Planning for stories and stuff.
Word, dawg.

This is a world I made mostly for my own use, but I made it a public world anyways. I'll be posting things about story outlines, my characters, my comics (including fan comics), WIPs, ect... It's pretty much a world where I can store information and/or plan things. xD

Below are short descriptions of my stories to help you know what's going on. xD It also shows which characters are in which story, along with their extended profile if I have one made. Some stories aren't mentioned because I don't work on/think about them often. Therefore, not all of my characters are mentioned.


The link leads to the fan comic in my portfolio. If there isn't a link, there isn't a comic yet.

*Rock Band: Something Impossible: The story of a Rock Band and their adventures in music business.
Major Characters: Michka, Zack, Loyal, Dare, Rick
Important/Frequently Mentioned Supporting Characters: Damian, Tim, Dare's Aunt aka Auntie

*Of Fruits and Vegetables: 4-panel comics of the life of a 21-year-old model and his friends/workmates.
Major Characters: Tomato, Stefan, Tomato's Boyfriend aka "TB", Gabe, Janet aka Jo, Kasey, Dean
Important Supporting Characters: Danny, Leah, Mick

*Dreams: The story of a rich and pampered English boy who gets transported to the mysterious town of Dreams, and his adventures there.
Major Characters: Alcott, Luli, Ms. Marigold
Important Supporting Characters: Shinitsu, Annabelle, and others that are to be decided.
**Annabelle's and Ms. Marigold's profiles are in the same post.**
Story Dialogues: 1.1, 1.2, 2.1

*My Dear Princess: The story of an orphan child, a princess, and friends who's home country's peace is threataned by the evil prince of a country that was thought to be nonexistant. (CONFUSING. xD)
Major Characters: Isaac, Charlotte, Rinchu, Segran, Lucia, Nicholay, Faida, Hrafn, Falorin, Gaelnis
Important Supporting Characters: To be decided.

*Foreigner: An alien boy sent to Earth to destroy the human race finds himself in Los Angeles California, befriends a human girl, and gets involved in crazy advetures.
Major Characters: Kor, Gliding Eagle
Important Supporting Characters: Michelle, Dailen

*A Life Like This: A written story in the perspectives of Dare, Tim, and Rick.
Major Characters: Tim, Dare, Rick, Ms. Ackart
Important Supporting Characters: See characters for Rock Band: Something Impossible.
Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

*Teach Me Something Good: A story about a friendship between a student and a teacher. Somewhat of a spin-off of Of Fruits and Vegetables.
Major Characters: Noland, Chrystal
Important Supporting Characters: Prudence), Stefan (briefly)

*I Was a Boy, Too: A short 3-part story about Gabe when he was in high school. Optional backstory related to Of Fruits and Vegetables.
Major Characters: Gabe, William
Important Supporting Characters: DJ, Dave
Parts: One

*Nerdy and Jock: So there's this nerd, and this jock, and also they're boyfriends. That's it.
Major Characters: Jack, Ned
Important supporting characters: Matthew Brodney III, Dmitri, Charlotte, Jessica Marron, Brodney's girlfriend who doesn't have a name yet;;;

*The Adventures of Marth and Roy: Super Smash Brothers fan comic. Title is pretty self-explanitory.
Major Characters: Marth, Roy, Ike, Pit

I don't have a name for his story, but Jamal is a Kingdom Hearts fan character. I figured I'd mention him because I draw him often enough.


Also, if you want to find posts that feature a specific character, type in the URL[character name]. For example, will bring you to posts about Dare. :)

Enjoy Your Stay at Various Planning!

Dooooodle Duuump

I've been super productive this week. But not really. Have some great doodles I did instead of working on actual projects! 8D

External Image
I posted this on my tumblr, already, but here's some doodle of Prue and Noland. My tumblr is slowly becoming posts of hilarious quality phone photos of my drawings....
Prue is also really weird to draw with her hair down. I always imagine her with her hair in a clip or pony tail, so when I draw it down... it just doesn't look like her. xD
ALSO, YOU DON'T KNOW HOW GLAD I AM THAT SHE FINALLY HAS A NAME! Prue's been around for a while, but I've been reluctant to draw and post stuff about her b/c of her lack of name and finalized design. Her design's probably still going to go through some changes, but yeah. NAMES. They're important.

External Image
I've been meaning to post this for so many months, but I just didn't want to use my scanner......... WOW, LAZY. AMAZING.
I think this is the only time I've drawn Gabe's hair sort of realistically where it almost makes sense. Sometimes I try to imagine someone styling their hair like Gabe's in real life, but I always think it'll just turn out looking like the sun.
By the way, here was my face reference. :^D

External Image
More Gabe! This is the default winter outfit I draw him in. I like the idea of him wearing a jacket with a fuzzy hood, for some reason. :V
Also, I drew this before my tablet pen broke. THIS WAS ACTUALLY THE LAST THING I DREW BEFORE I DROPPED MY TABLET PEN... I need to order a new tablet already. -u-

On a completely different note, here's Gabe in a bathing suit acting like he always does! Warning, shirtless dude aaaaagh. (???)
External Image
Ignore the fact that his chest tattoo looks like a palm tree.
I feel like Gabe would wear the smallest possible swimshorts besides a speedo just for the attention value. Mostly to entertain (?) Stefan.

