Extended Profile: Damian Matthews

And spoilers for a chapter in my RB comic.
because I told you to.

Name: Damian Matthews
Nicknames: "D", D-man (by Dare; I'll explain later. xD), Gaymian (BY MY FRIENDS LKAJSERFLKWJLR. He's not gay.)
Age: 20
Birthday: Idk, unimportant
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Special Talent: Pointing out the obvious, musical talent (guitar, singing)
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing his guitar, daydreaming
Profession(s): Employed at an electronics shop
Birthplace: London, England (or somewhere near the area)
Current Residence: London. England
Likes: Relaxing, music
Dislikes: Work, anglophiles (they're embarassing)
Love Interest: A workmate of Damian's... She's not totally important.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair Color: Chestnut
Hair Length: Above mid-neck, spiked somewhat
Eye Color: Blue (same shade as Dare's eyes)
Jewelry/Accessories: Necklace w/ small cross
General Appearance: I never know how to answer this one....
Relationship with Family: Lived with his dad until he was 17 or 18, but is very distant from his dad; His mom lives in the U.S., but they talk on the phone (OR FACEBOOK, RATHER) and stuff and are fairly close; is close to his Aunt and Uncle (Dare's Parents), and visits them often; Later becomes close friends with his cousin Dare; No brothers or sisters
Key Family / Relatives: Dad, Mom, Aunt, Uncle, Dare
Relationship with Friends: Unknown/unimportant
Key Friends: Dare
Key Enemies: None
Educational History: Graduated from Secondary School (THE BRITISH SCHOOL SYSTEM IS SO DIFFERENT FROM AMERICA'S...)
Phobias / Fears: Unknown/unimportant
Bad Habits / Vices: Spacing-out, underreacting, not trying his hardest (lazy. xD)
Emotional Problems: I don't know the word for it, but Damian sometimes feels more like he's his dad's "property" instead of his son.
Best Qualities: Friendly, doesn't criticize often, easygoing
Worst Qualities: Lazy, doesn't try to accomplish things (unmotivated)
Key Childhood Experiences: His mom and Dad got a divorce when he was 5, and his father gained full custody over him.
Personal Goals: To perform music (not really as a job, just for the heck of it)
Professional Goals: Get a better job (He currently works at an electronic appliances shop)
Style of Speech: BRITISH. (what. xD), calm, to-the-point but not rudely blunt.
Personality: Laid-back, friendly, calm... yeah.

IIIIT'S DAAAAAAMIAN. Damian is one of my favorite of my OCs for no good reason. xD; I just like him....

Damian is a 20-year-old living in London, England. He has a pretty crappy job at the moment... He works at an electronic appliances shop. He doesn't have a good job b/c as soon as he graduated, he went looking for a job. He didn't go to college or anything... so yeah. His grades were also mediocre. The thing is, Damian is actually very smart, he just doesn't apply himself. :U He meets his cousin Dare one day when Something Impossible goes to London to perform. But before I tell you that story, let me tell you this story...

Damian and Dare are cousins. Dare's mom is Damian's mom's sister. So Dare's mom is Damian's aunt and Damian's mom is Dare's aunt. You may remember that Dare lives with his aunt. That aunt is Damian's mom. :D

Damian is 2 years older than Dare. He was actually at the hospital when Dare was born. Damian and Dare used to play with eachother when they were kids. When Damian was 5, his parents started fighting and got a divorce. Damian's dad gained sole physical custody over Damian as a result of the divorce, so Damian has to live with his dad and stuff. Damian's mom is also thinking of moving to the United States in order to get a job. (She went to college there, so she has friends in the US.)

In the same year, Dare's parents are financially failing and are unable to take care of their child. Firmly believing that she will be able to take care of Dare, Damian's mom legally adopts Dare and moves to the United States. Dare's mom (reluctantly) lets Damian's mom do this because they are sisters. :d

Legally, Dare is actually Damian's mom's son. However, Damian's mom only adopted him because it would make moving to the US much easier on Dare; Dare was only 3-years-old at the time. Since Dare only lived in England for 3 years, he forgot about his parents and Damian and all that.

But anyways, enough about Dare. Damian grows up in England with his dad. Damian and his dad have a very distant relationship... They talk a little, but Damian doesn't like his dad much for "winning full custody" of himself. You see, there was a court case for the divorce and stuff, and Damian's mom lost.... something like that. Damian's dad may have only wanted to win so badly because he wanted to hurt Damian's mom. Damian's dad isn't a nice guy, you see... He's very smart, fairly wealthy, and supposedly handsome (I haven't designed him yet), but not very nice.

So anyways, Damian and his dad live together. In school, Damian initially tried hard to get good grades, but he never recieved any recognition or praise from his dad... so he stopped trying after that.

Even though Damian lives with his dad, he still keeps in contact with his mom through the phone and FACEBOOK (hahehehhah) and stuff. He also knows how Dare looks b/c Damian's mom puts pictures of Dare on her facebook account. Dare is kind of oblivious to all this stuff... Damian's mom usually talks on the phone with Damian when Dare's at school or something. IDK WHY DARE'S SUCH AN IDIOT.

...anyways again. When Damian graduated from high school or secondary school or whatever it's called in England, he moved out and got a job at an electronic appliances store. WHICH BRINGS ME BACK TO WHERE I STARTED. :D Now I can talk about when Damian and Dare meet. (SPOILERS?)

So one day, when Damian is playing his guitar outside the electronics shop during his lunch break (which he always does), it just so happens that Dare and the rest of the Something Impossible crew happen to be walking by. And so, they're REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOOOD! And it goes on....

Lalala... Now about Damian's personality. Damian is a really really chill dude. xD He's got kind of a "go with the flow" additude. He likes to daydream when he's bored, and is super calm. Like, for serious. He's actually a really nice guy, though. He knows how to talk to people. :D Oh yeah, and he loves music. He's good at the acoustic guitar and he likes to sing. :M

I put up there that one of his special skills is pointing out the obvious. It is a very useless skill indeed... To give an example of this skill, let's say for example he's on his way to his apartment and the door is looked. He will then proceed to say "Oh. It's locked." ....no duh, Damian. No. Duh.

I also put up there one of his nicknames is "D". Dare calls him this once... Idk what the situation was (it's unimportant), but Dare addresses in his American accent and says "Yo, D. Where's the remote?" ...or something like that. (Why the remote? xD;) Damian thinks it's weird that Dare called him "D". No, American people don't usually address people by the first letter of their name. But it's been done before...
/stupid story

Damian also thinks anglophiles (people who admire English culture) are embarassing.
Dare is a bit of a stupid anglophile (someone who thinks English culture is cool, but really doesn't know anything about it).