Profile: Rick

I haven't done one of Rick yet, so here.
This might have spoilers for my Rock Band comic, but I reccomend reading this because I don't get the chance to talk too much about Rick since he's not actually a band member.

Name: Rick Stairwell
Nicknames: Ricky (sometimes), Richard (sometimes by Dare, even though his name isn't even Richard), Ricardo (by Dare, when Rick is being a romantic)
Age: 17
Birthday: August 23
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Special Talent: Working with electronics, constructing and managing ideas, housework, and he's secretly a good dancer...
Hobbies: Talking on the phone, using the computer, hanging out with Dare
Profession(s): Band manager for Something Impossible (possibly pro bono)
Birthplace: USA, I don't know which state....
Current Residence: Boston, MA (USA). He moved to Boston when he was in 4th grade
Likes: His camera, hats, his headphones, romance novels, stuff... yeah.
Dislikes: Spicy food, school, homework, being overworked, stress, depression, people fighting/arguing
Love Intrest: Dare (eventually Tim.)
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual (Technically homoromantic asexual, but he doesn't know the intricacies of his orientation so he refers to himself as homosexual.)
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Goes to the middle of his neck
Eye Color: Brown
Jewelry: Both ears pierced, wears a chain necklace
Relationship with Family: GOOD! :D
Key Family / Relatives: Mom, Dad, 3 sisters, brother
Relationship with Friends: GOOD! :D
Key Friends: Dare, eventually Tim
Key Enemies: None
Educational History: In high school
Phobias / Fears: Being alone
Bad Habits / Vices: Keeping his problems to himself
Emotional Problems: Like... depressed or something.
Best Qualities: Hard-working (when he's up for the job)
Worst Qualities: Timid
Key Childhood Experiences: Met Dare in 4th grade, started crushing on Dare in 9th grade (I'll explain later in the post)
Personal Goals: To... live a happy life...?
Professional Goals: To be a movie director or to have a similar profession.
Style of Speech: Uh. Like... kinda shy... ish... and like... worried... RICK. MAN UP.
Commonly Used Words / Slang: Like, totally(?!?), oh, um, other stuff I don't know...
Personality: Tries to be outgoing, but he's actually constantly scared or worried about... well... everything. xD;

First off, I would like to say how unbelievably embarassing it is for me to talk about Rick.
Because he's so. Freaking. DRAMATIC. Or something. He makes even the littlest of things seem like soap-opera material.
But I'll try to get over my embarassment over him, and type what I can. :D;

Umm.... where to start...
Rick is Band Manager of the band Something Impossible, and Dare's (the bassist of the band) best friend. Even though he hasn't been to college yet and isn't educationally qualified to be the band manager, he somehow convinced the record company people into giveing him the job. I dunno how... but he just did. I haven't thought about how yet. xD; He wanted to be the band manager so he could tag along with Dare.
He is a good manager, though. So yay. :>
Although, he's a naturally timid person who depends greatly on people... But he's trying to teach himself to stand up for himself. ._.

Rick is really good at using and fixing electronics. He owns a lot of electronics like cameras, microphones, recording machines, headphones, music players, and stuff... Yeah. Before Dare joined Something Impossible, Dare liked to do covers of songs, and he and Rick recorded the covers at Rick's house. They also sometimes made music videos for the covers, so... that's why Rick has all this tech-y stuff. xD; YAY.

Since the Rock Band comic is mostly about music, I guess I'll talk about what kind of music Rick listens to...
He likes modern pop, like asldroaswre324;'eu LADY GOO GOO GA GA (Lady Gaga). I don't like Lady Gaga. He also likes that Orianthi song that I don't like (According To You). And yeah..... D:<

Rick's also secretly good at dancing. He doesn't really like dancing for fun or anything, but he's good at dance choreography. Usually the only time he dances is if he's teaching someone how to dance.
Hm. So there.

Oh yeah, and he likes collecting hats. HE HAS A (not so secret) HAT FETISH. But not really.

By the way, Rick's last name is a pun/gag. You see, Rick sounds like brick... so... brick stairwell. Like... a staircase made of bricks. xD; So uh... moving on...

Rick moved to Boston when he was in 4th grade. He met Dare in his 4th grade class. And... THEY'VE BEEN FRIENDS EVER SINCE! 8D
Fun times, fun times.

Rick started crushing on Dare when they were in 9th grade. He started wondering about his sexual orientation when he was in 8th grade, but he ignored it. He started to get scared because he thought it was weird that he liked a guy, so he kept to himself and didn't talk to his family much. Eventually, he told Dare that he liked guys, which confused Dare... so... The two of them didn't really talk for a while. Which... made Rick even more worried, because he thought something was wrong with him.
So he cried a lot in his room and skipped dinner and stuff because he didn't feel like talking, and didn't focus on school...
Eventually, Dare talks to Rick and everything is good in the hood. xD;
FUN. (That was all in 9th grade, by the way.)

I don't know.

Drama queen.
Anyways, the paragraph above didn't really sound that exciting, but it'd be better if I ever drew it.
Which I probably won't since I'm terribly lazy.