Hey guys! It's V.B back with another world! this is my second world and i hope all you like it! i am a fan girl of yaoi and i am making this world to share my love! if you like Loveless(another yaoi show! my fave!) then check out my Loveless Club world! XD! now go forth and spred the random Yaoi-ness!

* Loveless(<3)
* Jounjo Romantica
* Jounjo Romantica 2
* Sukishyo(<3)
* Gravitation!
* Gawken Heaven
* Papa to kiss in the dark(i didn't like this one very much...)

and i am sure there are a lot more...but i will post other stuff from anime too. Enjoy friends!

srry if i am affending anyone with this video...thought it was funny. OH! and by the way, i didn't make it. Give all ur love to maiyakiyo from Youtube. thanx you! you rock!XD!

Anyone who wants to be a guest poster has to be a yaoi fan and willing to post!! but all fans are welcome!

Guest Posters:
*Eiri Yuki's Lover!!
*Moonlight Riku




wow...it's been a while, this world has died, i'm sorry! i hope to be posting more soon...once school started, it was like BOOOOOOOMMM!!!! crap flyin everwhere in my life...it's not easy lately, so i hoep you guys don't hate me,.....i really am sorryyyy~!!!!! *bows till head is nearly materializing through the floor*

what am i thankful for?

i am thankful for many things...
my family...who has not broken up
my friends....thier loyalty and company is so touching it brings a tear to my eye...
the internet...for supplying me with way to lift my boredom
books....without them i don't know what i would do
a warm home...a place that has four walls and a roof
A sanctuary...a place to vent my life's ups and downs, and to be at peace with the world.
TheOtaku.com! for helping me meet so amny people such as Eiri and damnation, Sisero, DeathSeal, NarutoUzamaki, Blackkittydoll, and all the others who i think about everyday. You all lifet me up when i'm sad...give me a good laugh when i need it most, help with my troubles, tolerate my strangeosity if you will, and for just being there.
Art supplies...so i can create beauty.
I am thankful for soooooo amny things, i don't deserve anyone of them.
I just wanted to say..."tahnk you"

I am also thanful for yaoi!


k, so this is from the sukisyo sim dating game or wheva...only released in Japan, although you can play on the computer but i'm not about to be F**ked by internation computer viruses! I, also, cannot read japanese to save my life. Seriously. If i was held byt Jigsaw(or whateva that guys name is from SAW) and all i had to do was read a simple sentance in Japanese...i would epically fail miserably!
So enjoy! just thought i would share/rant!
Cable's out at my house...



don't 'cha just love them manly love??


i have reached a milestone in my subs so i just thought i would post an extra-special yaoi lic of my fave anime eva: LOVELESS!! usually i would say "haray for plum pudding" durring this time of year but no...maybe if it was plum pudding covering yaoi boys....hmmmm...sounds tasty