Hey guys! It's V.B back with another world! this is my second world and i hope all you like it! i am a fan girl of yaoi and i am making this world to share my love! if you like Loveless(another yaoi show! my fave!) then check out my Loveless Club world! XD! now go forth and spred the random Yaoi-ness!

* Loveless(<3)
* Jounjo Romantica
* Jounjo Romantica 2
* Sukishyo(<3)
* Gravitation!
* Gawken Heaven
* Papa to kiss in the dark(i didn't like this one very much...)

and i am sure there are a lot more...but i will post other stuff from anime too. Enjoy friends!

srry if i am affending anyone with this video...thought it was funny. OH! and by the way, i didn't make it. Give all ur love to maiyakiyo from Youtube. thanx you! you rock!XD!

Anyone who wants to be a guest poster has to be a yaoi fan and willing to post!! but all fans are welcome!

Guest Posters:
*Eiri Yuki's Lover!!
*Moonlight Riku



Joey X Kiba!!

heehee. i just love this!! kiba and joey r so cute!! hope u like

THought htis was cute!! XD

hey ppl. i thought this was cute but i don't know what anime or manga it's from. if anyone knows pleez tell me!!!

Kuro Shitsuji

this is a pic from one of the semi-newest animes, i think. i love it and FYI it also goes by the name of Black Butler. Sound Familier?? I know it does for me.

Death note yaoi-ness!!!!!XD!!

yo ppl!! enjoy this awesome-ness death note yaoi!!!

Boy princess manga-ness!! XD

hey ppl!! this is a pic from the manga boy princes. it's one of my faves... but i've only read the first one cuz i can't find any of the others. so yeah, i highly recomend it to all of you.

BTW: the alternet name is Kiss Me Princess just in case your wondering by the pic dosn't say Boy Princess...