Extended Profile: Zack

Since I did one for Michka, I figured I'd do one for Zack...

***Warning! Spoilers for my Rock Band comic***

*Note: When I say football in this post, I mean American football*
*Yeah, that's right Arcticwulf. I'm talking to YOU. xD*
*Just kidding, it's an anomynous message...*

Name: Zachary Moreau (LALA. Some sort of cool last name.)
Nicknames: Zack (what most people call him), Zack with the Six Pack (by Dare. xD;; I'll explain later.), Secret Z (I'll explain this one later too)
Age: 23
Birthday: Idkdkdkdk.
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1 (TOO TALL.)
Special Talent: Singing, tambourine (xD), sports (specifically football), can say rude things with an innocent smile on his face, has cool hair (....special talent?)
Hobbies: Singing, watching TV, picking on Dare
Profession(s): Singer for Something Impossible
Birthplace: Danville, Kentucky, USA
Current Residence: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Likes: Michka, having people trust in him, singing, 80s rock, driving, his hair, performing on stage
Dislikes: People messing with his hair, being a liar, people stealing his hairstyle (PUSTILLIO)
Love Intrest: Michka
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair Color: Naturally brown, traditionally dyed black on the left and blue on the right, but he changes his hair color often
Hair Length: Above mid-neck
Jewelry/Accessories: Left ear pierced (key earring), ring on left index finger
General Appearance: He's supposed to be attractive, but it's so hard to draw him attractive because his hair is so WEIRD.
Relationship with Family: Average
Key Family / Relatives: Idk
Relationship with Friends: He thinks they're cool oh yes.
Key Friends: Michka, Loyal, Dare, Rick
Key Enemies: Pustillio (for stealing his hairstyle)
Educational History: Graduated from highschool
Phobias / Fears: Losing Michka
Bad Habits / Vices: lacks a sense of perspective (he can't understand another person's point of view easily), doesn't think his plans through very well (ie: stupid. xD jk)
Emotional Problems: Conflicted ideals (is this even an emotional problem? xD)
Best Qualities: Enjoyable to be around
Worst Qualities: Can be overly-proud
Key Childhood Experiences: If childhood = highschool, he and Michka broke up when he was 18. Oh yeah, and he moved to Boston when he was in 9th grade.
Personal Goals: To win Michka back. Haha. xD
Professional Goals: To stay as Something Impossible's singer. But he also wants to play football, so he's a little confused about what he wants to do.
Style of Speech: Usually carefree
Personality: Fun-loving, friendly, carefree, a little thick headed (xD;;), yeah.

ZACK IS THE SINGER FOR THE BAND, SOMETHING IMPOSSIBLE. (Why the caps? xD) He's probably the least thought-out of the SI band members. :< Mostly because he has no siblings and his parents aren't really relevant to the story... so that doesn't leave me with a lot of room to come up with stuff... :D; But I'll give you what I've got. :D;;; Most of it is just character personality stuff...

Zack is a carefree and friendly guy who's easy to talk to. Sometimes he acts on whim. :I Sometimes he has ideas that pop into his head, and he decides to go through with them. (Like performing an unrehearsed song at a live concert or something.) He has a lot of faith in the band, and thinks Something Impossible is the coolest thing EVAR. (???)
Zack has a singy-songy (?) moderately deep-toned singing voice. (what. xD) By singy-songy, I mean the opposite of most punk/alternative rock singers, who sing kind of nasily or squeaky. (I'm not insulting them, that's just the best way I can describe it. xD;) And by deep-toned, I mean deeper than a lot of male singers who are popular nowadays, like Train, Justin Bieber (what), the guy who sings that Collide song, etc, but not as deep as the guy who sings for Dire Straits. :D (no one knows who that is. orz)
It's like a combinatin of Bono's voice and Zac Efron's voice. 8D (how? xD)

While I'm on the topic of his singing voice, one of Zack's favorite hobbies is singing. :D Which is good, because he's a singer. He sings ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I mean it. He'll be walking down the street and singing do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do, cooking and singing, driving and singing, playing football and singing....
Well okay, just kidding about that last one. But he sings a lot. xD
He doesn't ususally sing alone, though. Usually the band joins in with him while he sings randomly. :D YAY.
Zack also really enjoys performing onstage. :d It's one of his favorite things to do, and he's pretty skilled at putting on a good show. :D He just likes to get up there and have fun. :>
He also talks to the croud a lot during performances. xD; IDK, OKAY?

