Planning for stories and stuff.
Word, dawg.

This is a world I made mostly for my own use, but I made it a public world anyways. I'll be posting things about story outlines, my characters, my comics (including fan comics), WIPs, ect... It's pretty much a world where I can store information and/or plan things. xD

Below are short descriptions of my stories to help you know what's going on. xD It also shows which characters are in which story, along with their extended profile if I have one made. Some stories aren't mentioned because I don't work on/think about them often. Therefore, not all of my characters are mentioned.


The link leads to the fan comic in my portfolio. If there isn't a link, there isn't a comic yet.

*Rock Band: Something Impossible: The story of a Rock Band and their adventures in music business.
Major Characters: Michka, Zack, Loyal, Dare, Rick
Important/Frequently Mentioned Supporting Characters: Damian, Tim, Dare's Aunt aka Auntie

*Of Fruits and Vegetables: 4-panel comics of the life of a 21-year-old model and his friends/workmates.
Major Characters: Tomato, Stefan, Tomato's Boyfriend aka "TB", Gabe, Janet aka Jo, Kasey, Dean
Important Supporting Characters: Danny, Leah, Mick

*Dreams: The story of a rich and pampered English boy who gets transported to the mysterious town of Dreams, and his adventures there.
Major Characters: Alcott, Luli, Ms. Marigold
Important Supporting Characters: Shinitsu, Annabelle, and others that are to be decided.
**Annabelle's and Ms. Marigold's profiles are in the same post.**
Story Dialogues: 1.1, 1.2, 2.1

*My Dear Princess: The story of an orphan child, a princess, and friends who's home country's peace is threataned by the evil prince of a country that was thought to be nonexistant. (CONFUSING. xD)
Major Characters: Isaac, Charlotte, Rinchu, Segran, Lucia, Nicholay, Faida, Hrafn, Falorin, Gaelnis
Important Supporting Characters: To be decided.

*Foreigner: An alien boy sent to Earth to destroy the human race finds himself in Los Angeles California, befriends a human girl, and gets involved in crazy advetures.
Major Characters: Kor, Gliding Eagle
Important Supporting Characters: Michelle, Dailen

*A Life Like This: A written story in the perspectives of Dare, Tim, and Rick.
Major Characters: Tim, Dare, Rick, Ms. Ackart
Important Supporting Characters: See characters for Rock Band: Something Impossible.
Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

*Teach Me Something Good: A story about a friendship between a student and a teacher. Somewhat of a spin-off of Of Fruits and Vegetables.
Major Characters: Noland, Chrystal
Important Supporting Characters: Prudence), Stefan (briefly)

*I Was a Boy, Too: A short 3-part story about Gabe when he was in high school. Optional backstory related to Of Fruits and Vegetables.
Major Characters: Gabe, William
Important Supporting Characters: DJ, Dave
Parts: One

*Nerdy and Jock: So there's this nerd, and this jock, and also they're boyfriends. That's it.
Major Characters: Jack, Ned
Important supporting characters: Matthew Brodney III, Dmitri, Charlotte, Jessica Marron, Brodney's girlfriend who doesn't have a name yet;;;

*The Adventures of Marth and Roy: Super Smash Brothers fan comic. Title is pretty self-explanitory.
Major Characters: Marth, Roy, Ike, Pit

I don't have a name for his story, but Jamal is a Kingdom Hearts fan character. I figured I'd mention him because I draw him often enough.


Also, if you want to find posts that feature a specific character, type in the URL[character name]. For example, will bring you to posts about Dare. :)

Enjoy Your Stay at Various Planning!

Tim, Rick, and Dare sketch

CAN IT BE TRUE?? I sketched something this weekend! 8D AMAZING!!
Probably not. orz I REALLY HOPE I DO, THOUGH! ;A;

And there it is. I felt like drawing the three of them since I've been writing the story and everything. :d Writing the story reminds me that I haven't updated a comic in forever. orz
Let's talk about Dare's hair! It's been getting really long lately! It was longer-ish in this picure earlier, but I made it more normal. :I One thing I am glad about his hair is that his bangs are starting to look more normal and actually make sense. They used to be random clumps popping out from his head. and they still are NOW THEY KIND OF LOOK LESS ODD AND STUFF! Aha...
Tim, your bangs make no sense either.
I hate bangs.
I was looking at old pictures of these three, and the one that changed the least in appearence was Rick. Tim changed the most in both appearence and personality. I think. Rick was pretty different in personality, too. Dare's not too different... well, he is a little, but it's mostly just my style that's changed.

