Extended Profile: Dare

**Updated 8/16/11**

I've decided to do some extended profiles of my characters. :0 It's basically where I type a whole bunch of stuff about a character. 8D So yeah. These profiles will be a little different from the original profiles I did of them, but these ones will be more accurate.
I did Dare's profile first because I needed some refrence pictures of him... yeah. o3o

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Name: Dare
Real Name: Oliver
Nicknames: Dairy fairy, Dare bear (?!), Darr, Idiot, Stupid, Jerk, The-not-smooth-guy, Secret D.A.R.E (I'll explain this one later in the post. xD)
Age: 18
Birthday: September 4th
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6
Special Talent: Music (plays the bass guitar and the oboe)
Hobbies: Studying, reading, playing music, listening to music, playing video games
Profession(s): Bassist for Something Impossible; Waiter/busboy at Charlie's Pub
Birthplace: London, England
Current Residence: Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
Likes: Music (obviously), food (xD;), Friends! 8D, happy people, life
Dislikes: Mean people, being hungry, being a jerk, cold weather, skinny jeans
Love Intrest: Loyal
Sexual Orientation: Straight. (Technically pansexual because he doesn't completely rule out the possibility of falling in love with a guy or anyone else,)
Hair Color: Natrually black, dyed blue.
Hair Length: Medium-short? xD;
Eye Color: Blue
Jewelry: Earrings, nose ring
General Appearance: Not beautiful, but not ugly.... normal? xD
Relationship with Family: His aunt = very close, his parents and the rest of his family = not so close (he doesn't remember them)
Key Family / Relatives: His Aunt (Lives with her, parental figure), Damian (cousin)
Relationship with Friends: Good? xD He likes being with his friends. o3o
Key Friends: Michka, Loyal, Zack, Rick
Key Enemies: None.
Educational History: Is in 12th grade, graduates "this" year.
Phobias / Fears: Change-o-phobia. xDD; The fear of change.
Bad Habits / Vices: He verbally beats himself up. xD; (Like, he tells himself he's not that great and stuff because he's afraid of getting a big ego.)
Emotional Problems: Low self-esteem...
Best Qualities: Carefree, energetic, usually HAPPEH
Worst Qualities: Hyperactive, impuslive
Key Childhood Experiences: Separated from parents when he was 3
Personal Goals: Enjoy living
Professional Goals: He doesn't know yet
Style of Speech: Informal with everyone, but adds formal speech to his informal speech when he's talking to people signifigantly older than him (eg: Sometimes says things like "yes, Ma'am" when spoken to by someone older, but still talks informally.); American accent
Commonly Used Words / Slang / Jargon: Man, Dude, wicked, wicked awesome, sweet, ect...
Lies / Misinformation: That he is in a relationship with Rick.
Personality: Carefree, engergetic, impulsive, ANNOYING, super dense, dramatic, overly excited (?), NOT SMOOTH, not manly

Dare is the bassist for the band Something Impossible. :D He's a senior of a public highschool in Boston, Massachusetts, and lives with his aunt. He gets super good grades and actually is pretty enthusiastic about school. :0 (Not "I LOVE SCHOOL!", but "Hey, school's not too bad. :D" and yeah...) His main goal in life is to enjoy living, possibly because he's seen people who don't appreciate the life they're given, and decides he should make the best of his life. Uh... yeah. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. xD OR IF IT SOUNDS CHEESY. IT'S NOT CHEESY IN HIS MIND. ;A;
Dare acts almost completely on impulse, which usually makes people think he's an idiot. xD; He's also super clumsy or "not smooth". x3

Dare finds importance in respecting adults. This is partly because he's a (subconcious) non-comformist. Since hardly any teenagers seem to respect adults and teachers, he tries to give adults the respect they deserve. Other kids sometimes misinterpret this as brown-nosing. He's really not being a brown-noser, though, he's just trying to be nice.
He's a fairly good kid... he listens to what his Aunt tells him to do, and is a general rule follower. He's a bit of a goody-two-shoes, but he just acts based on what he thinks is right. Dare blames his goody-goodyness on his friend Rick. xD Rick is an extremely nice guy, so I guess Rick just influenced him over time.

Dare loves music! :D His favorite genre of music is 90s music. xD;; And his favorite band is Matchbox 20. :D Although, he likes almost ALL music. Even rap. Even classical. Even bluegrass. Even... some other type of music. xD He thinks all musicians should get appreciation for what they write. 8D Obviously he likes certain music more than others, but he can tolerate all music. o3o Yeah.
While I'm on the topic of music, Dare plays the bass guitar and the oboe. The first instrument he played was the oboe, which he learned how to play in 5th grade in school. He's played it all through high school and is in the school's wind symphony. He started playing the bass when he was 12, and takes classes in school. He mostly taught himself, though. :0

Dare's best friend is Rick Stairwell. 8D Yeah. They met in 4th grade, when Rick moved to Boston from... somewhere. xD; They've been friends ever since. Dare is really close with Rick and his family, and visits them almost every day. They're kind of like family to Dare, almost like an Aunt/Uncle/Cousin relationship.
Dare looks out for Rick because he knows Rick can get pretty sad sometimes, and wants Rick to fully enjoy living. And yeah...

OH, and. Under his nicknames is "Secret D.A.R.E". This is because one day, Zack decides to dress up as a super hero and call himself "Secret Z". And Dare says sarcastically, "If you're 'Secret Z', then I'm 'Secret D.A.R.E."
So there.

...Well. enough of the easy stuff. Now I'm going to get into the complicated stuff about Dare.

Dare's parents are residents of London, England. Dare was also born in London, England. :D When he was born, his parents named him Oliver. His cousin Damian (who's 2 years older than him, btw) and Damian's mom (Dare's aunt) were present when Dare was born. When Damian was told that the baby's name was Oliver, he replied in saying "I wanted his name to be Darrel." ...but being the 2-year-old he was, he just pointed at Oliver/Dare and said "Daaahrrl. D:" And "Daaahrrl" sound a lot like "Dare", which is where Dare's nickname came from.
So then. 3 years passed by, and all is good. Until. Dare's parents are suffering from financial problems, and are having a difficult time taking care of Dare. (because they don't have enough money and stuff...)
Around the same time, Damian's parents divorce, and Damian's dad took custody of Damian.
So Damian's Mom/Dare's Aunt/Dare's Mom's sister offers to take care of Dare, being his legal guardian.
Dare's parents aren't completely keen on the idea, but they know it's the best thing for Dare since they're obviously having a hard time taking care of him.
So Dare's Aunt (who I'll call Auntie from now on) adopts Dare, and they move to Boston. (Auntie went to college in Boston, and has friend to help her out there, as well as provide her with a job.)

So. Dare moved to America when he was 3. He doesn't have an English accent, and Auntie's accent is very small. :)
Also. As Dare grew up in Boston, he never actually knew his name was Oliver. YOU SEE, Auntie... I guess... Registered his name as Dare instead of Oliver or something. .___. Not entirely sure if that's possible, but... yeah. That's what happened.
Also not entirely sure why she didn't put his name as Oliver. ._.; IT'S A MYSTERY!!

I think that's all. I might add more when I think of something, but maybe not.