Extended Profile: Timothy Ackart

***Updated 11/20/11***
***Spoilers added 1/6/13 for crucial components of my story-thing. :V***

Yeah, I'm bored. AND I NEVER GET TO TALK ABOUT TIM. D: So I will. :D Yay.
*Warning! Contains mature content. Ish...? (WHAT, MATURE CONTENT?!?!?1 WHAT?????) ;A;*

Name: Timothy Ackart
Nicknames: Tim (what most people call him), Timochi/Chimochi(Japanese pronunciation; sometimes by Dare or his otaku friends HAHA...), Timmy (by Clair, usually; sometimes by Dare or Jake, jokingly.)
Age: 17
Birthday: March 12th
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Special Talent: Can ace classes without studying (smartie-butt...), video games, drawing-ish
Hobbies: Reading manga, playing video games, taking walks, doodling
Profession(s): Cashier/etc at American Eagle
Birthplace: Boston, MA
Current Residence: Boston, MA
Likes: Grunge music, indie-rock, manga/anime/video games, roller coasters, Rick
Dislikes: His mom, Jake (the main popular kid), social criticism, false personalities
Love Interest: Rick
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Hair Color: Red-orange
Hair Length: Mid-neck
Eye Color: Green
Jewelry/Accessories: Earring (left ear), small chain link necklace, ROXAS WRISTBAND HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA, ring (left hand)
General Appearance: IRISH. (what?) Moderate physique, fairly tall, fairly good-looking... uh. He's supposed to be attractive.
Relationship with Family: Hates his mom, never met his dad
Key Family / Relatives: His mom
Relationship with Friends: He hangs out with the popular kids, but has a somewhat "fake" relationship with most them. (I'll explain later in the post); Is truely friends with Dare and (almost by default) Rick
Key Friends: Dare, Rick
Key Enemies: His mom, Jake, Clair (to an extent)
Educational History: Graduates "this" year
Phobias / Fears: Genophobia (fear of sex) (;A;A;A; this is so weird for me to talk about laskdjrfoasj why did I even make your story so weird Tim get out of my face.)
Bad Habits / Vices: Indifferent (to his mom), doesn't act like himself around many people...? So I guess that makes him a liar.
Emotional Problems: Anxiety, cowardice
Best Qualities: Sympathetic, creative, virtuous
Worst Qualities: Uh... Fake around many people
Key Childhood Experiences: His mom got pregnant with him at 16, and his dad left him and his mom before he was born; Broke up with his girlfriend Clair in mid-10th grade
Personal Goals: To be himself
Professional Goals: ... :I I don't know. JAPANESE TRANSLATOR, MAYBE? He's too young to be thinking about his profession and career.
Style of Speech: Uh.... calm, laid back... teenager-ish... um. (I'm never goood at filling out these character sheets, so why do I do it? ;A;)
Personality: He has a kind and sincere heart, but he has a hard time showing it because of all the anxiety from the facade he keeps with his "friends" and dealing with his mother. He also has a slight cynicalness about him which usually only shows in his thoughts. It is usually directed toward his mother, Jake, Clair, and often times himself.

Blablah. Tim is kind of weird to talk about... because HE'S NOT A VIRGINNNN! AAAAAAH! Which is weird for me, 'cause pretty much all my characters are virgins... I THINK.... (!?!??!)
Actually that's false, because much of the OFAV crew are adults. BUT ANYWAYS...

Tim is a 17 year old boy in the same grade as Dare and Rick. At school, Tim somehow got intertwined with the "popular" kids and is kind of stuck in their group. He doesn't share many of the same interests with most of the kids, and his friendship with them is more or less fake.
He befriended Dare in 8th grade. :M He doesn't have to put up an act around Dare, so they truely are friends. :D Tim was also acquainted with Rick around the same time since Dare and Rick are always together. However, Tim became closer friends with Rick in 11th grade 'cause they had some classes together. (Not exactly a spoiler, but...)

From 8th to 10th grade, Tim had a girlfriend. :U (WHAT, A GIRLFRIEND??!?!??! NONE OF MY CHARACTERS EVER HAVE GIRLFRIENDS!!!! Except Zack. BUT THAT'S BECAUSE HE'S ZACK.)(Actually, it's kind of sad, isn't it? A lot of my characters don't have girlfriends... Like Dare and Damian. And Alcott. And... then the rest of the guys are gay, haha... ("""OTL) I probably have more straight guy characters, I'm just not thinking hard enough. ...And then there's Jamal... >_>;)

ANYWAYS, in 9th and 10th grade, Tim had a girlfriend, Clair. It was Clair that asked Tim out. Tim wasn't totally crazy about her; he thought she was pretty, but that was basically it. But in order to keep up his "cool" facade, he agreed to go out with her.
She was totally gaga about Tim, though. :I BECAUSE TIM'S JUST SO APPEALING, HAHAHHEHEHOEH. (??) Yeah. She was all like, "I LOVIE-LOVE-LOVE YOU, TIMMY. ♥♥♥" and Tim's all like, "Uhh, ahehe, k? :D;;;;;"
And then one day, they did it.
Um..... >______________> And then they broke up a couple weeks later.
But it's definitely a lot more dramatic if I were to write it out. .3.;; So basically, Clair talked Tim into doing it with her, and he regreted it completely, afterward. The reason Tim felt so bad about doing it was because Tim's Mom got pregnant with Tim at 16. (At this point in the story, Tim is 16 as well.) So he felt that doing it with Clair made him no different from his mom. Which is why Clair and Tim broke up later, because he felt he couldn't keep up his lie anymore.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO ANOTHER TOPIC: Tim's relationship with his mom.
Tim is an only child who lives with his mom. His mom, Cassidy, got pregnant with Tim when she was 16; the father was Cassidy's high school boyfriend. They never got married; Tim's father bailed on Cassidy as soon as he found out she was pregnant.