AND WHILE WE'RE ON THE TOPIC OF BATHING SUITS, here's Noland in a bathing suit, too!
External Image
I'm pretty bad at being consistent with the way I draw Noland, but this is about what he's supposed to look like. :V On a related note, here's what Noland has to say about his body:

External Image
I have amazing handwriting. Ha..... If this is too small to read, right click and say "open image in new tab," bro. ;o
The "cool and fit" Noland was really weird to draw, because I've more or less gotten used to drawing Noland with curvier (?) lines. It just... looks like Gabe's body with Noland's head....;;; Or like his original concept art.
Noland also doesn't mind being called cute. DEEP DOWN, HE THINKS OF HIMSELF AS CUTE, TOO... /idk
Prue's dialogue is still a little inconsistent because I'm not comfortable writing in her voice yet. GAH. I just have to make sure she doesn't sound too much like Stefan, or Stefan's Boss. (Not that you know what Stefan's Boss sounds like, but.............)

External Image
And lastly, some SteGabe idiots. NOW THAT PEOPLE IN THE REAL WORLD HAVE TOLD ME STEFAN AND GABE ARE CUTE, I feel no shame in drawing them. HA......;;; Actually, I didn't used to draw them a lot because some of my friends in high school gave me a hard time about Rick and Tim in 10th-ish grade, so I was just really secretive about Stefan and Gabe after that. :V I also used to assume everyone hated them because Stefan's 30 and Gabe's almost 30, which is OLD. Er. Older. But if I don't say their ages, people just kind of assumes they're in their like, early or mid-20's. I think people in their 30's still look pretty young, so... WHATEVER....
I also kind of forget that I'm still more than 10 years younger than Stefan. He is probably not anything like what a 30 year old man would act like, for I am nowhere close to being a 30 year old man..............

That was a weird tangent. Anyway, THAT'S ALL FOR NOW, FOLKS! I'm working on this colored pencil picture that I hope to finish this weekend, but might not because I want to draw a BACKGROUND. Ugh. Have a nice Friday, anyway! :D

Prue Concept Drawing and Stuff

Couple of things I did the other day. This is Prue, Noland's coworker/superior.

External Image

A lot about her personality is supposed to be similar to College Stefan, but I'm actually modeling most of her personality off of my History professor from this semester. :V She's someone who has clear authority, is not easy when it comes to school work, but is still respected and liked by her students. She's also published a couple books, over the years. Prue's Noland's closest adult friend. She knows and more or less accepts that Noland and Chrystal are close friends, but worries about the potential of Noland having a crush on one of his students. Kind of spoilers, but unlike Chrystal (who loses contact with Noland after graduation), Prue maintains a friendship with Noland for future years.
Annnnndddd... yeah, there's some brief info on her.

I've been having trouble with her design. orz In my head, I've imagined her with blonde hair since around the time I created Noland, But I felt she would look too much like Gliding Eagle if I kept her light haired. I also thought maybe I should have some sort of East Asian character, but she doesn't look like she comes from any country in East Asia because I ROCK SO MUCH. Gaaaaaahhh. Maybe she could pass for a really tall Korean girl. Idk. I guess the general Korean face type is the most diamond shaped out of East Asian countries, so... SURE. I want to keep her pointed, diamond-shaped face, is the issue. ._.

When I was designing her, I wanted to draw someone with a looooooong torsoooo. So there you go. She kind of ended up looking like my mom, though. GAH--

And here's a little doodle of her and Noland I did:
External Image
Even though I think Noland and Prue would be a really cute couple, I don’t think they’re ever going to be in an official relationship. :V Teach Me Something Good focuses more on the friendship between Chrystal and Noland, while Prue and Noland's relationship develops after that. Right now, I imagine them as developing this borderline-romantic-kind-of-touchy-feely-but-not-quite-officially-dating relationship over the years. Idk how it is. Myerp. It is canon for Prue to express having romantic feelings for Noland, though. :m It's mostly on Noland's will that they don't consider to be dating each other. Not that Noland doesn't believe in love, though. I think it's like he's looking to have a sort of fascination with a person to consider an emotion for that person to be love, which is something he doesn't feel for Prue.
But that's just Noland.

AND... yeah. Now that I'm back home, my drive to draw detailed things has plummeted. IDK WHY THIS HAPPENED... ;U;

Sketch: Roy (SSBM and Awakening)

Even though I have to study, I made the EXTREMELY WISE DECISION to work on prints I want to sell one day maybe some day hopefully. I'm gonna be working on these all summer... "orz
Anyway, here's the first thing I have sketched:

External Image

IT'S ROY!! 8D It's been so looooooooooonnngggg... I've been wanting to draw him in his FE Awakening outfit since it came out, but hadn't bothered to. xD; The last time I drew Roy was in 2011.... >3>

Roy is so angry in every single SSBM shot. He was such a short angry guy, idk why everyone (including me) drew him as the happy-go-lucky one in comics and things. xD ...and that's my roundabout way of explaining why I drew SSBM Roy with an angry-ish expression.

