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welcome to my Vampire Knight world
This is one of my Favorite animes, this world is full of Anime Music Videos, pictures, quotes and more!
i hope you like this world, you are welcome to be a part of it (of course) along with all my other worlds ( RockWhatUgot- Learn Guitar, Maid sama-fans and welcome to my life. please have a look if you like.

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here is a music video of Vampire Knight, Please enjoy
Artist: Rihanna Song:Unfaithful

What if - Ruka & Kain - ....AMV

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This is a music video mainly about Ruka
Ruka and Kain would have to be my favourite characters (except from Zero)
Song: What if
Artist: Kate winslet

Night Class Students

Akatsuki Kain
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Hanabusa Aido
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Maria Kurenai
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Rima Touya
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Ruka Souen
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Senri Shiki
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Takuma Ichijo