Extended Profile: Alcott Stophcres

Haven't done a profile in a while...
I also haven't drawn Alcott in a long while! D: The only time I ever draw him is in doodle form. I only have one picture of him in my gallery, too. D: Anyways, profile...

**Warning! Extreme spoilers ahead!**

Name: Alcott Stophcres (idk fancy made-up last name. xD;)
Nicknames: Nuisance (to Ms. Marigold)
Age: 16
Birthday: Unknown/undecided
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6
Special Talent: Writing, calligraphy, musical talent (Piano, Violin, Harp), etiquette
Hobbies: Reading poetry, visiting Luli, conversing with Ms. Marigold (even though it seems like he doesn't enjoy their conversations at all, at first.)
Profession(s): Student/unemployed
Birthplace: England
Current Residence: Dreams; England (ending)
Likes: High-class stuff/fancy stuff. xD;
Dislikes: When people don't listen to him, when things don't go his way, working
Love Intrest: Luli
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Above mid-neck
Eye Color: Dull blue
Jewelry/accessories: Gloves, hat
General Appearance: Prim and proper (xD;)
Relationship with Family: Distant
Key Family / Relatives: None
Relationship with Friends: Idk, he doesn't really have friends.
Key Friends: Luli, Ms. Marigold
Key Enemies: Undecided
Educational History: Tutored at home (see special talents)
Phobias / Fears: Things he doesn't understand, People making fun of him, dying
Bad Habits / Vices: Extremely cocky
Emotional Problems: Uh... I don't know at the moment. xD;
Best Qualities: HM....
Worst Qualities: Lazy, bratty, full of himself, naive
Key Childhood Experiences: He was brought up by a rich family and hardly gets to leave his house, and became extremely pampered
Personal Goals: To be better than everyone; To return to England
Professional Goals: To be rich? (idk. xD;)
Style of Speech: 1800s English Accent (AAAA ACCENTS.)
Commonly Used Words / Slang: ....
Personality: (Beginning) Bratty, bossy, childish, snotty, and insensitive; (End) Still a little childish and bossy, obedient, open-minded, more sincere than before

Alcott is a rich boy from England during the Victorian Era (late 1800s, I think?). He's an extremely insensitive and bossy kid who doesn't care about other people's feelings. This is mostly because he's lived a very closeted life with servants and stuff. So he's super ignorant of the real world, and doesn't really understand people at all.

Alcott is actually very smart, though. If he was less bossy and rude, he'd have a lot of potential in music and poetry... but his negative traits kind of block out his creative side... or something like that.
He also thinks he's right, no matter what. Even if he's wrong, he thinks he's right. xD;

As a result, he throws many tantrums about his lifestyle... And complains a lot. He hates how he lives because he thinks it's super boring. He's stuck in his house all day, and there's not really much to do except read or play instruments and be tutored by tutors.

Alcott looses it one day, and yells at his parents about how he hates the way he's living. He goes to his room, and says to himself how he wishes he could leave to "somewhere far away". The next day, he finds a pocket watch that transports him to Dreams. (see Chapter 1 dialoge parts one and two. Also see Dreams clarification.)
The pocket watch was sent by a young girl of about 15 named Luli, who is the creator of Dreams.

When Alcott gets to Dreams, his immediate reaction is that he wants to go home, which completely contradicts with his earlier thoughts.
Luli, although a bit dissapointed, agrees to help him return home. She say the only way to get back home is to recreate the pocket watch (which was destroyed when Alcott was transported to Dreams), and to recreate the pocket watch you need to find the pieces.

Alcott chages while in dreams, and begins to understand people and how to interact with them. He learns a lot of things about life.

Eventually, Alcott does find all the pieces. But he becomes attatched to Dreams and Luli, and doesn't want to leave. He does end up going home, though.

Alcott and Luli have a kind of childish friendship and later love relationship. This is shown when Alcott tries to kiss Luli; Luli initially rejects his kiss because of his nervous expression and says, "I can't kiss someone when they're making such a ridiculous face!". Alcott calms down after that, and they share a kiss. (CHUH-YEAH. ALCOTT, LADIES MAN. idk.)

Ms. Marigold and Alcott originally hated eachother. This is because Ms. Marigold always pointed out Alcott's flaws (he hates when people do that), and Alcott annoyed Ms. Marigold with his rudeness. Eventually, their relationship developes and they become more comfortable with eachother. Ms. Marigold even tells Alcott about her past, which is a sign that she trusts him.

That is Alcott. :|

...I revealed a lot of the story, didn't I? xD;;;;;;;; SORRY.