...I should talk about his past and highschool now. :D
Zack moved to Boston, Massachusetts from Danville, Kentucky in 9th grade. (Not the Danville Phineas and Ferb live in. xD) Danville is more rurual than Boston. Zack acquired a slight country accent and a taste for country-rock music (actually, that's just 'cause his parents listened to country-rock) from living in Danville. He also played outside a lot. (Irrelevant. xD) He was excited to get out of Danville and move to the city, though. :U
When Zack moved to Boston, he wasn't entirely popular, partially because he seemed like a country bumpkin (orz) and people didn't really want to talk to him. Because high schoolers are just mean like that. (jk) It was weird for Zack to not have many people talk to him because he was popular at his old school. (But that's just 'cause his school was so small that he knew everyone. xD;)
He learned to cover up his accent and joined the football team in 10th grade. He (strategically) befriended the popular kids and became a prep OH MAN. By 12th grade, he was POP-YEW-LAR.

In 12th grade, he started going out with 10th grader Michka. (Why? xD;) And because they were dating, he was pulled into the band idea Michka and her sister Laetitia had. xD Zack became one of the singers in the band, and high school friends Lucia, Ace, and Pustillio were recruited into the band. The band became known as the Fire breathin grandpaZ, and was managed by an old man who called himself Mistubishi. (Mitsubishi's an acquaintance of Ace's, which is how he was pulled into the band.)
Zack wasn't really crazy about the band thing, but he didn't mind singing. Later that year, he recieved a letter from a college saying he had been accepted into some college and could recieve a full scholarship for football or something. (I don't really know how it works... xD;)
He planned on leaving the band and breaking up with Michka because he'd be going to college out of Boston, but Michka found out about the scholarship first, and broke up with him. (There's more to the story than just that, but it'd be too long to write out. xD;)
Zack and Michka left the Fire breathin grandpaZ, and Zack didn't take the scholarship because he didn't want to be without Michka. Later Zacka nd Michka made up (sort of, Michka's still mad at him) and formed Something Impossible. Zack graduated that year, and Michka recruited Loyal the next year.

What the heck. He was like some sort of Troy Bulton, singing and playing sports. ._.

Zack's grown up some from his high school self. He's not as self concious about being popular or getting other people's approval. He still is a little, but not nearly as much. He also used to party and drink in high school because it was "cool", but he doesn't really anymore. (Well, he's of drinking age now, so he has a beer every so often...)

Zack enjoys picking on Dare because Dare acts to the extreme about everything. :d So it's fun for Zack.

I mentioned earlier that two of his nicknames are "Zack with the Six Pack" and "Secret Z"... Well, he gets "Zack with the Six Pack" from Dare. A couple times, Zack calls Dare "Dare with the Hair". Dare tries to think of something smart to say in return, but is at a loss because the only thing he can think of at the time that rhymes with Zack is "attack". Later, when Something Impossible goes to the beach (California), Dare says to Zack "Hey dude, you have a six pack." and epiphany occurs and decided Zack's nickname is Zack with the Six Pack. :D (SUCH A LONG EXPLINATION.)
The nickname "Secret Z" is one given to Zack by himself. One day (Halloween maybe?) he decides to dress up as a super hero and calls himself Secret Z.

Woah. This came out a lot longer than I thought it would. :U I surprisingly have more to say, but I'll save that for another time...