I heart vampire knight so much and yuuki is my favourite character by far!

I am also know as yuuki by all my friends its probably because my teeth are real sharp and I have really pale cold skin. my parents are both from Tokyo, Japan but they moved to America when they first met so officially I'm American but I look Japanese I have 3 other siblings and I am the middle child ^.^ I like it that way because then I am looked after but I have responsibly. As you can probably see so far I have almost perfect grammar this is because my parents pressure me into being good at school its so annoying!

I have my own puppy called muffian (yes that's how I spell it because I like It like that ^.^)

well that's an in sight to my life ^.^



this is me and my boyfriend zero doing a cosplay ...

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un happy

I have turned emo sad to say. I am so like depressed all the time i get bullied because i am japanse and my parents are really hard my dad is a bastard! he had a massive go at me just because i accidentally dropped the iron but it didn't make a stain or anything!


i was seaching though youtube the other day and i saw this channel called torakuroe they are two girls from england who are gonna do dances to japanese pop music they look soo AWSOME!!!!!! check them out just type in torakuroe in the seach bar!


gheehez why cant some people just get off your back eh?

My friend told me that some people in her math class had been chatting crap about the stuff i wear! why cant people say it to your faces and they are calling me pathetic *rolls eyes* i wish my mum and dad would move me school every calls me a retard for what i wear but im acutally really smart in my first GCSE'S i got an A ,B ,C werid though right i just hope the next ones arent D,E,F lols i know C is bad i am going to retake it as i said my parents push me to get A*'S in all my subjects. im pretty sure i am gonna get a good grade in all my other subjects like photograpy and textiles though. me and my friend alice have soo much fun making dresses (she is my bestfreind) and my mum works in a material and dress shop so we gat all the scraps ^^ well i haqve to go now got 5 oages to do for textiles home wrokd ¬.¬

good bye friends =^.^=