Extended profile: Stefan

Doing a character profile of Tomato's Manager, Stefan.

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Name: Stefan
Nicknames: Stef (by anyone, but usually Gabe or Jo), Stephanie (by Gabe, as a joke)
Age: 30
Birthday: I don't know, it doesn't matter...
Gender: Male
Height: 6 foot
Special Talent: Being organized, photography, tennis
Hobbies: Drinking
Profession(s): Modeling agent, with Tomato as his current client
Birthplace: America, maybe.
Current Residence: Paris, France
Likes: Tomato (to some extent), his job, alcohol, fashion
Dislikes: Tomato, his job, Tomato's boyfriend, life (at times), losing
Love Intrest: Tomato (and not Tomato. xD;;); Eventually, Gabe
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Length: Medium-short
Eye Color: Hazel-ish, more of a grey-green-brown
Jewelry/accessories: Sunglasses; in normal clothes, he might wear a necklace and a watch
General Appearance: Serious and stylish (I guess), but no one takes him seriously
Relationship with Family: Unknown
Key Family / Relatives: none
Relationship with Friends: He doesn't think he has friends. (But he secretly does. xD;;)
Key Friends: Tomato, Gabe, rest of the crew
Key Enemies: Tomato's boyfriend. xDDD
Educational History: Graduated high school, took photography classes in college
Phobias / Fears: Being heartbroken/betrayed (he's had bad romance experiences in the past)
Bad Habits / Vices: Drinking problems
Emotional Problems: Depression, mood swings, internal conflict (denial, ect...?)
Best Qualities: Focused, hard worker
Worst Qualities: Crabby, cocky, has no luck (Although, I guess he can't really help that he's unlucky...)
Key Childhood Experiences: Bad romance experiences, primarily in college (not really childhood...)
Personal Goals: Settle internal conflicts
Professional Goals: He secretly wishes he was a model. :0
Style of Speech: Blunt, isn't afraid to insult or ridicule someone.
Personality: Crabby, workaholic, in constant denial, proud/cocky, depressed

Stefan is Tomato's manager. 8D He's easily annoyed, and Tomato's non-stop talking usually bugs him like crazy.
But somehow he has developed an awkward crush on Tomato. He denies it completely, though... mostly because of the 9-year age difference between Him and Tomato (he says it'd be like a 12th grader dating a 3rd grader. xD;), and because Tomato is usually annoying. He hates Tomato at times because he's so annoying. He also gets aggravated with Tomato's naivety and stupidity. His crush on Tomato is mainly based on physical appearance and the fact that Stefan's around Tomato so much.

He also hates Tomato's boyfriend. :0 Because he's JEALOUSSSS.
But seriously, he is. Stefan always tries to prove he's better than TB, so he's extra proud and show-off-y around him. He'll also take any opportunity to insult TB. They have kind of a frienemy relationship, though; they actually both like fighting with each other. xD I guess? It's difficult to explain.

Stefan is always stressed due to overwork. He does most of the work required for Tomato's photography gigs and whatever. He's also stressed about his emotions and whatnot, especially over Tomato and Gabe. As a result, he's developed drinking problems. D: He drinks because he hates thinking about things, and would rather just have his problems disappear from his memory rather than try to solve them. He's often oblivious to his own feelings. (ie: he ignores them.) This is obvious in his relationships with both Tomato and Gabe. I guess it's more prominent with Gabe, though. He has obvious feelings for Gabe, but fails to realize it for some time...
And by then, everyone already knows. Hoho.

Gabe and Stefan have a weird relationship. :I If you read Gabe's character profile, you'll know that he's a big flirt and pervert. That annoys Stefan. Oh yes. He also doesn't think Gabe is serious about him since Gabe's such a big flirt. Although, Stefan does like Gabe for keeping him company and talking to him and stuff. Most of the other characters pay little attention to Stefan b/c they figure he's too busy.

For sure. xD
He's extremely serious about his job. The people he works with usually think it's funny how serious he is. 8D
He used to be a photographer, but now he's Tomato's manager. :0 Yay. He secretly wants to be a model, though.... So he's somewhat jealous of Tomato about that. He figures since he does all the work, he should be the one being photographed.


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