Dreams: Chapter 1 dialogue (part 2)

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**Okay, I'm having SERIOUS issues coming up with good dialouge for this part, so if you have any suggestions, PLEASE TELL ME.**

<Scenery changes to Alcott's room. He's writing in a diary (?!?)>

Diary: <Read in Alcott's voice> Why doesn't anyone listen to me? All I want is something to do. Don't they realize how boring my life is? They're all selfish fools who neglect to notice anything I want. No one cares at all about my feelings. My mother thinks she understands, but... <writing stops>

Alcott: ...but she's not the one living this life. <grips pen> Rrgh... I hate this!! <swipes (?) at table, making all the books and pens fall off the table> All I want is to get out of this blasted house! <throws (?) himself onto his bed> I hate it! I hate it... <hides face in pillow>

<Shows Alcott's diary on the floor, and he turns to look at it>

Alcott: <He picks up the book, holds it for a minute, then kneels on the ground, looking at it, and puts the diary on the desk> Hahh... It's all their fault... It's always their fault. I hate them. They're the ones ruining my life... <Walks over to window, thinking> Someday, I'm going to leave these people behind. <Expression softens, and begins talking> Sigh... Oh how I wish I could leave... <looks at moon> ...To somewhere far away.

???: <Heard in Alcott's mind> You wish to leave?

!! What-- is.. Is someone there?! <Leans out window, but sees no one> ... <Slowly walks to bed, and lays down> How very strange... <eyes close, thinking> very strange... <Falls asleep>

<Scene ends with him sleeping
The next page opens up with the sun shining, to show it's morning>

Alcott: <Starts to wake up> Mmm... <Gets up groggily (??) and walks over to mirror> Oh... I fell asleep in my day clothes... <Stares at mirror> Hm.<Opens door from his bedroom, and a servant is (conveniently xD) walking by> You! Get my clothes ready. I'm going to town today.

Servant: ? Of course, young master...

<In the next panel, Alcott's dressed>

Mrs. S: Alcott?

Alcott: ? What is it, Mother? <somewhat annoyed>

Mrs. S: Are you going somewhere...?

Alcott: Evidently, I am. I'm going to town for a walk. ((WEIRD. uugh. xD;;))

Mrs. S: Dear, your literature instructor is going to be here at 1:00... you shouldn't--

Alcott: Tell him I'm away. Goodbye, Mother.

Mrs. S: ... <worried face>

Alcott: <Walking out door>

Servant: <Walks past Alcott, and bumps into him slightly> Ah. Excuse me, young master. <Continues on his way>

Alcott: <Walks outside, and notices a pocket watch on the ground about 5 feet from him> ? What's this...? <Walks over to it and picks it up (pocketwatch is face-down)> Oh... it's a pocket watch. <Runs fingers over the top of it> It must belong to that man who walked by. Hm... <turns it over to the front of the pocket watch. The front has the word Dreams written on it.> Dreams...? <Opens pocket watch>

Pocket Watch: <The pocket watch's dialouge is written on the inside "cover" of the pocket watch> Would you like to leave this world of yours?

Alcott: <reading> Wha...

Pock. W: Would you, perhaps, like to venture to the quaint little town of Dreams? Hurry along, the train leaves promptly at 13:00. I'll be sure that you enjoy your stay. ~Luli, Master of Dreams

Luli, master of... Dreams? The train leaves at 13:00...? <Looks at clock on the watch>

Pock. W:
<The clock has 13 numbers instead of 12. It's 12:59, 7 seconds til 13:00>

Alcott: !! What is...

Pock. W: < 3 seconds... 2 seconds... 1 second... 13:00>

<The pocket watch begins to glow. A beam of light comes out of it and shines on Alcott. A sharp noise is made, and Alcott passes out.
Alcott wakes up later in a white area with nothing around it. (No sky, no buildings, ect...)>

Alcott: <wakes up, confused> Where... what is this place? <looks around, but is still sitting on the ground> Hello? Is anyone there?

???: <from behind> Welcome to Dreams.

Alcott: <turns around, and standing behind him are Luli and Ms. Marigold>

-End Chapter 1-

**Yeah, it's a pretty short chapter. Think of it as an introductory chapter. ;D Also, it'll be better in comic form. xD; And once again, if you have any suggestions on how to make the dialouge better, please comment and tell me. :)**