GUYS, I AM GOING TO DIE WHEN I INK AND COLOR THIS.... GGGHGHGHGH. ;m; I don't think I'll be able to stay sane if I soft shade this, so I'm just going to cell shade. 8D; And probably cheat cell-shade, by coloring the base colors and then doing a multiply shade layer over everything. OHO...;;;

Oh yeah. the mysterious sticks they're holding will be their swords.

Anyway, I really need to study now.

Sketch/etc Dump

Happy Monday, everyone! :M Woo yeah. Here's some stuff from the past week-ish.

External Image
Some outfits I drew last night during my stream. :V I wanted to practice girly outfits, but then I drew Noland and wanted to draw more guys. So I drew Tomato.
I want to draw Tomato more often. ;0;
I like drawing Kasey in tacky make-up. :V I'd be lying if I said Nicki Minaj wasn't an influence on Kasey's fashion taste. xD Kasey's kind of like a combination of Gyaru and Nicki Minaj here, or something. :V
The Noland outfit is something I sketched in a notebook one time, but didn't have colors for it. I DON'T KNOW WHY, BUT I THINK POLKA DOTS REALLY SUIT NOLAND...

External Image
Some random Danny. Still not really sure if I want to make his hair brown or ashen. It looks too much like Stefan's hair color here... not that that's really a problem, but IT FEELS LIKE IT'S A PROBLEM.
I love drawing Danny's buck teeth. :B

External Image
IT'S ALMOST SUMMER, SO I DREW SOME SUMMER CLOTHES! I think I don't like Stefan's head in this picture. Gabe's head was also annoying to draw. WAH. I do kind of like this, though, even though their heads are weird. Maybe I'll finish this, and draw a ~*~BACKGROUND~*~, too. 8D

External Image
Muic = music, because I can't spell.
Noland and his coworker/superior Prudence/Prue having a conversation. :V I haven't decided if that's her final design yet, or exactly how I want her personality to be. SHE'S JUST A MYSTERY!
And yeah, Noland and music. Yep. He's like that guy you knew in high school who could tell you everything about every Led Zeppelin song. Or maybe you didn't know that guy. I didn't know that guy.
Noland mostly listens to 60's rock and classic punk. LITTLE DID YOU KNOW. Interestingly, that's not the kind of music I listen to when I draw him. Usually I listen to music that I think the character might listen to when I draw them, but not for Noland! I usually listen to more emotionally-dramatic music when I draw him, because he's an emotional boyo at heart.

External Image
I was going to delete that shirtless Dare, but I forgot.
Here's some doodles of the A Life Like This trio! :V i'm trying to figure out how I should draw Rick and Tim's faces. I think Tim should stay the closes to what I originally draw him as, but idk about Rick. WHOOOO KNOOOOWS.

That's all I've got for now! :M Have a nice day, and all that. :D


Someone on dA during a stream earlier today asked to see Gabe in a skirt.
External Image
So there you go. Gabe would never actually wear something like this out, even though I TRIED REALLY HARD TO MAKE YOU LOOK NICE, GABE...!! I also just slapped Stefan in there in the last second because it was part of the request-thing, so... just ignore how hilariously sloppy he looks. 8D;
The outfit was inspired by This Random Dude!

UH... I GUESS WHILE WE'RE ON THE TOPIC OF GUYS IN SKIRTS, here's some of Noland, too.
External Image
This is actually from my scraps on dA, so here's the footnotes that go with it:
Drawing Noland in skirts is my secret hobby that I'm trying not to get too comfortable with. :M;;; I'm trying not to get comfortable with it because he doesn't actually dress like this. YEAH. this is not Noland's secret hobby, and he never wears skirts in his actual story. :V; He doesn't really mind me doing this, though... RIGHT, NOLAND...

I actually did this to try and determine what some rules for masculine skirts/dresses might be if skirts/dresses enter male wardrobe. Girls have a whole set of "rules" for clothes like belting dresses at the waist to give the appearance of longer legs, making sure clothes are cut to accentuate curves, etc etc... which made me think how the rules would change for guys, since they have a different body shape in general.


  • Wear clothes/tops that elongate the torso
  • Instead of trying to make the cut similar to a girl's body shape, work with the male shape and go for a more rectangular silhouette
  • straight-cut skirt bottoms seem to work pretty well, for some reason
  • The skirt part should be smaller in area than the shirt part

...and these are all actually rules that seem to apply to flapper fashion! (Fun fact: this is not a 1920's flapper.) And thinking about it, it makes sense. I don't remember when, but I learned that flappers were all about trying to make their appearance more masculine (hence the straight-fit non-curvy clothing) as some sort of 1920s feminist or anti-Victorian statement. So there you go.

Okay yeah, there's my post. 8D;;;