Hello there! Welcome to my blog. xD
Just some fun facts about me.
On here I am known as vampireknight15 or Vampy-Chan to some.
My name is Kylie Christine Hopkins.
I live in the state of Washington.
I am 18 years old.
My birthday is August 30th.
My passions are acting, anime, manga, and just being myslef.
I first started watching anime when Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z first aired on Cartoon Network. xD
My favorite anime now is Death Note.
My favorite manga is Vampire Knight. (Hence the username xD) It is the first manga I have ever read. xD
I have been making wallpapers ever since I first signed up on theO (June 2007 I believe xD)
I hate it when people judge me based on looks instead of personality.
I love music.
My favorite genres are rock, punk rock, pshychobilly, techno, and opera. I love many others but there are just so many! xD
My favorite bands are The Horrorpops, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, and Nightwish.
Andrew Lloyd Webber is perhaps one of the most brilliant composers of our time (He wrote The Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Evita if you guys don't know who he is).
I'm just an average girly! xD
This is me! xD

My apologies.

To all my friends.
I have been neglecting you.
I have been neglecting theO.
I have been so busy with school, work, and life.
I have been waiting for my computer so I can post some new wallpapers.
It has been taking it a long time to get here.
I'm sorry my friends.
I feel so sad today.

I'm back! xD

Hello everyone! It's good to be back. I have been gone for FAR too long. xD But being gone so long made me miss TheO even more! xD I hope you all haven't forgotten poor little Vampy-chan! O.O How is everyone? I hope you are all well and happy! xD Well Kakashisgf tagged me. So this means that you post 8 facts about yourself and tag 8 more people! I did this on my myspace, so I'll do it on here. xD

Fact #1
My biggest fear is cotton balls. All my friends think this is so weird but it's my greatest phobia. Allow me to explain. In third grade a kid tried to shove some cotton balls down my throat. I have been afraid ever since.

Fact #2
I don't like being put on a pedistool (sp). I don't like it when my mom talks about me like I'm a peice of grade A meat. I hate it when she focuses (sp) on my acheivements rather than my personality.

Fact #3
I'm very emotional. I am one of those people that is very sensitive and takes ALMOST everything one step foward. This drives my boyfriend crazy. But I can't help it. xD

Fact #4
I always put others before myself. I am probably one of the most unselfish people in this world. I always think about others emotions or needs before mine. I sometimes hate it because I'm in the middle of arguments all the time. I make everyone else happy before me.

Fact #5
I am not a people person. I was never in that party crowd and because of that, I can't be around many people without wanting to stab them. I am one of those people that only can hang out in small groups.

Fact #6
I love expressing myself creativly, expecially with clothing. I am one of those people that has to do my own thing almost all the time. I never go by what is "in", in our culture. I could honestly care less what other people say is cool.

Fact #7
I am a HUGE movie buff. Apart from my manga collection, I have a huge collection of movies. They are ranging from Monty Python to Fight Club. If I see a movie I like, I will buy it. I love movies.

Fact #8
My favorite thing in this world has got to be anime and manga. I first got into anime when Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z came out. But I really got interested this year. Well the beginning of it anyway. When I first saw Blood+ and Inuyasha and when I read Vampire Knight, I was hooked. xD I don't regret a thing.

Oki! Well if you read all of this I thank you! You have been given a peek into Kylie Christine. xD And now for the people I tag.

I tag...
Mad Hatter Belia, Kakashisgf, DaFeather, anit4e, smexykazekage, Stixx, Crimson-Rose, and finally chibi-anna-chan.

Thank you all! It's good to be back!
♫Vampy-chan a.k.a Kylie Christine

I say my goodbyes, for a little while, to you all.

To all my friends on theO and myO.
I am graduating from High School in four days. My last day is in two. Today will be my last able day to be on theO and myO for a little while. I'm so sorry my friends. I will be back soon. I shall be back when I get my laptop and I am able to make wallpapers again. I just want to thank all of you in your support of me and my wallpapers. You guys are truly amazing! I look foward to everyday I can come on here and talk to you guys. I'm so sorry I must leave for a little bit. But I will be back soon, hopefully. I shall miss you all so, so much. And I am so sorry I have not taken the time to check on all of your sites. :( I shall miss all of you so much. I hope to talk to you soon, loves!
Toodles for now.
♫Vampy-chan a.k.a Kylie Christine

Another Tattoo.

Oki so I wanted all of you to see my new tattoo, well I should say two. These are going to go on my sides on my hips. I 'm sure all of you Vampire Knight fans will absolutly recognize it. I absolutly fell in love with this design and I had to have it on my skin. :) Please tell me what you think all. I really want some more opinions.

♫Vampy-chan a.k.a Kylie Christine


So basically I just watched the most amazing thing yesterday.
I watched the Vampire Knight anime on YouTube.
It was basically AMAZING!
I instantly fell in love.
If you all love Vampire Knight, the manga, you will definatly love the anime.
I believe it has about three episodes out all together, thus far.
I'm hoping for more.
It is japanese with english subs.
The best way to watch it.
I just went to YouTube and typed in "Vampire Knight Episode 1"
Go check it out for reals!
*Fangirl turns off*
♫Vampy-chan a.k.a Kylie Christine