how SENSITIVE Dean is. Basically, he doesn't get other peoples' emotions well.
Oh, one last thing. I don't think I've drawn Gabe with a beard before this picture, but he does indeed have a beard. Sometimes. Depends on his mood, I guess...

Um... That's about it. For the most part.

**At this point, Gabe's perverseness has been toned down a bit since I first designed him. xD; Initially, I intended him to be the kind of guy who has one night stands with tons of dudes, gropes people at random, makes out with guys on the street... and then I eventually realized that he could probably get arrested for sexual harassment if he did that. xD; CAN'T HAVE ONE OF THE PROTAGONISTS IN OFAV GETTING ARRESTED, CAN WE? actually, that might be an interesting comic strip arc But anyways, I've since more clearly developed Gabe's standards for "raunchy activity"/etc. I won't get too into it, but here's the gist of it if you're curious about how Gabe handles this stuff:

Sex: As much as I don't like talking about it, sex kind of is part of Gabe's character... so here you go. For Gabe, sex has little to do with romance/being in love and is mainly sexually active because he's bored. It's pretty safe to say that he doesn't fall in love with someone just because he sleeps with them. (This is unlike Danny, who develops feelings for Gabe because they sleep together.) Gabe lost his virginity at 14 years old. (A little young, but what can you do...) Total, Gabe has slept with 6 guys; something like 2 guys in high school, 1 guy while he was in New York in his 20's, and 3 guys during his time in Paris including Danny. I imagine that he sleeps with the same 3 guys on multiple occassions, rather than one night stands. When I first created him, I always imagined him to have slept with like... 20 guys. That's ridiculous. xD; Anyway, two of his personal "rules" is that he doesn't sleep with guys younger than 21 or virgins. That said, he does sometimes flirt with Dean, who's 18... but he's just teasing him.
As his crush on Stefan developes into deeper feelings (and some of Stefan's philosophies rub off onto him), his hormones gradually calm down and he begins to understand that it's time for him to grow up. But bad habits are hard to break; it takes him a bit longer than you might think to quit being so promiscuous.
OH YEAH, and he always practices safe sex. YAY?

Kissing: Gabe has no problem kissing guys he doesn't know, but this usually happens at clubs or bars with the other person's permission. He doesn't kiss teenagers. Gabe sometimes kisses Stefan on the cheeks to annoy him, but he doesn't usually lip lock with him unless it seems like Stefan is okay with it. (But then again, he's bad at reading the mood of a situation... so he's usually wrong. >3>)
Danny has no problem going up to Gabe and greeting him with a lip lock, but Gabe becomes increasingly uncomfortable with this as he begins to see Danny more of as a good friend rather than someone to sleep with.

Touching: Nope, he doesn't grope random guys. HOORAY! Usually the most he'll do is put his arm around someone's waist when he's flirting with someone. Sometimes he may slap/pinch Stefan on the buttox because Gabe's stupid, but he'll never full-out feel someone up out of no where.

Flirting: This is mainly excessively complimenting guys that he thinks are cute and saying slightly suggestive things to them. He does this to anyone, mostly for entertainment. He thinks straight guys are funny to flirt with. And Stefan. He gets good reactions out of them. If someone honestly gets mad at him, he'll usually stop. While stefan often seems like he's "honestly mad", Stefan's really just annoyed more than anything.

SO THERE YOU GO! Your lesson on Gabe's raunchy activity. Maybe this'll help you understand just how he acts around other people.