Extened Profile: Michka

I figured I'd do one of these for Michka...


Name: Michka
Nicknames: Mishie (by Zack)
Age: 21
Birthday: I don't knowwww....
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10
Special Talent: Guitar, as well as singing
Hobbies: SHOPPING. She's a shopoholic.
Profession(s): Guitarist for Something Impossible; Formerly employed at a local supermarket
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Current Residence: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Likes: Being in control, Being independent, success
Dislikes: Her sister
Love Intrest: Zack
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair Color: Red-orange
Hair Length: Past her shoulders, mid-back...?
Eye Color: Blue
Jewelry/Accessories: Necklaces, both ears pierced, rings, bracelets (she likes jewelry. xD), gloves, and eyepatch over her right eye (for style? xD).
General Appearance: A little over-the-top, but people see her as TALL AND GOR-JUSS. xDD
Relationship with Family: Bad terms with her sister, annoyed with her parents, loves her grandparents.
Key Family / Relatives: Her sister, Laetitia
Relationship with Friends: Um. Normal. xD;
Key Friends: Loyal, Zack
Key Enemies: Laetitia
Educational History: Graduated from highschool
Phobias / Fears: Being lied to (?)
Bad Habits / Vices: Overly proud, bossy
Emotional Problems: Inferiority complex
Best Qualities: Determined
Worst Qualities: Hard-headed
Key Childhood Experiences: Is always one step behind her sister
Personal Goals: To surprass Laetita
Professional Goals: To be famous
Style of Speech: Bossy, an "I don't care what you think, this is how it's going to be so shut up" kind of speech. xD;
Personality: Hard-headed, stubborn, proud, a bit insensitive, but loyal to her friend.

The girl with the eye-patch for no apparent reason.
I don't know where to start with her. xD;;

Michka is the guitarist for the band Something Impossible. She loves to shop for fancy and gaudy things, but mixes them up in a way to give them her own style.
Sometimes she dresses in sweet-looking clothing, but then she's all like, "BNENENNELENELENELLENENNERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!" on her guitar at concerts (yes, that was my version of a guitar sound effect), and she's all like, "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH ROCK ON LOSERS" (what a terrible statement...) and stuff. Sometimes...? xD The point is, she is not dainty. Except on some occasions.
She's supposed to be the sexy one of the band, but... I'm not very good at drawing pictures in the catagory of... sexy. So just pretend, okay? xD;
I'm not sure why Michka wears an eyepatch. She thinks it's cool. She thinks it makes her "HARD CORE HRGH." She thinks it's stylish. I don't now. xD;

In highschool, Michka and Zack were dating. Michka was a sophmore and Zack was a senior. Zack was also a jock; he played football. xDDDD; YES. WEIRD, I KNOW. He also had normal hair in high school.
Michka and Zack were in a band with Laetitia (Michka's twin sister), Lucia (highschool friend), Ace (highschool friend), Pustillio (highschool friend) (I don't know if that's his real name. xD), and an old man called Mitsubishi as their manager. The band was called the Fire breathin grandpaZ (haha. xD).
Michka broke up with Zack when he left the band. Zack left the band because he got a college scholarship for football. He was also planning on leaving Michka because of the scholarship.
Michka also dropped out of the band because she didn't feel like being in the band without Zack. (She wasn't really close with any of the other band members, including her sister.)
Later, Zack realized he didn't want to be without Michka, and didn't take the scholarship. Instead, he made up with Michka (sort of, she still holds a grudge against him, which is why they're not dating or anything), and they started their own band called Something Impossible.
Zack graduated the next year, and Michka was a junior. In one of her classes, Michka met Loyal and let her join the band. They didn't have a bass player until Dare came along, about 3 or 4 years after Michka graduated. (!!) Even before Dare came along, they were writing songs and performing in the highschool's Battle of the Bands event. (Zack played bass at the highschool stuff, but he wasn't very good. xD;)

On a side note, the Fire breathin grandpaZ were playing at a restaurant somewhere a few years after Michka and Zack left the band, when a record company scout (also known as an Artist and Repertoire manager) found the band and were signed to a record label. :0
Later in the comic, Something Impossible briefly tours with the Fire breathin grandpaZ. :D Michka and Zack were replaced by a guy named Danny, by the way.

Michka is NOT NOT NOT on good terms with her twin sister, Laetitia. They have an extreme rivalry. It's totally cliche, but Laetitia was born a little bit earlier than Michka, and is better at everything than Michka. Michka's really annoyed about that, because Laetitia gets more attention than Michka. Even when the two of them were younger, their parents gave Laetitia all the attention.

Michka is extremely hard headed and plays by her own rules. :d She doesn't listen to people, haha. xD; She's also a pretty independend woman, and can stand up for herself. She's also a very skilled electric and acoustic guitarist. :d

Michka's name comes from the Russian word for mouse (mysh). Which is ironic, because Michka is definitely not a mouse. xD;
On a side note, I pronounce Michka's name as "Meesh-kuh", but I think the proper pronunciation is "Mish-kuh" wih a short "i" sound. The "ch" in her name is pronounced as "sh". :D

Uh.... I could probably say more about her, but I'll stop here for now. :I