Tim hates his mother. In fact, one rule he lives by is to not be like her in any way. (as in deliberately acting in ways she doesn't act, etc...) Again, that's why Tim regretted having sex with his girlfriend because he was acting like his mother.

Tim's mom is a drinker and a smoker, and is usually out late drinking. She's also usually unemployed. Tim lives in a shabby apartment and learns to take care of himself as a result. He's usually the one that picks his mom up from the bar, and takes care of his mother more than she takes care of him. However, he takes care of his mother out of an assumed obligation rather than out of emotional attachment. (Or so it seems.)

She and Tim don't talk much, so they haven't really developed any sort of relationship. Throughout his life, Tim had to face the verbal and occasionally physical abuse from his mother. Cassidy's life is really hectic and disorderly, so she puts all the blame on Tim. She tells him often that everything is his fault, and if he weren't born everything would be better.
And he believes her since she's told him so much.

Apparently, Tim looks like his dad. This is another reason why Tim and his mom don't get along; Cassidy doesn't particularly like looking at Tim because he reminds her of her ex boyfriend. When she's drunk, she'll sometimes mistake Tim for her ex-boyfriend, and sometimes call him by her ex's name.

As much as he doesn't like his mother, he can't leave her because she's all he's got.

WOO drama. Okay.

Despite all the drama going on in Tim's life, he's actually a good guy. I guess that's why he's popular and people like him; he tries to be nice to everyone. Or more accurately, he tries to agree with everyone. But that's also his problem... he doesn't like to disagree with people. So even if he doesn't think something's right, he doesn't say anything. This is most obvious when he's with Jake, one of the popular kids in school. Tim hangs out with Jake the most out of all his "friends", which is unfortunate for him because Jake is the crudest and most obnoxious of the bunch.

Tim's whole character is kind of like a... "virtuous liar", because he's a kind and virtuous person, but he can't help but lie because of how his life is situated. ...that makes no sense. BUT THAT'S HOW IT IS!

If you read the spoilers way earlier, you know that his love interest is Rick. But how does Rick fit into all of this? Rick is someone Tim learns to lean on, and they become close friends. Rick helps Tim get by in life.
...I could talk more about Rick and Tim, but I won't just becaus I'm lazy. xD

And now for something completely different: Tim likes grunge music! AAAA, DEPRESSING MUSIC FROM THE 90S. Yeah. Like Nirvana. He also likes alternative rock. Oh, and his favorite band is R.E.M. (so random, idk.)
Tim also likes to read manga. :U Yeah, idk. He gets pretty hyped up about it sometimes. xD; He'll be like, "DARE, THIS MANGA WAS AMAZING IT WAS ALL LIKE AMAZING YEAHHHHH" and Dare'll be like "Ahaha you weirdie. :D" (....;;;) But usually only around Dare and Rick.
He's also taking Japanese in school. He's in LEVEL 5 JAPANESE WHOOOO YEAHH.

Bloop bloop... Just thought of something else to add. o3o
Because Rick is traveling the country and such with Dare and Something Impossible for much of his senior year, he asked Tim to babysit his little siblings (namely his 8-year-old brother James) when necessary. So Tim is pretty close to Rick's family, especially James. :M Which is good...

Oh yeah, by the way, none of this story is ever talked about in the Rock Band comic. Tim does appear from time to time... or he and Rick talk on the phone or something, but that's about it. He's a totally minor character, due to the fact that no one cares about Rick's love life after he gets over Dare. (ahaha what.) All of this will appear in A Life Like This, which is a written story.

Oh, one last thing. There are some not-so-obvious correlations between Tim and Dare. Why? Well, I don't really know.... To show their differences, despite their similarities. (what?)

  • Tim and Dare are both only children living with one adult. However, Tim obviously has a distant relationship with his mom, while Dare is very close to his aunt.
  • Tim and Dare both like 90s music! 8D (Ahahe...) However, Tim perfers grunge (TEEN ANGSTY ROCK ROCK MUSIC) and Dare likes post-grunge (somewhat more "lighthearted" than grunge, if you will... As wikipedia puts it, "a more commercially acceptable tone"). (This is so random....)
  • Tim and Dare both have fairly low self-esteem (WAAAHHH. ;A;), but Dare kinda just ignores it and puts his concerns into other people, while Tim is all like "WHY ME. ;A;A;A;" (sometimes....)
  • Tim and Dare both practice abstinence (Well, Tim does now...). However, Dare practices abstinence mostly out of naivety (what?), while Tim is out of fear (what what?)

That is all.
I barely talked about Tim's personality.
It's because I have nothing to say. orz And I'm kind of dead from typing so much. And it's late.
And now I will get banned for talking about sex. ;A;
I hope not. :I