Planning for stories and stuff.
Word, dawg.

This is a world I made mostly for my own use, but I made it a public world anyways. I'll be posting things about story outlines, my characters, my comics (including fan comics), WIPs, ect... It's pretty much a world where I can store information and/or plan things. xD

Below are short descriptions of my stories to help you know what's going on. xD It also shows which characters are in which story, along with their extended profile if I have one made. Some stories aren't mentioned because I don't work on/think about them often. Therefore, not all of my characters are mentioned.


The link leads to the fan comic in my portfolio. If there isn't a link, there isn't a comic yet.

*Rock Band: Something Impossible: The story of a Rock Band and their adventures in music business.
Major Characters: Michka, Zack, Loyal, Dare, Rick
Important/Frequently Mentioned Supporting Characters: Damian, Tim, Dare's Aunt aka Auntie

*Of Fruits and Vegetables: 4-panel comics of the life of a 21-year-old model and his friends/workmates.
Major Characters: Tomato, Stefan, Tomato's Boyfriend aka "TB", Gabe, Janet aka Jo, Kasey, Dean
Important Supporting Characters: Danny, Leah, Mick

*Dreams: The story of a rich and pampered English boy who gets transported to the mysterious town of Dreams, and his adventures there.
Major Characters: Alcott, Luli, Ms. Marigold
Important Supporting Characters: Shinitsu, Annabelle, and others that are to be decided.
**Annabelle's and Ms. Marigold's profiles are in the same post.**
Story Dialogues: 1.1, 1.2, 2.1

*My Dear Princess: The story of an orphan child, a princess, and friends who's home country's peace is threataned by the evil prince of a country that was thought to be nonexistant. (CONFUSING. xD)
Major Characters: Isaac, Charlotte, Rinchu, Segran, Lucia, Nicholay, Faida, Hrafn, Falorin, Gaelnis
Important Supporting Characters: To be decided.

*Foreigner: An alien boy sent to Earth to destroy the human race finds himself in Los Angeles California, befriends a human girl, and gets involved in crazy advetures.
Major Characters: Kor, Gliding Eagle
Important Supporting Characters: Michelle, Dailen

*A Life Like This: A written story in the perspectives of Dare, Tim, and Rick.
Major Characters: Tim, Dare, Rick, Ms. Ackart
Important Supporting Characters: See characters for Rock Band: Something Impossible.
Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

*Teach Me Something Good: A story about a friendship between a student and a teacher. Somewhat of a spin-off of Of Fruits and Vegetables.
Major Characters: Noland, Chrystal
Important Supporting Characters: Prudence), Stefan (briefly)

*I Was a Boy, Too: A short 3-part story about Gabe when he was in high school. Optional backstory related to Of Fruits and Vegetables.
Major Characters: Gabe, William
Important Supporting Characters: DJ, Dave
Parts: One

*Nerdy and Jock: So there's this nerd, and this jock, and also they're boyfriends. That's it.
Major Characters: Jack, Ned
Important supporting characters: Matthew Brodney III, Dmitri, Charlotte, Jessica Marron, Brodney's girlfriend who doesn't have a name yet;;;

*The Adventures of Marth and Roy: Super Smash Brothers fan comic. Title is pretty self-explanitory.
Major Characters: Marth, Roy, Ike, Pit

I don't have a name for his story, but Jamal is a Kingdom Hearts fan character. I figured I'd mention him because I draw him often enough.


Also, if you want to find posts that feature a specific character, type in the URL[character name]. For example, will bring you to posts about Dare. :)

Enjoy Your Stay at Various Planning!

Animation work in progress


I tried to animate something from that screenshot thing I made... I spent pretty much all last night doing this and it's not even done. "orz LINE ART TAKES FOREVER... and it's boring. ;m;

Oh yeah, I changed the background because it was horrendously ugly, and Gabe's room would never be that weird peach-orange-brown color.

By the way, that's Danny at the end. I haven't really properly introduced him yet. :U HEY EVERYONE, IT'S DANNY!

I can't get Gabe's chin to move right. HHGK.

Screenshot Attempt Thing

What am I doing.

External Image

It's Gabe. There is some sort of little dialogue thing going on here that I was going to animate. Maybe I will if I don't get too lazy. :U


Story: A Life Like This (Chapter 9)

WOO MORE STORY. I've written the least amount of Rick chapters... *** Chapter 9 9th grade Rick It was getting harder not to notice. I viewed Dare differently. Something changed in the way I ...

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Some Doodles. 8D

I made it one of my drawing resolution-ish things to draw ACTION POSES! I decided to doodle this to practice:
External Image
Skaterboy Tim! 8D Aha. What kind of trick is that. It doesn't even look like a trick, it looks more like a let-me-remove-my-skateboard-from-under-my-feet-so-I-will-be-in-much-pain-when-I-land kind of maneuver.
Tim doesn't actually dress in this type of stuff. But you know, back in Tim's early stages I used to imagine that he'd wear a beanie-hat-thing from time to time. xD; But that was back when he didn't even have a story or personality, really... >3>

External Image
This is pretty old, but I'll upload it anyway. Somehow, I feel like I uploaded this...
Stefan doodles, wooo! And some dialogue-type stuff! Stefan is very fun to draw.
By the way, it's not a new outfit. It's just a striped shirt. EXCITING. I like spelling "suit" as "soot" even though I know it's a completely different word. :D; By the way, I hate drawing people facing the right. AGH.

AND... I suppose that's all. By the way, I was able to draw that bench I was talking about in my Welcome to Dream Land world. 8D

Also, I'm so terrible that I wasn't able to participate in the challenge slam at all. ;A;

Gabe Sketch


I drew a lot over the break, but I'm too lazy to scan it all... so instead, have a sketch I drew during study hall today. 8D

External Image

I haven't uploaded any good colored pictures of him on his own, so I thought I'd make one. The pose is weird, but... OH WELL, IT'S A LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

I considered having him hold a pair of scissors 'cause he's a hairdresser, but I decided against it. :9 I also totally forgot what the tattoo on Gabe's arm is supposed to look like. 8D
Apparently not. orz

Gabe is such a Mark McGrath twin. That's a bad quality picture. But the other pictures were awkward...
Looking at them side to side, he and Gabe don't look the same actually. But if Gabe were in a movie, he'd be played by McGrath. /improbable situation
By the way, Gabe hates that guy because he can.
...What am I talking about.