OKAY. Enough, Akioh. You talk too much about unimportant things.

Merry getting-close-to-Christmas! :D

Story: A Life Like This (Chapter 7)

Long-ish chapter. Sorry. xD I'm not really crazy about the flow of this chapter, but eh. Whateverrrrrrrr. >3> Edit 11/29/11: I revised it a bit. The dialogue flow is a little better now. :d it's longer, though. Sorry. ***...

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Character dude

So here's a doodle of the character I talked about in this post yesterday. :d

His name is Daniel and everyone calls him Danny. It's pretty obvious that he's just a Christian Siriano wannabe. xD;;; I'll make his haircolor different so he doesn't look so much like Mr. Siriano...
(I felt weird just calling him Christian. So... Mr. Siriano it is.)
So then.
What this dude's story is is that he's one of the friends that Gabe fools around with. He likes Gabe, but knows that Gabe only thinks of him as a friend and that Gabe likes Stefan. :m
At some point, Danny and Jo become friends. He knows her because she's Gabe's sister. He starts crushing on her, but it's weird for him in his opinion because he's always considered himself to be completely gay.
Danny is not manly.
Danny has an energetic personality, but he's quite selfish and complains a lot. He's sympathetic, but not very empathetic in most cases. He thinks he's right all the time, even when he's not. He likes to joke around, and he finds hilarity in making fun of people he doesn't know. He acts arrogant, but is actually quite bashful.
Or something like that.

I have a cousin named Danny... There's also a Danny in Rock Band: Something Impossible, but it's a completely different Danny. xD

SO. I'm not really crazy about this character because he's kind of meh. I do want a straight couple in OFAV, though. What do you guys think? Should I keep him? Yes? No? Maybe so?

Some random stuff

Buh. I have to go back to school tomorrow. :I
Anyways, here's some things I drew.

External Image
This one's a couple of weeks old. I wanted to draw Tim's hair wet, and i had this idea in my head for a while, so... yeah. I don't think I'll be inking or coloring this, by the way.
GIANT MIRROR! 8D Or semi-large.

External Image
Something I doodled today. :m I got lazy in the 3rd panel. ¬_¬; Also, since I sort of learned-ish how to draw kissing recently, I've been abusing my power to do so. (what?) Such a random ending... and why did I switch to lined paper in the 5th panel? What a weirdo.

External Image
AGK, TINY TEXT CONTINUES! These are some historical comic WIP things. You actually have to know some US history to get these ones, though...
For the first comic, which takes place in 1775-ish, John Adams went to France as a US diplomat. He asked France to join in an alliance with the US. The French refused. Poor John Adams.
For the second comic, Thomas Jefferson's view of the ideal US citizen is of the "yeoman farmer", or a self-subsistent farmer. He loves yeoman farmers.
Haha. History. How not-exactly-hilarious.

SO THERE'S THAT STUFF! Thanks for viewing as always. :D

Jo and Kasey sketch

I FINALLY DREW SOMETHING DECENT! ;A; I haven't had the chance to take my time when drawing since FOREVER..... Time... where do you go...
Tiiiiiiiiime... why you punish meeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~
It's a song. :D as usual

Anyways, here's the sketch.

It's Jo (left) and Kasey (right), if you couldn't tell from the title and the caption on the picture. :D I hardly draw any of my female characters... orz So I drew them. Originally it was just Jo, but then I added Kasey in because there was room. It's been a while since I've drawn two people in one picture. :0
I got these polka-dot shoes yesterday, so I drew Kasey in something similar. :D And I have a jacket that looks kind of like the one Jo is wearing.

I have to eat dinner now. :D