Dreams: Chapter 1 dialogue (part 1)

*Posting this in case I lose the journal I wrote this in... sorry it's so long*
**Contains spoilers for my comic (obviously)**

Summary: Rich boy Alcott is currently not pleased with how he's living, despite its lavish surface. He then recieves a pocketwatch that teleports him to the world of Dreams.
Characters: Alcott Stophcres, Luli, Ms. Marigold, Mrs. Stophcres, Mr. Stophcres, Servants <Goes into character debth about Alcott. Luli and Ms. Marigold have very brief dialouge.>
Setting: Victorian Era, a time of peace in Britain. (Late 1800s) Located specifically at the Stophcres Manor. (England)
Things to do (personal use): Sketch Stophcres Manor, Decide on Alcott's clothing (two outfits), Finalize Ms. Marigold, Design Mr. and Mrs. Stophcres

Estimated Page Number: 15-25 pages
Narrator: The Victorian Era-- A time of peace and prosperity in Great Britain, under the rule of Queen Victoria. <A picture of the Stophcres Manor is shown> This is Stophcres Manor. It is the home of Mr. Stophcres, a wealthy [occupation. I haven't thought of one yet]... His wife, Mrs. Stophcres... and their only son, Alcott Stophcres.

Alcott: <bored> Sigh... <points to a servant (?)> You there! What is the hour?

Servant: <Pulls out a pocketwatch> It is 8:10, Young Master.

Alcott: <nods> Bring me to Mother. ((doesn't mean carry. xD)) I wish to speak to her about today's schedule.

Servant: Right away, Young Master.

<scenery changes to Mrs. Stophcres's room. Mrs. Stophcres is sitting on her bed, reading a book (maybe).>

Servant: Mistress, your son has come to see you.

Mrs. Stophcres:
Alcott is here? Oh... yes, come in son. <to servant> You are excused, Charles ((that's the servant's name)). Thank you.

Yes, mistress. <closes door behind him>

Mrs. S: Come Alcott, sit next to me. <moves over slightly> What do you want?

Alcott: I was just curious about... what you have planned for me to do today.

Mrs. S: Today... Today you have piano lessons from 9 to 10. At 11 to 1, you have penmanship and calligraphy classes. And your private tutor will be coming for evening classes.

Alcott: .. <thinking> It's the same nonsense I do every day... <to Mrs. S> Very well. I will prepare for my lessons then. <Exits through door, and says something about getting the piano tuned to a servant>

Narrator: Alcott, as you have seen, has a set schedule for every day. The schedule usually consists of music teachers and privat tutors. Scarce does he ever leave the manor. Days like his seem to repeat themselves.. and can get quite tedious for a boy his age.

<scenery changes to music room, after the lessons. Alcott is playing over the music. As the teacher begins to leave, Mrs. Stophcres stops to talk to him>

Mrs. S: Oh... please wait, [music teacher's name ((I haven't thought of it yet))].

Music Teacher: Yes, Mrs. Stophcres?

Mrs. S:
How is the boy... Alcott... Is he playing well?

Music T: He's doing very well, Ma'am, but he is lacking in patience and feeling to play truely beautiful music. <sighs> Now if you would please excuse me, I'll be on my way... <begins to leave> He's a brilliant musician, Ma'am... if not for his peevish attitude. <He leaves, and Mrs. S has a worried look on her face>

<Camera (?) switches back to where Alcott is>

Alcott: <Playing piano> This music... it's so boring. There must be something else to do... <Gets up from piano, and takes his music to his room>

<Scenery changes to the dining room. It is now nighttime. ((There will be a panel showing that it's nighttime))>

Servant: <Putting plates on table> The chefs have prepared a fine cuisine for a pleasant spring evening as this one, as well as a full-bodied wine from the wine cellar to compliment your meal. <pours wine as well> And for you, young master.. <Puts Alcott's plate on the table>

Alcott: ...

Mr. Stophcres: Well, isn't this nice. <picks up his for and knife, and begins to eat> Alcott, how was your day?

Alcott: <Irritated> How do you think it was? It's not as if I did something different from yesterday.

Mrs. S: ...A-alcott... your tutor is coming after dinner--

Alcott: Yes, Mother. I know.

Mrs. S: Then please try to finish your dinner quickly, so you have time to prepare for class...

Alcott: <Heard in his mind, words his mother and his tutors have been saying> "Alcott, be prepared..." "You have lessons today." "Your schedule today is..." "Today you are learning about..." <Thinking> It's the same thing. It's the same routine every day...

Mrs. S: Alcott...?

Alcott: I'm not doing them today.

Mr. S: Excuse me?

Alcott: I'm not doing them. I'm not doing my classes today. <begins to get up from table>

Mrs. S: Alcott, please try to be reasonable--

Alcott: No! <stands up> How can you not understand, Mother?! Day after day, it's the same routine! I feel like a mad man going in circles!

Mrs. S: Dear, we just want--

Alcott: <yelling> What about what I want? Do you even care about what I want?!

Mrs. S: Alcott... Of course I do...

I'm going to my room. I shall not be attending my evening classes today. Goodnight, Mother, Father.

Mrs. S: Alco--

Alcott: Goodnight!! <Alcott leaves, slamming the door behind him>

Mrs. S: [Mr. Stophcres's name ((I haven't thought of it yet, either. xD;))], I worry about him. I should have... He gets so worked up about the smallest things...

Mr. S: You shouldn't worry, Dear. He's only being stubborn. <The last sentance is heard in Alcott's point of view, he's listening to the conversation from outside the doors. ((It'll make sense when I draw it. xD))>

-Will continue later-