Extended Profile: Jamal

Yay. Profile... All I ever post in this world are profiles... xD; Anyways, Jamal.

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Name: Jamal Dilag
Nicknames: None
Age: 15
Birthday: Some time in March
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4 to 5'5?
Special Talent: Knows a lot about plants (what kind of living conditions certain plants like, names of exotic plants), knows a plants personality, can talk to plants, hand-to-hand combat ability
Hobbies: Visiting the forest outside of Centro Flura
Profession(s): Unemployed
Hometown / World: Centro Flura
Current Residence: Centro Flura
Likes: Natural things, plants, Sora
Dislikes: Humans, industrialization, what Centro Flura has become
Keyblade: Tsubomi (Japanese for flower bud)-- Has the ability to become limp like a whip or vine, and can also grow. It requires a lot of technique to be used effectively. It's good for catching or grabbing far-off items. The top part of the keyblade has thorns that damage on impact, but do little damage. The flower on the top of the blade can blossom and release a sleeping pollen-type magic to make the opponent fall asleep. The sleep magic doesn't work well on many heartless, but is effective against nobodies.
Love Intrest: A plant he calls "Kaibigan" (Tagalog for friend)
Sexual Orientation: "Plant"-sexual, technically bisexual
Hair Color: Naturally dark brown, dyes tips blue
Hair Length: Goes to bottom of neck
Eye Color: Amber-yellow
Jewelry/accessories: Gloves, belt w/ item storage case
General Appearance: Handsome youth?
Relationship with Family: Despises his parents.
Key Family / Relatives: None
Relationship with Friends: Friends with all plants in the forest
Key Friends: Kaibigan, Sora
Key Enemies: All people of Centro Flura
Educational History: None; Either skips school, is a dropout, or just didn't go at all
Phobias / Fears: Losing the forest, losing Kaibigan, losing his mind
Bad Habits / Vices: Hating people... xD;;
Emotional Problems: Delusional understandings, paranoia, some think he has hallucinations and some describe him as insane; Jamal however thinks he's the most sane person in Centro Flura
Best Qualities: Cool-headed, usually
Worst Qualities: Wants to kill, sometimes
Key Childhood Experiences: Centro Flura was a nature-based town, but began industrialization when Jamal was 5
Personal Goals: Kill the person who changed Centro Flura
Professional Goals: None
Style of Speech: Calm and cool, but slightly dreamy (In normal state); Brash and hateful (In psychotic state)
Commonly Used Words / Slang: Sometimes slips Spanish and even Tagalog into his speech
Personality: Insociable, mentally unstable

Centro Flura (from the spanish words "downtown" and "flower") was a completely natural town that was blooming with exotic plants and flowers. Rivers and springs were scattered throughout the town, and were the main sources of water. Houses were usually decorated with potted plants and such, and were taken good care of. Children played outside in the springs and in the forest for fun.
Jamal was born into the natural Centro Flura, and up until he was 5, his life couldn't be better. He got along well with his parents, and he often played with the other kids in the forest.

A couple months after Jamal's 5th birthday, a business man from a nearby town came to Centro Flura with a big idea: He wanted to turn Centro Flura into a big city. He began taking control immediately, starting a lot of construction work for malls and other buildings, and cutting down much of the forest outside of the town to make more room for industrial workplaces and stuff. In one year, most of the exotic plants in the town were disposed of because of massive industrialization. Cars, cell-phones, and other electronics also increased in popularity.
Jamal was absolutely devistated, and tried to talk to his parents about how he thought what was happening to the town was wrong. His parents were completely engrossed in the industrialization and increase in technology, and ignored him.

When Jamal realized that people didn't care about what Centro Flura used to be, he became angry. He hated people for forgetting about the town. He hated everyone in his town.

10 years later, Centro Flura is completely industrial. Jamal doesn't even consider the industrial Centro Flura to be his hometown. He often wanders into the forest on the edge of town, the only place that reminds him of how the town used to be.

Because of the industrialization, a poisonous (but not deadly) smog covers the town. The smog mentally damaged Jamal.... So he kind of acts dilusional. Or like, he act's like he's high, or kind of like he's in a dream land.
His surreal way of acting is more noticable when he's in the forest, because he doesn't have to conceal his emotions when he's there.
Also, because Jamal is a little out of it, it's hard to tell whether he's serious or sarcastic, and it'd difficult to believe in him because he's a little mental.
The smog also makes him sick, so he coughs a lot.

Jamal can talk to plants, but nobody in Centro Flura believes him. They all instead think he's a mental patient, and usually ignore him. Even Jamal's parents don't bother listening to anything he says anymore, because they think he's crazy.
Jamal talks to plants in what they call the "ancient language". It can't be heard with your ears or spoken with your mouth, but it can be heard and said in your head. Out of habit, Jamal speaks out loud to the plants. They can still hear him, though. Haha....

Due to his hatred towards humans and mental instibility, Jamal has a sexual attraction to plants.
Yes, I did say sexual. Not just an attraction, but a sexual attraction. So sometime's he's lustful towards plants.
He's even flirted with a plant before. EL OH EL. But not in the "Hey baby, what's your sign?" kind of flirt. It's hard to explain. :I
But it's not really that weird to him because he can hear plants talk, and he can talk to them.

Jamal got his keyblade from the oldest tree in the forest. Jamal believes the keyblade was given to him to kill the person who destroyed Centro Flura, but it was actually given to him to give to Sora. The old tree doesn't tell him that, because it wants Jamal to figure that out for himself.

The first person Jamal trusts in a long time is Sora, because Sora believes everything Jamal says about the plants.
Jamal also refers to Donald as "the white one" (because his feathers are white) and one time, "the weird one".

I could say about 1209382985 more things about Jamal's story, but I'm done for now.

I think the whole purpose of me making Jamal is because I think plants are totally underrated. xD There's all kinds of stories about people talking to animals, but not many about people talking to plants....