Extended Profile: Ms. Marigold

Due to the way the story of Dreams is set up, character profiles for any of the characters will give away some of the story.
Yeah. But if you don't care, read ahead! xD


This character profile will be a little different... Ms. Marigold comes in two parts: Her current self, and her past self (before she came to Dreams). So I will be posting two character profiles.

Name: Ms. Marigold
Nicknames: None
Age: Unknown (Appears to be around 20 to 25 years old)
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Special Talent: Excellent memory, Extremely knowledgeable, very calm
Hobbies: Reading particular books, taking orders from Luli, counceling, consulting... (are these even hobbies? xD;)
Profession(s): Luli's "consultor"; Dreams's "second-in-command"
Birthplace: Unknown (It is suggested that she was born somewhere in Europe)
Current Residence: Dreams
Likes: Order, perfection
Dislikes: Meddlers
Love Intrest: None
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Goes past her shoulders, but always has it up in a bun
Eye Color: Purple
Jewelry: None
General Appearance: Elegant? Ish? xD;;
Relationship with Family: No family
Key Family / Relatives: No family
Relationship with Friends: Doesn't consider anyone her friends
Key Friends: Luli maybe, Alcott maybe
Key Enemies: People who break the order
Educational History: Appears to be educated, but it is unknown if she actually went to school
Phobias / Fears: Herself, imperfection
Bad Habits / Vices: None
Emotional Problems: Hids her emotions?
Best Qualities: Intellegent
Worst Qualities: Indifferent
Key Childhood Experiences: Something happened to her right eye when she was an adolescent
Personal Goals: To be "perfect"
Professional Goals: None
Style of Speech: Serious, proper
Personality: Silent and calm, and gives off a lonely vibe. When she speaks, she's not afraid to show bitterness toward the one she's talking to. Upon first meeting, she shows a signifigant amout of disdain towards Alcott.

Ms. Marigold is the Co-creator of Dreams and Dreams's first resident. She is also Luli's consultant.
She usually only speaks when she's spoken to, and only gives nessisary information. She almost never says things that are not nessisary or relevent to the conversation.
She's always seen reading, and the book she's reading is unknown throughout the whole comic. (Until the end, maybe. If I decide to do it like that.) It's possible that she gets most of her knowledge from the book she reads, but it couls also be knowledge she just knows off-hand. So her intellegence is kind of a mystery. xD
Ms. Marigold is very particular about perfection or having the image of perfection. She sits extremely straight, her clothes are perfectly ironed, and she never has a hair out of place. Despite her "perfect" appearence, she finds her greatest fault to be her missing eye. The socket of her missing eye is covered by a crudely sewn-on patch that appears to be made of cloth. The patch has a drawing of an eye on it, and was given to her by Luli. She covers the patch with her hair as a way to hide her shame. (How she lost her eye will be explained in Ms. Marigold's "past self" profile, which is located farther down this post.)
She despises haughty and arrogant people, so it's no surprise when she refuses to give Alcott any assistance when he first comes to Dreams.
Ms. Marigold is also an asexual, or someone who has no desire to take place in sexual relationships. In the comic, her sexual orientation is interpreted as someone who has no desire to fall in love/inability to fall in love. At some point, she gets into a conversation with Alcott about love. She speaks about how she can't fall in love or has no desire to fall in love, in which Alcott responds by taking pity on her.


Name: Annabelle Beaudelaire
Nicknames: None
Age: "Deceased" at age 16
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Special Talent: None
Hobbies: None
Profession(s): Student/unemployed
Birthplace: Somewhere in France
Current Residence: "Deceased"
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: She would never say it, but her father and family
Love Intrest: None
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Goes past her shoulders, but always has it up in a bun
Eye Color: Purple
Jewelry: Necklaces, whatever her family choses for her to wear
General Appearance: Seemingly beautiful, but is actually quite plain
Relationship with Family: Her family has high expectations for her, but show excessive amouts of indifference toward her actual feelings
Key Family / Relatives: Her father
Relationship with Friends: None
Key Friends: None
Key Enemies: None
Educational History: Private tutors
Phobias / Fears: Her father
Bad Habits / Vices: Imperfection
Emotional Problems: Depression, paranoia
Best Qualities: Obedient
Worst Qualities: Imperfect
Key Childhood Experiences: Constantly scolded by her family, beaten by her father to the extent where he got so angry he carved her right eye out of her head
Personal Goals: To please Father
Professional Goals: Whatever Father wishes
Style of Speech: Monotoned, obedient
Personality: Obedient, timid, constantly in fear of her father

Little is known about Annabelle because Ms. Marigold tries to block Annabelle (her past self) from her mind.
What is known is that Annabelle comes from a rich family from France. Her family has high expectations for her, and provided her with private tutors for music, etiquette, and general knowledge. When she did something unmannerly or made a mistake with anything her parents scolded her. At first it was just mild scolding, but soon her parents became obsessed with the idea of Annabelle being a perfect girl. Even if she made the slightest mistake in speech, etiquette, music, dancing, or anything, her father would yell and beat her.
Annabelle soon became extremely scared of everyone, because she feared that they would all beat her or yell at her if she did something "wrong". She tried to do everything perfectly, but because her motive was out of fear, she began to make even more mistakes than she had before.
One day, Annabelle (16 years old now) was reciting a poem to her father, and slipped up on her words. This brought her father to the edge, and he became furious with her. He beat on her with whatever was in the room, yelling and screaming about how imperfect she was. All through the beating, Annabelle cried "I'm sorry Father, I will be perfect." over and over again. Her father finished the beating by gouging her right eye out with a spoon, ignoring her crying. He left Annabelle lying on the floor, bleeding, while she continued to say "I'm sorry Father, I will be perfect."
It is here that Luli appeared and brought her to Dreams. Upon noticing Annabelle's missing eye, Luli made her a "replacement eye" (the cloth with a drawing of an eye on it) out of good intention.
It is unknown how Annabelle got the name Ms. Marigold from Luli, it's possible Luli just got it out of the top of her head.
Ms. Marigold gets her "perfection complex" from Annabelle, because even though her father is long gone, she still tries to prove to him that she is perfect.


Even though Ms. Marigold and Annabelle are technically the same person, I want you to think of them as two different people. When Annabelle left her home and came to dreams, she is reborn as Ms. Marigold, a completely different person.

I haven't drawn a picture of Annabelle yet, so I'll try to get one up soon. :) Thanks for reading.